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The Mike Church Show Episode 404 Podcast: The Sad Death By Tyranny Of Charlie Gard

Charlie Gard, A Victim Of Death By Tyranny – Little Charlie Gard, barring a miracle we are praying for, will die of his congential heart condition when the life support he is attached to is removed. Gard’s death is going to be classified as “natural” but the truth is Gard is being sacrificed on the altar of the Tyranny of Democracy. That’s right, in a lethal attempt to conserve the “order” established by the UK’s universal health care, Gard had to be made an example of the preferential power of policy over people. The Brits have chosen the English state’s omnipotent power in matter of life and death to the detriment of the God granted power of parents and thus the natural order. Daniel Payne is one of the few who gets this:

Charlie’s mother said in a statement. “Our poor boy has been left there to lie in a hospital without treatment while court battles are fought.” He was, and so he will die. And it is a most curious indicator of twenty-first-century Western political mores that the entire civilized world is not up in arms—figuratively if not literally—over the British government’s effective war of attrition against a terminally ill baby boy. 

Exactly. These are the same people who could not be roused to outrage over 12 year old girls being taugh the finer points of anal sex on the pages of a teen magazine.

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