The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Brother Andre Marie and I moved #WisdomWednesday to today and broadcast recorded THIS:

See today’s Pile of Prep for Alexis de Toqueville’s take on this same topic!

A complete philosophical and ethical takedown of the current #Commie #CancelCulture, with remedies!

For further reading please see Brother Andre’s ad rem on this subject:

From that visit on Thursday till Sunday, I thought a lot about how this entire Covid-19 PSYOP — the largest exercise in social engineering in the history of the world — depends upon fear, fear surrounding an “invisible enemy” you are led to believe lurks everywhere, but especially on other people, with the seemingly miraculous exception of large-scale, cheek-by-jowl riots brought to you by the professional Marxist agitants of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Fear is one of the eleven passions, which are divided into the six concupiscible passions: love, hate, desire, aversion, joy, sorrow; and the five irascible passions: hope, despair, daring, fear, and anger. These passions are good servants but poor masters since they should always be under the control of reason, just as reason itself must be conformed to the natural and supernatural Law of God. As a gift of the Holy Ghost, fear has a very valuable and necessary place in our spiritual life (see “Fear, Holy and Unholy”); and, even as a passion or emotion, it can be used to our advantage. But, like all our emotions, the passion of fear can be manipulated by our visible and invisible enemies to our detriment.

As Dr. E. Michael Jones has shown in scholarly detail in his book, Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control, the disordered desire for venereal pleasure is…

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