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The Mike Church Show Episode 350 Podcast: St Joseph The Worker Vs The Commies

Mandeville, LA – The Red Dawn of “May Day” Was Upstaged By St Joseph The Worker – Those who think that socialism and communism in ‘Muricah are recent developments brought about by “liberals” should learn the history behind today’s “May Day” protests which begin by ‘Murican socialists in 1886. The feast of St Joseph the Worker was proclaimed by the Pope to stall the rising tide of communism in Italy and across the globe. In his address to the Catholic Italian Workers Association Pius declared: “that your first care is to preserve and foster Christian living among workers. To this end it is not enough for you to fulfill, and urge others to fulfill, your religious duties; you must deepen your knowledge of the teachings of the Faith….no worker was ever more completely and profoundly penetrated by the spirit of Christ than the foster father of Jesus. . . . If you wish to be close to Christ, We again today repeat: ‘Ite ad Joseph’—Go to Joseph”.

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