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The Mike Church Show World HQ

The Mike Church Show Episode 374 Podcast : Is This REALLY The Price To Be Paid For “Multiculturalism”!?

Mandeville, LA – Are “Mowed Down Bodies” On Footbridges, REALLY The Price To Be Paid For “Multiculturalism”!? – Megan Opera has asked the question thus: Our political leaders are basically telling us that this kind of terrorism, random and deadly, is the price we have to pay for their policies of multiculturalism and political correctness.” When you put it that way, I wonder what a Gallup Poll would reveal as the “yes” and “no” tallies? Are there really enough SJW’s and smirking, lib apostates to marry this topics question in the affirmative? Will reasonable people, even if they’ve fallen from The Faith, actually commit their kids and grand-kids to a life lived among monsters who demand their conversion to an evil that guarantees Hell? “The politicians are only willing to give speeches about how united we are and how terrorists cannot tear us apart. But the truth—so clear and obvious—is that with every attack the West becomes more and more divided. We are not united, not by a long shot. Before the bodies of the poor souls who were killed Saturday by radical Islamists were even identified, the Left and Right were at one another’s throats. On that score, the terrorists emerge victorious every time.” Correct but there’s another line dividing opposites: the Faithful and the Apostates and that’s where the REAL struggle is. Which side is ‘Muricah on? Clearly she is on the Apostate’s. The next question ought to be “OK, how do The Faithful obtain a divorce from the source of our worldly demise”?

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