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The Mike Church Show World HQ

The Mike Church Show Episode 309 Podcast: School Bathrooms I’ll Take The Carmelites

Trump To Perverts Pushing transgender Bathrooms For 8 Year Olds: I’ve Gone Carmelite – The Trump Administration has informed “the nations” school systems that they may ignore the Obama adminsitration’s “bathroom policy”issued as an edict from a A.G. turned Ober Grüben Füeher Lynch. The howls coming from the usual suspects get the impact of this move exactly backwards, for example, Nancy Haque of Basic Rights Oregon moaned “a message that something is wrong with them, which is harmful”. No, Nancy, it is harmful to tell children they may reject their natural biology, mutilate their bodies and live a lie as something they are not. The suicide rate for those “in transition” is north of 40%; why isn’t that the “harm” being discussed most? Because Moloch needs the continued increase in rejecting the Natural Order to continue and for once, “we’ve inched away from the abyss”.

The Mike Church Show Episode 309: Transgender School Bathrooms? I’ll Take The Carmelites Please

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