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The Mike Church Show Episode 364 Podcast: Muricah Equals Death By Democracy

“Donald – John – Trump!”, You Know You’re In Trouble When Your Mother Calls You By All 3 Names – Peggy Noonan has some advice for the Flounder in Chief, and it sounds like motherly scolding. “It would be good if top Hill Republicans went en masse to the president and said: “Stop it. Clean up your act. Shut your mouth. Do your job. Stop tweeting. Stop seething. Stop wasting time. You lost the thread and don’t even know what you were elected to do anymore. Get a grip. Grow up and look at the terrain, see it for what it is. We have limited time. Every day you undercut yourself, you undercut us. More important, you keep from happening the good policy things we could have done together. If you don’t grow up fast, you’ll wind up abandoned and alone. Act like a president or leave the presidency.” Is Noonan correct or has Mordor become not manageable by those who are not Mordorians? Isn’t it possible, nay likely, that the problems President Trump is encountering in his administration show what I’ve been telling you for over a decade? This monstrosity we call the Federal Government is a living beast that will defend itself as though any attempt to reign it in is a virus that the elite white blood cells must smother until death?

‘Murican Government: “Bring Out Yer Dead!” – Read this piece, written anonymously, (the author actually is actually known to me) at The Federalist and see if you can distinguish what the real problem in ‘Murican government is today. Here’s a clue:

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Can’t see any of the show segments for play or download except the podcast/preview version — logged in. Where did they go?

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