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Mike Church Show Transcript-The USA, Bottled Water Provider Of First Resort

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript
Caller: In the last couple months I have called other radio talk show hosts, just to try to insert some intelligent thought in their show. And they basically give me the equivalent of just the middle finger, the intellectual middle finger. They dont even want to hear my question. Or if they give me an answer, its, you know yesterday I called a show, and I asked, What exactly is it you are trying to conserve, sir? You know, your question that you ask from time to time.

Mike: Right, right, right, right.

Caller: And he just gave me the American exceptionalism, the rah-rah-rah. Theres no rational thought here.

Mike: USA, USA, USA. Thats what he gave you?

Caller: Yeah, right. This is what were up against. And it runs deep. So that last call that you had, this is where they get their information. Theyre lacking any thought on the subject. Theyre just going with what is popular.

Mike: Yeah, I think the question about the Australians threw him for a loop Doug and he did not have a response. And of course he didnt have a response because the afternoon and the evening hosts around here on conservative talk stations dont have an answer to it, either. Well, it doesnt matter. And they are. Why, the caliphates moved into Australia, you just dont know it. Just because we dont live there, just…. The Australians are worried about sharks right now. The Australians are worried about 500-year floods. I have not read that the Australians are worried about the Iranians invading or bombing them, or the caliphate invading. And as I said, last I checked, the Australians have chicks running around in bikinis. Theyve got beer. They consume alcohol. Theyre doing all sorts of lecherous things that sharia law does not favor; right? They even have women voting over there. Imagine the horror.

Caller: No, absolutely. No, you did a great job with that point there, trying to get people to think about their positions on a thing instead of just going, what is the norm? So anyway, I just wanted to point that out.

Mike: Well, jingoism well, thank you very much. But jingoism is very powerful. And thats why, when AG and I were talking about it earlier, you know, we all cheer and get up out of our seats and go USA, USA when were at a football game, a sporting event. And our national display of military superiority flies overhead. Is it necessary to expend whatever the cost is to fly four Phantom jets or FA-17s or whatever it is? Whatever the jet is, I do not profess to know the model number, that flies in formation over Texas Stadium or over whatever.

We have a military for at least some purposes, or in some instances, that exists so that Tom Clancy novels can be made into movies. You know, you watch these films, and they say, well, wed like to thank the United States Air Force and this and that and the other because they loaned them the hardware and all. This is all just a big this is what the term is, is jingoism. And you just go along to get along, and you pick up the chant, USA, USA. Now, is there something inherently wrong with being proud of your country? Well, no. And we learn, or the earliest instances of this that we find in recorded history come from the Greeks, who had to defend against invasion, and the Romans. And the original or the ancient Roman soldier or Roman citizen was not a soldier. The ancient Roman citizen was a citizen first and a soldier second and was only called into service when the patriam, homeland, was being invaded or was under threat of invasion.

Now, that ultimately changed. And this is what presaged the fall of the Roman Empire, as its known. And that is that the citizen soldier was told to go pound sand. What we need are full-time soldiers and full-time occupations all across Europe and Northern Africa. We need to expand our empire, and we need more gold, and weve got to build bigger weapons, and we have problems over here, and we have problems over there. Weve got to get up into Angland, as they called it then. Weve got to build this giant fortified wall to stop these Viking lunatics from invading our new empire territory in England and what have you. And it just it never stops folks. And ultimately what you fear or what you should fear is that your empire becomes overextended, and you cannot possibly pay for this. You cannot just continue to export the wealth generated by the people on this continent and these 50 states across the world to colonize it.

Caller: Right, but…

Mike: And to control it.

Caller: …problem is they dont take it that far.Mike: Well, no, it doesnt go beyond the fighter jets flying over Texas Stadium at the start of a football game.

Caller: Exactly. They dont take the argument out and see what the end result is going to be, Mike. So this is what were up against.End Mike Church Show Transcript

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