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Mike Church Show- Resurgent Interest In Bloody Bess And Mary Tudor Proves England Is Returning To The Faith with Joseph Pearce

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Mike Church Show- Resurging Interest In Bloody Bess And Mary Tudor Proves England Is Returning To The Faith with Joseph Pearce

Special Guest – Joseph Pearce Author of Further Uo & Further In, Faith of Our Fathers: A History of True England and many more titles.

All roads lead to Walshingham! We are building our homestead in a very short amount of time, I will be able to answer my rooster crow with your own! Anglo-Saxon England Gold Age- 

Order Joseph Pearce’s “Faith of Our Fathers” from The CRUSADE Channel’s Founders Tradin’ Post

The Faith of Our Fathers – The Catholic Church has been a part of English history since the arrival of Christian missionaries to Roman Britain in the first century after Christ. England was evangelized in these early centuries to such an extent that, by the time the Romans withdrew in the fifth century, the Celtic population was largely Catholic.  

Order Joseph Pearce’s “Faith of Our Fathers” from The CRUSADE Channel’s Founders Tradin’ Post

Anglo-Saxon England, prior to the Norman Conquest, was a land of saints. From St. Bede, with his history of the early Church, to the holy king St. Edward the Confessor, Saxon England was ablaze with the light of Christ. During the reign of St. Edward, a vision of the Virgin at Walsingham placed the Mother of God on the throne as England’s queen, the land being considered her dowry. Even following the Norman Conquest, the Faith continued to flourish and prosper, making its joyful presence felt in what would become known as Merrie England. 

Then in the sixteenth century, this Catholic heart was ripped from the people of England, against their will and in spite of their spirited and heroic resistance, by the reign of the Tudors. This made England once again a land of saints—that is, of martyrs, with Catholic priests and laity being put to death for practicing the Faith.

The martyrdoms would continue for 150 years, followed by a further 150 years of legal and political persecution.  In the nineteenth century, against all the odds, there was a great Catholic revival, heralded by the conversion of St. John Henry Newman, which would continue into the twentieth century. Much of the greatest literature of the past century has been written by literary converts to the Church, such as G. K. Chesterton, Evelyn Waugh, Graham Greene, and J. R. R. Tolkien.  This whole exciting, faith-filled story is told by Joseph Pearce within a single-volume history of “true England”, the England that remained true to the faith through thick and thin, in times both “merrie” and perilous.

It is a story not only worth telling but worth celebrating. The author was almost certainly, British Christian King  It was a culture that revolved around the liturgical year. The farmers and rich royalty alike.  Mary Tudor –  He (Joseph Pearce) has now written the history of England, Joseph is becoming Chesterton! Did you catch when I said South Carolinian Nationalist – guilty on both counts. He understand sovereignty and God’s purpose of the state. Remembering the order – The Social Kingship of Christ 

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