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RTI-CD&-DVD-ComboMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Michael Maturen is the candidate for the American Solidarity Party for the presidency, and he’s on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Final question, let’s talk about economics for a minute because everybody wants to invest somewhat in the idea that the holder of the Oval Office is some kind of a magician that can repair their economic malaise or whatever economic problems they may have or are confronting or fear they may confront.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  In Louisiana I noticed, because I formed my own party called the Louisiana Independence Party.  We just wish to separate from all of – I’m very up front and honest about the Louisiana Independence Party.  It’s a train wreck.  It can’t be fixed.  We want to leave the union and form the Catholic Republic of St. Tammany.  We’re going to fly the Carillon de Sacre-Coeur.  We’re going to be done with it.  I have no pretentions that that’s going to happen anytime soon; however, I do take great comfort from the 25-year-long effort of Nigel Farage and the UKIP, United Kingdom Independence Party.  They were actually able to convince enough people in Great Britain that it was to their benefit to leave that union.  Having said that, that was not a setup for you.

Michael Maturen is the candidate for the American Solidarity Party for the presidency, and he’s on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Final question, let’s talk about economics for a minute because everybody wants to invest somewhat in the idea that the holder of the Oval Office is some kind of a magician that can repair their economic malaise or whatever economic problems they may have or are confronting or fear they may confront.  You mentioned distributism, which I hold as – we’ve had many, many discussions here on this channel, including with John Sharpe, who I think is probably one of the best promoters of distributism out there.  Mr. Sharpe says: Look, I don’t care what you call it, as long as the principles are correct.  Can you explain the economic principles of distributism as the American Solidarity Party would defend them?

Maturen:  First of all, I can tell that you’ve read my bio.  You used the words “it will take a magician.”  If you have read my bio, you do know that I am a professional magician.  I may be the guy for the job.  Unfortunately, if I was that good, I’d already be there.  The principles of distributism change based on who’s really describing them.  The way I look at it – I’m still trying to dig through this myself.  I was a conservative Republican for my entire adult life, and only recently kind of started to come around to this way of thinking, partially because I reverted back to the Catholic Church after 18 years away and as a Protestant minister.

Also, because I began reading some of the pope’s writings, and realizing we can’t call ourselves pro-life and then have it end once the baby is born.  That’s what started my conversion.  I’m still learning about distributism.  My hope is by the off chance – believe me, I’m not delusional here.  I don’t expect to win the presidency.  If some miracle were to occur and I did, I would want to surround myself with experts in economics, especially in the area of distributism, which any good president should do.  You can’t be a jack of all trades as a president.  You just have to know how to surround yourself with proper advisors.

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Distributism, in my mind, is taking – some would call it anti-capitalism.  Just like in subsidiarity, things happening at a smaller and more local level rather than corporations controlling our economy.  We believe in small business, in family-run businesses.  To make the economic climate where family businesses can flourish – when your family runs a business, you’re invested in it.  When you’re invested in it, the people that own the companies, since they’re either relatives or small organizations, tend to be invested in you and have your best interests at heart.  I’ve worked for major corporations where I was basically nothing but a number.  I’m currently working at a small, family-run car dealership.  I am not a family member there but you’d never know it.  They treat everyone like family at this particular business.  I enjoy working there because I know that they have a vested interest in me succeeding.  That’s the way distributism works at the most primal level.

Mike:  I would say, from what I’ve learned from John, and from reading a lot of Chesterton and Belloc on this, the principle thing – we enunciate this here on this channel sometimes.  I try to remind myself to do it.  I don’t have to operate this startup radio station that is available to the world, and network which can be a home for other channels, I don’t have to operate this and plan my operations based upon the idea that my success will be to drive my competitors from the market, and that my success means that someone else must fail, and that if one of our shows become popular that means someone else gets clobbered or fired, or if we’re blessed with a new advertiser we stole them or got them from someone else.  I proceed from the point of view that if we’re faithful and charitable and humble, God will take care of our needs.  I don’t need to destroy my – it’s not Christian to wish to destroy your competitors.  I think to me that’s the main principle of distributism.  I don’t think you can grow very large as a company with solidarity and subsidiarity if you keep those principles in mind.  One would cancel the other.

Maturen:  I would tend to agree with you, Mike.  There are enough spots in this world for everyone to succeed.  If someone fails and it’s due to a lousy product, lousy service, pricing themselves out of the market, that’s the way the system works.  I have no problem with that.  When someone fails because another corporation is driving them out of business or, like in politics, pulling a lot of dirty tricks and lies and subterfuge.  I think that’s the reason we need to get away from a two-party system.  We have become a monopoly politically.  We need to have more choices.  People will tell me: Mike, I’m wasting my vote if I vote for you.  I say: No, you’re wasting your vote if you vote for someone that you disagree with.  I would rather vote for somebody I agree with and have them lose than vote for somebody I disagree with and have them win.

Juan MunozMike:  That’s because you’re being presented a dichotomy of choices that are false.  There are more than two choices.  I don’t have to take your blue pill or your red pill; I can take the purple one or the brown one or whatever pill I will.  Especially as corrupt as things have become in Washington today, let’s be honest, whether – there are very few states that anyone can live in where their individual vote actually influences the outcome of a presidential election.  There are so many factors involved.  Really, the best we can do is find out, I think, about alternatives, like the American Solidarity Party, like the candidacy of Michael Maturen for president.  By the way, who is vice president?

Maturen:  The vice presidential nominee is Juan Munoz.  He lives in Texas.  A very good man.  I think he’ll make a great vice president.  He’s been a great mouthpiece for our party as well.

Mike:  There are some other candidates that are under the banner of the American Solidarity Party?

Maturen:  Right now, to my knowledge, no.  I know we’re recruiting for folks at the local level.  The main push for 2016 was to get recognized, to get some momentum going, to get some good media like this.  I really appreciate you doing this.  Then after the 2016 election cycle is over, start the push for growing the party at the state level, which, by the way, it is growing geometrically right now.  It just blows our mind.  Just a couple of months ago our Facebook page only had 300 members.  It has exploded.  It’s amazing.  We now have state chapters in, I believe, 33 states across the country.  Those state chapters then will be responsible for working towards ballot access, recruiting local and state candidates for office.  Then in 2018, we hope to have quite a few candidates on the ballots all around the United States, and then again 2020 give another push for the presidency as well as more local and state offices.

Mike:  That’s provided that God didn’t actually do as I think he did when it was revealed that the female that thinks she’s a male and has grown a beard and hairy arms and has now popped a kid out and is breastfeeding it in Massachusetts, I think God took one of those asteroids in between Mars and Jupiter and just kind of nudged it and went: Alright, you need to go that way.  I’m sending you on an intercept course.  This is enough.  Provided we make it to 2020, which some people think that the predictions of Our Lady of Fatima from 1917 might have meant: Alright, you guys have a hundred years.  If we are around, it would be nice to know that there are some thoughtful people out there that still care enough about what survives of the United States to actually attempt to form a political party.


Michael Maturen, who is the candidate for the presidency from the American Solidarity Party, which you can find at – if you search for American Solidarity Party, it’ll be the number one choice in Google.  I know this because I tried it earlier today.  The fact that you guys care enough to actually try and do something about the “two-party system,” the game is rigged against you.  However, as Nigel Farage said at a Trump rally about two weeks ago, if enough decent people have had enough of the corruption and band together to do something about it, it is possible to change it.

Maturen:  That’s exactly right, Mike.  My pledge to both our party members and all the citizens of the United States is, win or lose this election – and I think we all know which way that’s going to go.  My pledge is to work with elected officials from all parties on areas where we agree to push through legislation to get us closer to the ideals that our party believed in.  I really don’t give a rip who gets credit for that legislation.  I don’t care whose name goes on it.  I will work with local and federal officials to push through our agenda in those areas where we can agree.  Baby steps is what we need to do.  You can’t just take a giant leap.

Mike:  I concur.  Michael Maturen, candidate for the presidency from the American Solidarity Party, our first presidential candidate in the history of the Crusade Channel and Veritas Radio Network, so you’ve got a little milestone.  You’ve got a little asterisk next to your name.

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Maturen:  That’s great.  I had another milestone just came out yesterday.  There was a survey of a hundred evangelical leaders.  I got 1.4% of the vote for president in that survey.

Mike:  Very good.  It’s progress, right?

Maturen:  You bet.

Mike:  We’ll have you back on between now and the election.  We’d love to stay in touch with you and do all we can to assist in the development of the ASP.  It’s obvious to me that there are things – we’re not in total solidarity, but none of us are.  It’s obvious to me just from our conversation that there’s much that we agree on.  While we are suffering in this simmering cauldron of diabolical behavior and diabolical influence and action, anytime we can find common ground with people, I think it’s our duty – keeping the principle of solidarity and subsidiarity in mind, I think it’s our duty to try and forge that bond if it’s possible.  Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Maturen:  You as well.

Mike:  You’re a well-spoken gentleman.  You’ve got a lot going for you.  I think the ASP has a lot going for it.  We look forward to talking to you again.  If anyone has a question, yes, the audio of this interview will be made publically available for you guys to use.

Maturen:  And feel free to contact me on Facebook.  I’m listed under Maturen For President.  I’d be happy to answer any questions I can there.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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