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Mike Church Show Exclusive-Signed Copies of Kevin Gutzman’s New Book: Thomas Jefferson, Revolutionary!

Mandeville, LA – A Founder’s Pass EXCLUSIVE Offer: Autographed and Signed copies of Kevin Gutzman’s upcoming “Thomas Jefferson-Revolutionary” in hardback, AUTOGRAPHED and dated BY Kevin Gutzman! Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Borders cannot offer you this and we are holding 60 copies of this book for Founder’s Pass members for 48 hours! (then we’ll release them to the public).

If you can’t see the code product link & password, you are either not logged in or not a Founder’s Pass member, Signup Here.

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Click HERE to go to the Thomas Jefferson-Revolutionary sales page and enter the password: KevinJeff (NOTE!!!!!! Your Founder’s Pass password will NOT work on this page, only the code KevinJeff works!!!!!!!!!!)


jefferson_revolutionary_for_emailAbout the book:

Thomas Jefferson – Revolutionary: A Radical’s Struggle to Remake America 

by Kevin Gutzman

About The Book:

Though remembered chiefly as author of the Declaration of Independence and the president under whom the Louisiana Purchase was effected, Thomas Jefferson was a true revolutionary in the way he thought about the size and reach of government, which Americans who were full citizens and the role of education in the new country. In his new book, Kevin Gutzman gives readers a new view of Jefferson―a revolutionary who effected radical change in a growing country.

Jefferson’s philosophy about the size and power of the federal system almost completely undergirded the Jeffersonian Republican Party. His forceful advocacy of religious freedom was not far behind, as were attempts to incorporate Native Americans into American society. His establishment of the University of Virginia might be one of the most important markers of the man’s abilities and character.

He was not without flaws. While he argued for the assimilation of Native Americans into society, he did not assume the same for Africans being held in slavery while―at the same time―insisting that slavery should cease to exist. Many still accuse Jefferson of hypocrisy on the ground that he both held that “all men are created equal” and held men as slaves. Jefferson’s true character, though, is more complex than that as Kevin Gutzman shows in his new book about Jefferson, a revolutionary whose accomplishments went far beyond the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.

Book Reviews:

“In this lively and clearly written book, Kevin Gutzman makes a compelling case for the broad range and radical ambitions of Thomas Jefferson’s commitment to human equality.” – Alan Taylor, Pulitzer Prize winning author of American Revolutions: A Continental History, 1750-1804

“For those who think that everything has been said about Thomas Jefferson, Kevin Gutzman’s remarkable new book proves them wrong. Gutzman offers striking new insights into Jefferson’s views on federalism, the freedom of conscience, race relations, primary and secondary education, and the University of Virginia. Arguing that Jefferson was “the most significant statesman in American history,” Gutzman nonetheless points out what he believes are some of the critical flaws in Jefferson’s thoughts and actions. Written in a clear and direct style, Thomas Jefferson―Revolutionary will be of interest to historians, legal scholars, and students of American political thought.” – James W. Ceaser, The University of Virginia

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