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Mike Church Show Transcript-How Ron Paul Can Cut Spending AND Obey His Oath

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Mike: Hello, Eric in North Carolina.  How are you?

Eric: Hi, Mike.  Ive got a question.  Im kind of leaning toward Paul, but I have a big issue.  And I think the way he talks is he believes in the Constitution as written.  And I think, as written, the power of the presidency is actually weaker than it is now.


Eric: And Id like to say that most of the Republicans are not Libertarian like Ron Paul, so they would not necessarily vote the way of Ron Paul. And before and even if we won a landslide, the Republicans won a landslide, I dont think that Ron Paul would be a very effective president, except in the areas of foreign policy, which is the biggest complaint that most what we call conservatives have with Ron Paul. How do you think Ron Paul would be able to govern in that atmosphere?

Mike: So in other words, youre worried that there wont be enough Paul congressmen to get in there and work their right-wing social and economic engineering magic and give him bills to sign so that he can fix everything for us.

Eric: Absolutely.

Mike: Well, I you just defeated the argument to vote for the man. So by all means, vote for Rick Santorum.

Eric: Well, Im trying to get your side of the argument on that because I dont if thats if my…

Mike: Have you ever listened to this show? Eric, do you listen…

Eric: Yes, I do.

Mike: Well, then you already know my side of the argument. I mean, I appreciate the phone call, and Im not trying to be rude or anything. But my side of the argument and I guess his side of the argument, again, I dont work for the campaign. I cannot speak for the man.

So if youre asking me, lets just say, what would James Monroe, WWJMD, what would James Monroe do? Well, heres what James Monroe might do in the instance that you would say we could reanimate him and bring him back to life and make him President. The first thing is that there are several cabinet agencies that were created by executive orders and that answer directly to the President. No President has nowhere is it written that the President has to appoint a Secretary of Education. Nowhere is it written that he has to appoint a Secretary of the Interior. Nowhere is it written that he has to and he must appoint a Secretary of Energy. Nowhere is it written that he has to appoint a director of the EPA. Nowhere is it written that he has to appoint a Secretary of Commerce, a Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

These are all things that are brought about either by lame, unconstitutional acts of Congress or by executive order. So right there, the five agencies that hes promised to eliminate, all you do is you eliminate them. And if some of their duties have to be transferred to another agency, well, you could do that by executive order, too. And if the Congress wants to join in, they can, but they dont have to. So in other words, as President, he would have the power in the negative of not doing things. And therefore you get rid of Commerce, you get rid of Interior, you get rid of Education, you get rid of Energy, and you get rid of the Department of the Interior.

So those are five things, five federal agencies, boom, right off the top, gone, on the chopping block. So you say that theres not much he can do. Theres plenty that he can do. He can also, he also gets to appoint the chairman of the Federal Reserve. Now, he may disagree with that power. But until Congress eliminates the Federal Reserve, he would have the power to appoint the chairman of the Federal Reserve. He would also appoint the Treasury Secretary, sir. And if he appointed the Treasury Secretary, do you think he would put tax-cheat Keynesian economic lunatic, economically suicidal maniac Tim Tiny Tim Geithner in there? No. Hed have to appoint a Secretary of the Treasury that would do everything that he could do to stop the inflation and the devaluation of the currency.

So the idea here that he would be powerless because he wouldnt have the Congress to go along with him is ridiculous. And then as Commander in Chief you issue execute orders, and you pull the troops home from Afghanistan, from Okinawa, and from the other places. That could be done by the President. So I appreciate your question. And like I said, I dont mean to be rude, but I think weve covered this before. But for people that are listening for the first time, thats the answer to the question.And theres more that you can do, too. Theres also these appropriations. Theres also the appropriations bills. And lets just say Congress appropriated all sorts of wild hairy money for all sorts of hair-brained schemes that, when he was a member of the House of Representin, Congressman Paul voted against. Hed veto the bills. Hed more than likely veto the bills. And if he vetoed the bills, well, then, Congress would have to make the excuse, with a two-thirds vote in both houses, of why they wanted to overcome those vetoes. And if in the veto messages, well, its unconstitutional, we dont have the money, and the Congress is going to have to figure out another way to transfer this power back to the states, and theyre going to have if this needs to be done, well, then the states are going to have to do it , and theyre going to have to pay for it. This is tough medicine, here, folks.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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