Mike Church Show Transcript-Gingrich DID Promote Taxing Carbon!

todayDecember 6, 2011

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: Well, [George]

Will also said this:  Ask yourself this:  Suppose Gingrich or Romney become President and get reelected suppose you had eight years of this, George Will said.  What would the conservative movement be?  How would it understand itself after eight years?  I think what would have gone away, perhaps forever, is the sense of limited government, the Tenth Amendment, Madisonian government of limited, delegated, and enumerated powers the sense conservatism is indeed tied to limitations on federal authority and the police power wielded by Congress that would all be gone.  Its hard to know what would be left.

I mean, folks, wow.  I mean, shazam.  Thats it right there.  Wiped out.  The conservative you people that snipe at my heels, at AG and I and our shows heels, and send all this putrid hate mail, Well, why, youre going to kill the conservative movement.  Youre the one thats going to get Obama reelected.  I am trying desperately beyond all manner of or with all manner of humility here, to get you to answer the question of what is conservatism, what does it conserve, and why isnt your conservatism rooted in tradition and the Constitution, in the tradition of that, and tradition of republicanism, and why is it rooted, why is it married, why is it dedicated to the promotion of statism?  Because it is.  And these guys come along, and Gingrich and these guys come along, and they claim to be conservatives.  They are nothing of the sort.  This man oversaw the expansion of government, from SCHIP to his fighting for the Medicare Drug Prescription Act as a lobbyist to his promotion of cap-and-trade.

By the way, Gingrich denied to Mike Huckabee that he had ever promoted cap-and-trade:  I think its absurd that anyone would even say that because I express concern about the environment, that I promoted cap-and-trade.  This is the kind of gotcha politics that has gotten us into the situation were in, Mike, and Im just not going to answer the question because I think its ridiculous, and I think its absurd.

Heres what he told National Communist Radio in 2007.  Question:  Let me talk about another part of the Luntz memo that also happens in the mid-90s.  And he writes, The scientific debate is closing against us, but its not yet closed.  There is still a window of opportunity to challenge the science.  Hes talking about global warming science, the manmade catastrophic global warming.  There were Republicans who did challenge the science back then.  Were you one of them?  Gingrich:  Look, there are scientists who challenge the science.  My conclusion is that you do not have to agree with the most hysterical interpretations to agree that, as a matter of prudence, we should minimize carbon loading of the atmosphere.  In other words, you have made a decision, and youre with the bark-humping lunatics and their soothsaying, their sorcery, and youre not with science.

More:  In 2000, candidate George Bush pledged mandatory carbon caps.  It was a campaign pledge.  What did you think of it at the time?  Were you for that?  Gingrich answer:  I think if you have mandatory carbon caps combined with a trading system, much like we did with sulfur, and if you have a tax incentive program for investing in the solutions, that theres a package there thats very, very good and, frankly, is something I would strongly support.  Well, thats cap-and trade.

And did you at the time in 2000?  At the time I wasnt directly involved in the campaign.   Question:  He reversed that campaign pledge within months of taking office.  Would we be in better shape today if he had kept that campaign pledge?  Gingrich, answer:  If he had instituted a regime that combined three things I just said mandatory caps, a trading system inside the caps as we have with clean air, and a tax incentive to be able to invest in the new technology and to be able to produce the new technology I think we would be much better off than we are in the current situation.

In other words, he was all for cap-and-trade, and he defended it.  Hell, he wrote a fricking book about it.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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