Andrew Bieszad – History Of Islam Is Being Re-taught

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Is Davis A Traitor in paperback. get it signed by editor Mike Church. A great Christmas Gift for the Colonial Revolutionary!

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Andrew Bieszad, author of Lions of the Faith, a book you can find in Kindle download at, and our resident Islamic scholar, is trying to rally the crowd here. I don’t think you have to rally very many of them. I think now that they’re aware and now that the history of Islam is actually being re-taught and relearned.” Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: . . . Andrew Bieszad, our Islamic scholar who is on the Dude Maker Skype Line with us. There are about a half dozen previous episodes that you would have access to if you’re a Founders Pass member for what you are about to hear. Mr. Bieszad, thank you, brother. Good to see you. How you?

Andrew Bieszad: Great to see you, too, Mike. Great to be here.

Mike: I’m always amazed that you can work all night long and stay up and do these shows before you go and hit the sack. You’re still on the late shift, aren’t you?

Bieszad: Oh yeah. Still on the late shift. Still doing the eight-, nine-, ten-hour shifts. That’s why you always see me with one of these when I’m on your show.

Mike: Folks, that’s why you always see me with one of these, a full-sized, gosh, I can’t even think of the name of the – it’s a container. It’s got a brand name. I’ve got a brain spasm. It doesn’t matter. It was filled with coffee. There’s more brewing in the back room. Tervis, a full-size Tervis. Let’s talk for a minute here about a couple things. Number one, in your reading and research – you have the degree in Islamic studies. I assume that while you were studying Islamic studies you also did some Christian theology or Catholic theology. In your studies, can you recall any time in the history of the Catholic Church when there has been as much open and public apostasy and denial of the very well-known, very well-documented teachings of the Church? Can you recall, has there ever been a time like this?

Bieszad: No. Something I have been talking to my wife about for a bit now is that I believe we’re living in one of the worst times of apostasy every, and we’re being currently headed by one of, unfortunately, the most incompetent successors to the See of Peter ever. I told her I’m going to have to be wrong. I’ll have to revise myself because given an honest analysis of the historical situation, I would say right now probably takes the cake.

Mike: We say this with no joy in either one of our voices or hearts. I don’t revel in saying it. I say it with great sadness. It’s a truly sad event. It’s sad for the world. It’s not just sad for me and him. It’s sad for everyone. The faith, properly understood, the Truth properly understood and practice, does lead to contemplation, which does lead to joy.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

As Brother Francis likes to say in our philosophy course: You cannot find happiness in bottom of the can and bottle and eating good foods and all the travel and all the stuff you do in the modern world. Happiness only comes from contemplation. In our modern world, we don’t contemplate. Perhaps that’s the real root of the sickness, that we’re always bee-bobbing from this controversy to that controversy. I’ve got to go update this, got to go update that, do this, say that. We really don’t have time to contemplate. Perhaps that really is at the root of this. I wanted to ask you that question.

Question two: What can you tell me about the church in Etienne, France, or the area in Etienne, France, Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near Rouen in Normandy, the Church of St. Stephen that Father Jacques Hamel was martyred at yesterday by an orthodox Muslim.

Bieszad: That’s a very interesting story. I wrote about it on [unintelligible]. I have a piece up on it. You can read it. Here’s what happened. Basically this guy, a Muslim guy, his name was Adel Kermiche. He broke into the church while mass is going on, along with two other Muslims. They said two; there may have been more. They take the priest. The priest tries to fight them. They slit his throat while he’s saying mass. They’re screaming “Allahu akbar” and then give a sermon. This was what we call Muslim ritual sacrifice. He was ritually murdered for Allah. Let’s call it what it is. This was a sacrifice to the demon god Allah. That’s why they did it. This was all religious. Don’t kid yourself. This wasn’t political. This wasn’t because they didn’t have enough education. It wasn’t because they came from a deprived background. It wasn’t because they just need more scholarships. It’s because this is Islam. This is the true face and what it leads to.

I’ve said many times on your shows, and your listeners can go into the archives if they’re a Founders Pass member. You can hear what I said is the logical, natural fruit of Islam, practiced by a man who truly wants to follow. Its final conclusion is what you just saw in France. That’s part of it. As far as the congregation, as far as the area, it’s very heavily Catholic. What’s most interesting, it’s not being talked about, except in the British press, this young Muslim man, Adel Kermiche, he was an Arab, Moroccan, but he was inspired to do this by another man. This man’s name was Maxime. This Maxime Hauchard is a former Catholic who turned Muslim when he was 17, converted to Islam, went to join ISIS – you can find videos of him slitting people’s throats online. You know the ones where they have all the blood coming out and people are screaming?

Mike: Really?

Bieszad: Yes. You can look up Maxime Hauchard. You will find him, along with another Portuguese apostate from the Catholic faith, a young man who converted to Islam by the name of Michael dos Santos. It’s interesting because Mr. Hauchard not only was in contact with Adel, but he was also from the same area. He was about 20 miles south. He grew up in this area. This is all rural countryside. People all knew each other. Most likely he was involved in the attack somehow.

Mike: The area that you say is heavily Catholic, this is the area around Normandy, right?

Bieszad: That is correct. It’s in Normand / Brittany area of France. This is traditionally very Catholic. You have a lot of people here who actually are of English background but they are [unintelligible] and French culturally. Again, very interesting roots in this area. What you see here is an attack in one of the heartlands of French Catholicism. It was done at this church because, again, the priest is an old man. They probably knew they could get him. Remember, Muslims – I wrote an article this morning about a woman in India who fought off a Muslim. They were trying to rape her and then she castrated him. One of the points I made is that, the reason why Muslims attack people is because they think they’re weak. They’re like hyenas. They only attack those who Lions_of_Faith_andrew_bieszadthey think they can overpower. That’s also why they attack in groups. They attacked an old man, because they figured they could beat him up. They thought the people in the parish wouldn’t fight back.

I want to add to that by saying, when you say Muslims do stuff like this, that’s an act of war. They’re calling your bluff, like in poker. They’re saying: We just did this. Whatcha gonna do about it? That’s how they’re calling. Your refusal to act, to respond to them is your consent to submission to what they have done. It is your acceptance of what they have done. I’m trying to get this through people’s heads. Just sitting around and doing, like the officials at the Vatican said: We can’t take up arms. We have to pray and be good to others, be good to these people. We cannot stand up to them. That is a sin. That is a heresy. I am telling you straight up. You know, Mike, I have my book Lions of the Faith. It’s available on Kindle, Saints, Blesseds and Heroes of the Catholic Faith in the Struggle with Islam. You can get it on Amazon Kindle. Read the book. I have hundreds of saints in there chronicled. Yes, there were martyrs and people were missionaries and prayed for Muslims. I have many saints who were warrior saints, saints who went into battle to fight these people in physical combat. I am saying if we do not address the Muslim situation now, it is going to come to that or conversion to Islam. Get that through your heads.

Mike: This is the voice of Andrew Bieszad. If you’re watching us on YouTube, then you’re watching the personage of Andrew Bieszad, who is the author of Lions of the Faith. Get it as a Kindle download at We’re going to get some printed copies of this book at some point in time. Andrew’s going to send them to me and I’m going to put them in the Founders Tradin’ Post.

Bieszad: You’re the first one who’s going to get them.

Mike: They’re going to fly out of there. It’s a great book. I do have a copy of it. I’d like to read something to you. This is from Jean Duchesne, writing in Aleteia, the French edition. I translated this using Google translate so it may be a little sketchy.


Writing in Aleteia’s French edition, Jean Duchesne, is the Executive Director for the Catholic Academy in France and a founder of the French edition of the magazine Communio writes: What just happened in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray can only provoke horror and even anger at such hatred that is as cowardly as it is cruel, and stupidly suicidal. After so many terrorist attacks in France but also in Germany, it is permissible to note that in this case the lunatics have not killed completely blind.

Until now…the fanatics had attacked some flattering idea that our citizens have of themselves : the iconoclastic insolence of Charlie Hebdo, the pagan cult of sports in the Stade de France and the happy go lucky Bataclan and café terraces of the eleventh arrondissement “bobo” of Paris, the fireworks of July 14 in Nice celebrating a revolution that promoted ideals, but also produces worse …

Here today is something quite different. The purpose of the condemnation was not the West in general nor its complacent and selfish prosperity, [which] may seem insulting to the poor of the world. This was an attack at [the root of European civilization] – our very living source, if we forget – [what throughout history] quietly but irresistibly, it refreshes us explicitly and most intensely: the celebration of Mass.

We must therefore ask: will the French (and others) identify with these victims – an elderly priest brutally murdered, and a handful of faithful and religious. Dare we dare say, “I am Father Jacques Hamel” as it was proclaimed, and repeated over and over again, “I am Charlie Hebdo?”


Christians, for their part, can only be shocked and outraged, as any civilized human being…but also shaken because they are now justified in thinking that their Eucharistic assemblies are now in the crosshairs of those plagued by murderous impulses and stimulated by a delirious propaganda. [Christians] once again find themselves confronting – as no one could wish or expect – the mystery of evil in its most naked brutality; the unbearable enigma that Love is not loved, as revealed that Cross was left nailed their Lord.

[end reading]

Mike: When I hear this, and when I hear what you say, would it be farfetched and alarmist to think that very soon we’re going to be, I’m going to be, you’re going to be lamenting for the repose of souls that were taken out in Europe somewhere or in the United States or somewhere else, wherever there are Muslims roaming the streets that can go orthodox, that were simply celebrating a Islam_symbolSunday mass.

Bieszad: First let me have my shot of whiskey. Not without my shot. Here’s my answer. The man had some good things to say. He’s missing a couple of critical parts. You know me. I’ve been saying this for years. I’ve been talking for years, the purpose is not the West. It’s not Charlie Hebdo. They don’t hate us for our freedoms. They hate us for you and they want your soul. They want your soul and your kids’ souls. They want you bowing to Mecca with them. They want you to worship their demon god. That is what Islam is, plain and simple. You want to know what it is? They want your wife and daughters in a veil and your sons in a keffiyeh and a jilbab. That is where they want you and your kids. That’s what it comes down to. They are coming for your soul, point blank.

Second, yes, it does inspire horror. It’s not good. It’s very scary. It’s meant to be scary. Quran, Chapter 8, Verse 12, if I’m not mistaken, says [Arabic]: Allah said we will strike terror into the hearts of the infidels. Then he adds after: We will smite off their necks and all of their appendages. Of course it’s meant to scare you. That is what Islam does. Like I’ve said, it’s a weak religion that runs by fear and submission. It’s meant to terrorize you into submission. Do you know how you respond to that? When an enemy runs at you, of any kind, you don’t run away. You run at him. That’s the way you respond to Islam. I don’t care if it’s just one person. You run at them. You attack. This is not the time to sit back and say: We just need to pray for them and do this. Yes, we need to pray. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying don’t. We need to pray. We need to go back to church and do our devotions, our adoration, our novinas, our rosary daily, wearing the brown scapular like I have on now. If you’re not familiar with it, look it up. You can read more about it at

Very importantly, you must take what your faith says and follow in the example of the saints that I wrote about in Lions of the Faith. Take your faith and apply it. If you’re not sure if what you’re doing is acceptable, read my book. There were saints who were great, holy men, very great people, people who are in Heaven, that as a model of the church’s chosen for faith and life went out, picked up a sword, and went to battle out there against those Muslims, and not just one time, not just two times, dozens upon dozens upon dozens, and not just during the Crusades. By Crusades, I mean between the years of 1092 and 1291. They went to it beginning in the 7th century when the Muslims first attacked, when they first came out of Arabia. They did it for centuries longer.

Get this through your head. The days of old are coming back to us. History has come full circle again. They are coming for you. They are hunting you. What are you going to do? You can’t run away from them. You have to run at them. That is the only way you are going to be able to combat them. Yes, your faith first, prayers first, but then translate that into action. If you’re not sure how to do it, get my book. For me, it’s less about the sales of my book. I could care less about that right now. What I’m more concerned about is using the example. These are people who lived Islam. They know Islam by lived experience. You will find they consistently have the same responses to this problem. Yes, people have different vocations. You need to live your vocation. That is between you and God and it’s very important that you follow it no matter what it is. That comes first. Having said that, there are very many vocations that people have lived. Read about them. Learn them. Find out where you fit in. Then follow it.

As I’ve said, this is a historical crossroads. We are either going to stand up to these people and drive them back into the deserts of Arabia, or your descendents are going to bow down and worship Allah facing Mecca. Those are your choices right here. I’ve laid them out before you. One or two? There’s no third choice. There’s no way around this. There are millions of these people that your traitorous Western governments, our governments have brought in here thinking they could control it for sociopolitical reasons, the same error that many empires through history have made, not just European but many other countries, too. You can control Islam until you can’t. We are realizing that now that they’re in our own backyards. If you want a way to find out how to stop these guys, find the mosques where they went to. That’s the first part.

Mike: Andrew Bieszad, author of Lions of the Faith, a book you can find in Kindle download at, and our resident Islamic scholar, is trying to rally the crowd here. I don’t think you have to rally very many of them. I think now that they’re aware and now that the history of Islam is actually being re-taught and relearned. Something you said that interested me about running towards them. I’m reading right now, and it’s very lengthy, almost 50 pages long in Alban Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Doctors and Fathers of the Church.

I’m reading the history of St. King Louis IX. I’m at the point right now where he actually went, he went on a crusade. He went to the holy land, or to Egypt. He was stuck on one side of the Nile River and he had to wait till they could find out a way to get around it because the Mohammedans would shoot them. Every time they tried to get in the river, they’d arrow them down. They ultimately got across the river. They were camped out there for three months until someone showed them this fjord of sorts where they could go around. They ultimately – this is the kind of France. He doesn’t have to do this. He could order somebody to do it. They get across the Nile River to chase the Mohammedans. They get a little excited and chase too far and their ranks get thinned out. St. King Louis ultimately winds up being captured. He was tortured for months and months on end until he agreed to pay, I guess – help me out here. Did he pay the Mohammedan warlord, I can’t remember his name.

Bieszad: I forget his name. I think I have it in my book. It was a very large sum of money. I want to say it was about 100,000 gold pieces, which is a very large amount of money, even for today’s number.

Mike: What happens at the end? St. King Louis chased the Mohammedans. He went to Egypt to go find them and take them out. There is some precedent to this. I talk about just war all the time. Was this a just war?

Bieszad: Of course it is. I should add to that, too, it’s more than just the concept of just war. War is, yes, just. At the same time – again, look at it from the – the Catholic faith has always said war is not a good thing but it is a fact of human life. It is something that we encounter. When dealing with – there are rules to it. There are ways to go about it. The issue with Islam is Islam, by its own theology – this is not me saying it. Personally, I don’t want war. I don’t like war. War is no good for anybody. The fact is, Islam by its own theology has been at war with us for 14 centuries, since its inception, because it declares war against all non-Muslim peoples. [speaking Arabic] I have been commanded to fight against mankind [unintelligible] that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his slave and messenger. This is the declaration of war. As Muhammad said, [Arabic], verily, paradise is under the shade of swords. This is, again, the understanding of Muhammad in paradise is one of power, money, and sex, the acquisition thereof, and the destruction of non-Muslims for the sake of Allah, by any and all means possible, because, as I’ve said before on your show, non-Muslims are not human.


You see, the more power Islam gains in society, not only do they act up, as we saw in this church, but you see the true face of Islam. The mask comes off. You see Islamic theology in practice. You see the fruits of it. When you start to see that, it’s at that point you’ve reached an existential decision. Do you fight or do you submit? That’s a question you have to answer.

Mike: David Simpson has just come by for a Wisdom Wednesday. Hey, David.

Simpson: Good morning. I had a mouthful of coffee.

Mike: Are you all cheered up and ready to go crusade?

Simpson: I’m so ready to crusade today. I got a new crusader coming on my show today. It’s going to be awesome.

Mike: He has a new crusader coming on his show today. Any comment to Mr. Bieszad while we still have him?

Simpson: Andrew, I’ve always wanted to ask this question to somebody who would know, because I don’t know many people who would know. When you talk about these theological issues in the Muslim world, I was wondering, is it pervasive? Does everyone lockstep believe what you’re saying, or is this really just the orthodox and radical ones and there are plenty who just are Muslim by birth and don’t really care one way or the other about these issues?

Bieszad: It’s the latter, of course. Let’s face it, Muslims are like Catholics in a sense that you have people who believe and people who don’t believe. It’s very diverse. Again, you have people like: Yeah, I’m Muslim on Friday but I’ll meet you in the bar on Saturday. That’s just natural to be expected. I’ve noticed quite a few of those, actually. The fact isn’t really – again, the Muslims who do that are as irrelevant in terms of what the religion teaches as you would say, Mike Church, in terms of the Tim Kaine Catholics. They’re irrelevant. The fact that matters is, in every group you’re always going to have deviants and perverts and people who say one thing and do another. Those people don’t matter. What matters is the orthodoxy. What matters is the true teaching. Just like in the Catholic Church in the 4th century, 90 percent of the Church was in a state of apostasy. We didn’t believe Jesus was God: 90 percent of the laity and 80 percent of the bishops. There was this one Founders-Pass-Logo-500bishop by the name of Athanasius from Egypt who insisted on the orthodox doctrine. He prevailed. Why? Because he taught orthodoxy.

The Muslim world, you had a similar case, too. It was called the mickna [?], the persecution. You can look it up. It was under [unintelligible] around the year 833. What happened is there was a teaching in Islam called Mu’tazilism. Among other things, Mu’tazilism taught that the Quran was a book written by man. It wasn’t a divine book. Most people don’t know this, but Muslims actually believe the Quran itself is one in being with Allah. Sound familiar? It’s Christology just transferred. Instead of being a person, it’s transferred to the book. What happened is, [unintelligible] said it’s impossible. Most of the Muslim world consented to the Mu’tazilite view. There was a Muslim preacher by the name of [unintelligible] from Persia. He insisted upon the orthodox doctrine. After two or three decades, eventually orthodoxy prevailed. The Mu’tazilite works were burned and they were exterminated. All that matters in any religion is the true teaching, the orthodox teaching, whatever that is, whether it’s right or wrong. Whatever they say is orthodoxy is what matters. Everything else is just details.

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Simpson: So what you really have is the truth fighting this anti-truth. In other words, if we accept Christianity as the truth –

Mike: That’s right, the truth fighting anti-truth.

Simpson: – and then we have this other orthodox belief of anti-truth that wants to subvert it and destroy it, that’s what we’re going to come down to, right? The contention is going to be matter versus anti-matter, truth versus anti-truth. Is that right?

Bieszad: As St. John wrote in his first letter, Chapter 2, Verse 22, this is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son. Islam is the only religion, as I’ve pointed out, whose faith and explicit doctrine denies the Father and the Son. That is the explicit doctrine. There is no other religion that is like this in the way that Islam is. Therefore, you can logically say that Islam is an antichrist religion. Islam right now is in the heart of Europe. I’ll tell you where they’re going for. They’re aiming for Rome. They’re aiming for the Vatican. That’s the real place.

Mike: Andrew, thank you. Appreciate it.

Bieszad: Thank you, Mike. Always a pleasure.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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