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The Mike Church Show Episode 312 Podcast: The State of The Trump Address

Mandeville, LA – DeceptiCONNED Flashback – The GOP hypocrites all fell in line to oppose the Obama, $965 BILLION “Stimulus” back in 2009, membah, membah!? Here’s a small sample: “House and Senate Republicans expressed strong opposition Tuesday to President Obama’s $835 billion stimulus package now before Congress. Rep. Zach Wamp, Tennessee Republican, told CNN in no uncertain terms that he will vote against the bill once it reaches the House floor. Democrats hold the majority in the House and Senate, but Mr. Obama seeks bipartisan support for his plan, the biggest such stimulus package in history. “We’re going to vote ‘no,’” Mr. Wamp said. “They’re (the Democrats) going to slam dunk this, and we’re going to go into debt. We’re going to vote ‘no.’” And what are DeceptiCONS saying about Franklin DelanoTrump’s $1 Trillion “infrastructure” which is simply “stimulus” spelled differently.

DeceptiCONNED, Trump Edition – President Trump delivered his first address to Congress and the nation, served up heaping helpings of USA! USA! red meat; then, in some passages, sounded like a New Deal era populist. His calls to spend  $1 TRILLION on a new porkulus, succubus, stimulus “infrastructure package” should have brought howls of indignation from those who know Keynesian spending to be a farce but instead it brought whoops of applause. Trump mentioned the word “debt” one time, didn’t mention the looming deficit explosion nor the soon to expire “debt ceiling”.

The Mike Church Show Episode 312: The State of The Trump Address

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