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The Mike Church Show Episode 413 Podcast: Dumbocrats Admit That Killing Babies Is Not Always Star Spangled Awesome

Aborting Babies Is as ‘Murican As Apple Pie And [not being a] Mom – You have probably seen the stories of the mental crisis Dumbocrats are dealing with these days: announcing it’s ok for their candidates to kinda be opposed to ALL cases of abortion. Author Lindsey West has gone so far to proclaim that “abortion is liberty” but Daniel Payne corrects her in writing, “no, Lindsey, abortion is murder.” Payne also points out that Progressives nowadays defend aborting babies as a boon to life, that something wonderful and positive comes from every act of murdering a baby. In much the same way the War, War, War crowd can justify killing non-combatants with drones and atomic weapons as bringing about greater goods, but this cannot be. Here is a good explanation from of all places, Catechism for Dummies“Catholics believe that willingly, knowingly, and deliberately committing evil is never justifiable — no matter how good the intention and no matter how noble the cause. This is a moral absolute for Catholics, and it can’t be diluted or altered. The Church believes that if in even one circumstance, someone is allowed to knowingly and willingly commit evil so that good may come from it, then Pandora’s box is opened for anyone to claim he was merely doing a so-called necessary evil for the greater good in the long run.” Apply that argument to those who still defend the atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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