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The Snake Plissken of Talk Radio – Mike Church

“People telling me they thought I was dead, is getting really old,  once per day, someone on social media or in-person, stumbles onto a Twitter post or a Facebook response or is at an event when someone says “thanks KingDude!” and then it happens: I get Plisskened! ‘KingDude? He was cancelled from Sirius Radio in 2015 and died shortly thereafter.'” – Ancient, post SiriusXM Patriot Radio prophecy.

by: Mike Church – The Snake Plissken of Talk Radio

Do you remember John Carpenter’s iconic Escape From New York movie? The lead character is played by Kurt Russell and goes by the name of Snake Plissken. The running joke during the film is people that haven’t actually seen Snake in a while assume that he is dead, like in this scene, once he is first inside of NYC.

Cabbie: Brain? Brain, I brought somebody to see you.

Snake Plissken: [recognizes Brain] Harold Helman…

Brain: Snake?

Maggie: [curious] Harold?

Snake Plissken: How you been, Harold? It’s been a long time.

Brain: Swear to God Snake, I thought you were dead…

Snake Plissken: Yeah, you and everybody else!

“Really, Brain!? Do you still think I’m dead because I’m not squawking via a satellite these days, huh!?”

This mistaken identity of Snake Plissken as being dead works so well in Escape From New York that director John Carpenter employs it in the sequel, Escape From L.A. The last scene in L.A. shows Plissken snuffing the bad guy out who tells him just before dying “Plissken!? I thought you were dead!?”

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The Snake Plissken of Talk Radio

Why do I bring up a Kurt Russell movie and obscure movie trivia ? Because I have become Escape From Talk Radio’s  Snake Plissken. People that know me well once thought I was exaggerating when I told them that at least, once per day, someone on social media or in-person, stumbles onto a Twitter post or a Facebook response or is at an event when someone says “thanks KingDude!” and then it happens: I get Plisskened! “KingDude? He was cancelled from Sirius Radio in 2015 and died shortly thereafter.”

exempli gratia – e.g. “for the sake of an example”

Me on Twitter: “So Bolton will be Trump’s Cheney, just like I said when he ……”

Dude whose started following me on Twitter in 2013 and never logged back in: Right on, KingDude! Man, I sure do miss your show on the radio!

Me: Why do you miss me dude? I never missed doing a show after SiriusXM, not one day; what, did the Patriot Channel invent and now exclusively hosts, all talk radio!? Why “miss” what never ceased being made!?

This is a bit like saying “man I used to love Lite Beer from Miller in bottles”. “Why don’t you still love it, they never stopped making it.” “What, I haven’t seen it since the 80’s, loser!” “Ummm, dude, they started packaging it in cans, but they never stopped making Miller Lite.” “Yeah, ok, but I don’t drink out of cans, but I sure do love that Miller Lite…”

“Love” it, huh!? Sure ya do, just call me The Snake Plissken of Talk Radio.

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Here’s today’s example followed by a friend’s gentle, fraternal correction. Bear in mind, this is now 3.5 years, 891 episodes of the Mike Church Show later, that have been promoted to every media entity ever invented including smoke signals.

Recently at a LIVE! event where I was speaking a gentlemen approached my colleague Richard Barret as his “Uncle John” who hadn’t seen Richard in years and was shocked to see him at a Chivalry conference so far from Texas. When Richard introduced me to Uncle John, his face grew ashen with shock and he exclaimed “Mike Church! You’re still alive!? I used to LOVE listening to you on the Sirius Satellite Radio!” Barrett, who had heard me complain of being Plisskened nearly everyday of my life stared in awe: “it actually does happen, people, even people I’m related to, really do think Mike was taken out of the SiriusXM building brought to a pasture on Don Imus’s ranch and put out of his misery, the poor old, mute, bastard!”

I don’t have to die to view from what I hope will be the good side of eternity in order to see what people will say about me: “he just vanished, just laid his headphones down and went to play handball with Loser Curb but when he was alive, mannnnnnn…. *sigh* oh look at the time, Saint Dana Loesch is about to start on Periscope!”

Seriously, folks, People telling me they thought I was dead, is getting really old but I think this is a symptom of that total disconnect from genuine and lasting relationships that social media obsessions have claimed the lives of; now, every relationship is ephemeral, its existence hinging upon its ability to deliver public squirts of Dopamine large enough to keep the subjects medicated, “happy” and “connected”. Where once there was the great desideratum to get to know someone, that has been replaced with the fleeting fancy of “following” someone digitally as if their heroes leave a trail of vital, digital bread crumbs, manna from social media “heaven”.

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Mike Church didn’t die in 2015 and he even went and broadcast LIVE! From England, in 2018. Shown here with K.V. Turley broadcasting LIVE from a pub booth in Old London!


In Chesterton’s Orthodoxy, Gilbert Keith waxes about H.G. Wells’ et al’s dismissal of fairy tales and thus fairies, this disturb’s Chesterton greatly because he realizes that a child’s love of the Brothers Grimm isn’t a love based on how the Brothers’ tales conformed to reality but rather how reality was accepted as being capable of it conforming to the fairy tale by a child. That the goose really could lay golden eggs in fairy tales was far more important than the “real-world” studies of Herbert Spencer who insisted that the goose evolved from a tadpole.

G.K. Chesterton

Chesterton laments this passing of fairies and their tales in favor of “sciences” and their “laws”. In much the same way we might lament the loss of friendship and brotherhood, dare I say, radio craftsman and radio connoisseur; which has been replaced by “followers” and “facebook friends”. Chesterton saw modern man’s blind devotion to material things as being a threat to a Man’s devotion to beings, yes, even fairies.

In fairyland there had been a real law; a law that could be broken, for the definition of a law is something that can be broken. But the machinery of this cosmic prison was something that could not be broken; for we ourselves were only a part of its machinery. We were either unable to do things or we were destined to do them. The idea of the mystical condition quite disappeared; one can neither have the firmness of keeping laws nor the fun of breaking them. The largeness of this universe had nothing of that freshness and airy outbreak which we have praised in the universe of the poet. This modern universe is literally an empire; that is, it was vast, but it is not free. One went into larger and larger windowless rooms, rooms big with Babylonian perspective; but one never found the smallest window or a whisper of outer air.

The old paradoxical quiz “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound” is not a quiz at all, it is test of your devotion to the heresy of utilitarianism i.e. if an Instagram user isn’t there to capture the tree falling and vouch for its making a sound then it didn’t happen and even if it did it doesn’t matter because no one “liked” the tree anyway. In the same way, people constantly telling me that I am not me and even if I am, that I was “once” enjoyable to listen to, in the past, morbid tense, is a symptom of our obsession with scientism and ultimately materialism i.e. any public man’s “listenability” or worth is measured by his numerically measurable “popularity”; not whether or not he ever made you laugh or ponder an issue in a new light or consider your relationship to those nearest you and the eternal consequences of your actions toward them.

No, better to be done with those relationships and the mutual admiration of artists and connoisseurs; because our digital-media-masters are serving up the next course to brain dead and near lifeless “consumers”, and they don’t like fairy tales. 

The Snake Plissken of Talk Radio – Mike Church, Isn’t dead!

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