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The Road To Independence-The Movie Previews

See Patrick Henry’s famous “Liberty or Death” speech in this new preview. BUY the movie on DVD now for just $17.76

“Taken directly from the Mike Church Film “The Road to Independence-The Movie” this clip features the famous “Liberty or Death” speech of Patrick Henry and the context it was given in, including the opposition of many in attendance. A must see for the modern Patriot, perfect for introducing the Founders to children.”

button_in_cartThe year is 1774 and John Adams, a brash, young lawyer from Boston has just been appointed to the 1st Continental Congress. He is obnoxious and not very well liked until he meets the quiet, pleasant young man named Thomas Jefferson. These men along with Ben Franklin (Emmy Award winner Jay Thomas) George Washington and Patrick Henry discover that 2/3 of American colonists have no interest in their “glorious cause”. Undaunted they embark on one of history’s most famous yet incorrectly told epochs. Director Mike Church takes us on an exciting sometimes hilarious journey down America’s Road to Independence. Click the Wax Seal to order the Road to Independence on DVD today!


The Spirit Of 76′ – Writing & Ratifying The U.S. Constitution


“The Spirit of ’76” tells the real story of the writing and ratification of the U.S. Constitution including the world’s first portrayal of the most important yet untold piece of the story: The Virginia Ratification Convention and the opposition to the Constitution, passionately led by George Mason and patriot Patrick Henry, who made famous the phrase, “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

But you won’t just hear the historic debates that shaped our country’s understanding of the Constitution – you will see them as well, for the FIRST TIME EVER ON FILM. Click the Wax Seal to order the Spirit of ’76 on DVD, today!

 What Lincoln Killed – EPISODE I

What did Thomas Jefferson & James Madison think the Constitution allowed the Federal government to do? When the Feds exceeded that authority what was “the rightful remedy”? Was it nullification? Could the states in the young Union under the Constitution, secede if they wanted to? Did Yankee state politicos of the era counsel that same secession for 6 Northern states? The answers to these and many other questions of early America history are answered in the most entertaining, funny yet historically accurate way ever yet produced in Mike Church’s “What Lincoln Killed-EPISODE I”. Own it on a 3 CD set or instant digital download today!

The Fame Of Our Fathers

button_in_cartDescription – America is still reeling from the debt brought on by war. Unemployment is on the rise, inflation is soaring and a free trade deal that may benefit millions can’t get pushed through Congress. These events should sound familiar to most Americans but not because they happened last year, these events were lived out in the 1780’s and they helped bring about the convention that produced the Constitution.

The Fame of Our Fathers tells the true, exciting stories of the events that led to the federal convention of 1787 and the men who put their stamp on history and earned lasting fame. Many Americans are inspired by the Founders but we never bother to ask: who inspired the Founders. Click the Wax Seal to order the Fame of Our Fathers on 3 CD’s today!


Read what critics are saying about Mike Church’s 1776 Masterpiece – The Road To Independence The Movie:

By Bradley J. Birzer – Our beleaguered republic has been blessed mightily with the artistry, dedication, wit, tenacity, and wisdom of Mike Church. Not only does he ask the questions that need to be asked, he also talks to the best men and women of our age. Anyone who has had the privilege of listening to Mike on his radio show knows hismodus operandi. He listens, he questions, he learns, he responds, and he listens some more. Behind his views stand the greats of western and American civilization.

Most importantly for our society, though, he reminds us—as members of this republic (Latin for “res publica” the “good thing” or the “common good”; not to be confused with the “greater good”)—what it means to be serious and meaningful citizens and what it means to be at our best. I certainly don’t mean to gush too much, but it’s hard not to do so when speaking or writing of Mike. He’s that important to our future—and, byour, I mean the citizens of the present and of the future of America as well as of the West.

In his stunning new animated film, “The Road to Independence,” Mike Church challenges the prevailing notions, such as they are, regarding the American Founding.  Neither Abraham Lincoln nor Ronald Reagan, he notes, were of the Founding generation, but, within the political right especially, these two men greatly have fundamental shaped our understanding of 1776 and 1787.  And, from the opening of the film to its end, Church points out that the prevailing interpretations of the Declaration of Independence—especially if focused on “all men are created equal”—are, at best, misinterpretations of the text and of the historical moment in which the text was written.  He does this through Jefferson’s own words from a 1821 interview.  Indeed, the entire film is based on original research and primary documents, all of which reveal the essence of the Revolution.

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