Mike Church Show Transcript-Ben Franklin's President Would Accept NO PAY!

todayNovember 26, 2011

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Mike: I absolutely would not. I hold out no hope for any official disbursement of funds through the federal Leviathan, that that fixes anything. Including paying the President 20 million a year. You know, in the Federal Convention of 1787, AG, this is part of my movie, The Spirit of 76, theres a whole scene in there where Ben Franklin says that he didnt think that our executives should be paid a dime. Did you know that?

AG: I didnt know that.

Mike: And Franklin gave the reasons why. He said there were two great forces, there is ambition and avarice in politics. Theres two great forces in politics, ambition and avarice. And if you get too much of the one, you get not enough of the other. But ultimately if a person is getting into the presidency or into politics for money, and if he is ambitious, well, then, youre going to attract money to it. Its futile to or it is just juvenile and nave to think that any other that youre going to get any other result from that combination. So I think that the trick that the Founders tried to that what they tried to do and the purpose of having a written Constitution and a written document that is supposed to limit the powers of what you can do, that what they were trying to accomplish was to keep the involvement of money in their new general government at a minimum. And this is why you write the damn Constitution down. This is why it serves as a document that tells the government what it cannot do in the most part, not all the wonderful things that it can do and all the money that it can attract to it in doing so.

So there is no solution whatever, none. There is no reform. There is no set of laws, no set of rules, no jail sentences. There is nothing that can be done, nothing, that would alter or change the current corrupt system and scheme of things, other than stripping Congress of its power over those matters. Now, if Congress was impotent in matters of commerce, which it should be, as it was originally intended under the Commerce Clause, then you and me would not be having this conversation right now because this would be going on. Now, you may have rife corruption in the state legislatures or in the state governments. But you would not have it at the federal general government level because it would not have any say-so over it. If it doesnt have any say-so over it, what would be the point of lobbying it?

So what you want to do is you want to write rules to try and keep the current amount of money there and try and more equitably distribute it. Thats what socialists would do. What you want to do is you want to eliminate the access to power. If these things are worked out by free people in free markets, well, then, its the market thats going to determine this. And it is a persons ability to work inside that market and to work the market and to work the politics of the market, which is serving people and serving a need in a market, thats ultimately going to determine it. That wont stop reformers from stating their case for as long as there are people nave enough to believe that reform can work. So thats what I would say about that. 1-866-95-PATRIOT, my telephone number.

What if just let me ask you a question for the question you asked me. What if we agreed to just not pay them, and that they were then free to heres a market-based solution for the same thing that you just said. You ready? Dont pay them anything. Give them zero. But but allow them to sell their services via campaign contributions to whoever it is that has the money to pay for them.

AG: Now, what happens, I mean, uh, that scares me beyond belief.

Mike: I think thats a nightmare waiting to happen [laughing]

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript – AG: Would you also hope that paying members of Congress more, you might limit the influence of lobbyists or the potential of leaving Congress and stepping right into working in the Beltway?

Mike: No. No. No, I wouldnt.

AG: No? No.


AG: But, I mean, what…

Mike: I dont think itll work. But it has the novelty of not having been tried just yet.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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