The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

The Mike Church Show Episode 422 Podcast: Was Robert E. Lee a Traitor? No He Wasn’t.

Mandeville, LA – Kentucky Town To AntiFas: We’ll Take Every Confederate Statue in Muricah and Display them – Welcome to Brandenburg KY, home to the last honorable, brave Southerners.

90% Of Confederate Soldiers Were Not Slave Owners And Died For Defense Of Their Homeland – For the ordinary soldiers who fought and died, devotion to the Confederate army did not arise primarily from a devotion to the institution of slavery (just as most Union soldiers were not fighting primarily to end slavery) but from a devotion to their home states and a sense of honor and duty to defend them from what they considered to be an invading army. John Davidson makes a good case for why the majority of monuments that honor Confederate who were KIA’s are legitimate and we have a duty to the dead to preserve their sacrifice, regardless of what is fashionable to think of it today.

Dreher: Time Now To Shut Up Pat Buchanan, Racist – When you accuse someone of a grave sin, it should be requisite that 1. The evidence for said sin is extant and 2. Your accusation is made to CHARITABLY bring about an end to the sin. Here is Rod Dreher’s accusation of Pat Buchanan over a column he wrote on Wednesday last:

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