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The Mike Church Show World HQ

The Mike Church Show Episode 400 Podcast: “The Red Robots Are Coming! The Red Robots Are Coming!” Beware of Comm-p-unism

Mandeville, LA – Amazon’s Brave New World Doesn’t Include You – Theblinding pace of technological progress in the field of robotics is a marvel and a menace to behold. Kay Hymowitz puts this progress into stark, “warning, warning” words in the City Journal Magazine. I was especially intrigued by the following: “The many companies specializing in warehouse robots are already making ones that can lift cases off shelves. The machines need less space to get around than humans, so warehouses will no longer need to be stadium-size. The robots move faster than humans, too, and they can work 24/7. In 2012, Amazon purchased Kiva, a Boston-based robotics firm, for $775 million. Last December, the Seattle Times reported that Amazon had expanded its army of robots to 45,000—a 50 percent increase from the year before. The writing is on the warehouse wall.” Indeed, and what does this “innovation” hold out for all those entry level jobs at fast-food joints? Supermarkets? and repetitive manufacturing plants? The coming glut of robots even imperils the 3rd world labor we’ve been enslaving to make our gadgets for us. What will happen when starvation and poverty return to those countries who are replaced by 24/7 robots in 1st world factories? Now for the REAL danger of all this “innovation”-what will become of the millennial, metro-sexual losers who are already “enjoying” AI enhanced life? Hymowitz has an answer: “…they spend three-quarters of their time playing video games. (Hurst doesn’t say whether they’re playing “competitively” or not, if that matters.) An unknown number—though surely substantial—are taking opioids. We know from other sources what they are not doing: going to school; living with, providing for, or taking care of their kids.” Looking at the paucity of options available to us, does retreating to monasteries and the agrarian societies around them, now sound like such a far-fetched idea?

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