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The Mike Church Show Episode 336 Podcast: The Christian Peril That Trump May Become

Mandeville, LA – DeceptiCONNED? The Peril of Christians Who Went Trump – Alan Jacobs has a provocative essay out that asks a question that can be directed at me: was my pragmatism in voting for Trump because he might bring Roe to an end, a mistake? Jacob’s point is that I should have instead found Trump’s character lacking and specifically his lack of Christian character. The longer Trump is in the White House the more inclined I become to think Jacobs has a point but only to a certain degree: the accident of my choice has been the delay of the Cult of Death’s final death march which the Nephilim spawn of Margaret Sanger and Satan, Hillary, would be energetically engaged in. Still Jacobs cannot be ignored when he writes: “Presumably the most fervent supporters of Trump will argue (as Trump himself will argue) that his failures have occurred because others have betrayed him, have rejected the man that God raised up to rescue America, but this will require the replacement of the Cyrus analogy with another one yet to be determined. We can only hope that no one compares a failed Trump to an American Jesus betrayed by American Judases.” I stopped my plea for “Rosaries For Trump”, after Easter, I will restart them; thanks, Alan.

The Mike Church Show Episode 336: The Christian Peril That Trump May Become

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