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Mike’s republican Thought of The Day-Wisdom From A Student of The Founding Fathers

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Mandeville, LA  – Mike’s Collection of his “[r]epublican Thoughts of The Day”. Culled from his continuing study of the Founding Fathers. Please comment here, share this page with friends & family and refresh the page daily for the latest. Why the term [r]epublican? Well, Thomas Jefferson explained this in a letter to John Taylor of Caroline County in 1816. “Were I to assign to this term a precise and definite idea, I would say, purely and simply, it means a government by its citizens in mass, acting directly and personally, according to rules established by the majority; and that every other government is more or less republican, in proportion as it has in its composition more or less of this ingredient of the direct action of the citizens. Such a government is evidently restrained to very narrow limits of space and population. I doubt if it would be practicable beyond the extent of a New England township.” – Thomas Jefferson




16 December

My[r]epublican Thought of The Day. The flirtation with Republican party politics as conservatism’s  delivery system is over. Cue up Bill Paxson from Aliens. “That’s it man, game over, game over. What the bleep are we gonna do now, huh!? What are we gonna do now!?” (WARNING: Video is NSFW) That quasi-fictitious beast called the MSM has taken to lionizing Rep. Paul D. Ryan and his “budget” deal. These writers are heralding Ryan’s “conservative credentials” for previous acts of “conservative” heroism. This means that the ground you are now fighting to “conserve” is a $3.9 Trillion headed Kracken with 43% of the planet’s military spending and 22% of the (former) union of states’ medical spending, we won’t even touch the most profligate paper money scam in history.


Friday the 13th of December

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day: 332 House members voted for the Ryan-Murray trip on the “Last Train To Brokesville” express, enough to override a veto if there ever is such a thing. This annually recurring scam serves as proof that this IS now our, “constitutional form of government.” Can we at least give the Framers a decent burial?

12 December

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought Of The Day. Math is one of those subjects that citizens of Libtardia just cannot afford for any sheople to excel at. Why? Realizing that transferring a $20 bill from my left pocket to my right does not make the person wearing the pants any richer explodes the faulty math of government “work”. Then there’s the part I left out: the IRS agent that replaced the $20 with a $10 during the transfer.

10 December

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought Of The Day. You say “budget deal,” I say “biggest swindle in the history of the universe.” Rep. Paul Ryan reaches historic “budget deal” with Senator Patty Murray that adds new spending AND new revenue but deftly avoids the 800 lb Donkey and 3800 lb Elephant in the room: our impending bankruptcy is a bi-partisan swindle neither side wants to wean its constituents from.

09 December

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought Of The Day. Gingrich is wrong. To equate Patrick Henry-American Statesman with Nelson Mandela is offensive and historically inaccurate. “Give me liberty or give me death” was pronounced in a church against an invading army, Mandela’s embrace of communism and the barbaric practice of “necklacing” would never be endorsed by Henry, Jefferson and most certainly, Washington.

05 December

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day. If “Burkean Conservatism” is practiced as Burke preached, meaning it is relative to the current epoch in time, than Dear Leader Chairman MaObama IS a Burkean Conservative. He is “conserving” and trying to improve the better parts of the most recent century: the Welfare State (over 60% agree that the Feds should provide a “safety net”)

04 December

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought Of The Day. The “Federal” part of the “Federal Government”, properly understood, answers every query you can imagine that begins with “[w]hat do we do about_________” (insert federal agency or program here). It is really no more complex than that but sheople love complexity, it makes them appear to be intelligent.

02 December

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day. (The following is a TRUE story, the names haver been changed to protect the belligerent). It’s amazing how Millennials define the world around them. “Respect” at work means having your small business owner boss, obey YOUR commands and not inconvenience you with questions at the end of a long, arduous day, in padded-seat, air-conditioned comfort, slogging over a Mac Pro terminal for 7 hours.

27 November

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day. I’m all for Hobby Lobby defeating ObamaCare in the SCOTUS, HOWEVER this doesn’t equal a 1st Amendment infraction by the Feds (that’s who the BOR applies to exclusively) unless Hobby Lobby’s religion requires them to provide health insurance policies OR Obama forces them to purchase them with the objectionable contraceptions in the policies, still, I can look the other way for a few minutes!

26 November

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day. Thanksgiving is nearly here as are many acts of sincere devotion and thanks offered to the Great Searcher of Hearts. BUT, how many souls, in the pay and worship of this U.S. government that purports to be a God, will stop to realize that their faux deity, with its Parthenon shaped Temples (see Lincoln Memorial) and recited prayers (see the Pledge) cannot promise them a place in heaven and has failed miserably in its advertised quest to construct heaven on Earth?

25 November

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day. “We like war, we’re a war-like people!” – George Carlin. When Obama usurps Congress’s enumerated powers e.g. waging wars without declarations in Libya and Pakistan “conservatives” in the House & Senate yawn. When he send John Kerry to negotiate a Peace treaty with Iran, which he is authorized to do with their advice and consent, the same war-hawks go super nova and threaten Congressional action. So McCain, Ayotte, Graham et al have their powers backwards.

22 November, 2013

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day. I watched the U.S. Senate finally become what its inertia doomed it to be: a super-national-legislature via the “nuclear option”. There now remains no check on the bi-cameral Congress outside a rabid, salivating public hungry for the fruits of the other 49.9% of the populace. I, also just watched Thor Heyerdahl’s “Kon Tiki” and ponder our solution to this: balsa wood rafts with Gadsden painted sails floating to French Polynesia.

19 November, 2013

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day. We call health insurance “health care” but we don’t call auto or car insurance “ride” or “crib care” do we? That’s because no one cares if “Mayhem” or “Flo” or the GEICO Gekko get free IV’s or CAT scans because they compete for our attention and our dollars so they can buy their own damn health care.

18 November, 2013

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day. Lawyers learn to parse words and use legerdemain to confound their opponents and confuse issues to their advantage. President Obama admitted to Major Garrett that he knew the site was crocked before it launched but his answer, at first glance, seemed to deny any such knowledge. “OK. On the website, I was not informed directly that the website would not be working as — the way it was supposed to.” This means he did know of the problems but was not informed directly, meaning WH czar sending memo TO Obama as recipient, but he was informed indirectly. The result is, Obama was/is lying about, he knew it was ill AND he promoted it anyway. [r]epublican_thought_of_day_icon

14 November, 2013

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day. Our benevolent King, Barrack I, said at his propaganda swill this midday “[t]he [ObamaCare] website is trying to do something websites haven’t had to do. Help folks shop and compare insurance policies.” Pardon me your Excellency, but I seem to recall that there is a site that not only does that but it’s so easy even a caveman (or a peasant) can do it.

Geico-So easy even a caveman can do it

13 November, 2013

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day. In his veto message of the Indigent Insane Act Franklin Pierce gave us all the guidance needed to answer the ridiculous question of whether the US gov’t, through its Standing Army, should deliver aid to the Philippines. “It can not be questioned that if Congress has power to make provision for the indigent insane without the limits of this District it has the same power to provide for the indigent who are not insane, and thus to transfer to the Federal Government the charge of all the poor in all the States. It has the same power to provide hospitals and other local establishments for the care and cure of every species of human infirmity, and thus to assume all that duty of either public philanthropy, or public necessity to the dependent, the orphan, the sick, or the needy which is now discharged by the States themselves or by corporate institutions or private endowments existing under the legislation of the States.”

8 November, 2013

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_icon My [r]epublican Thought of The Day: Obama’s “apology” is just another effort to grow the size of the state. By first purporting to save the uninsured, living so pitifully in those empty refrigerator boxes under America’s overpasses; then by adding to their numbers with the ObamCare minimum coverages. He should apologize for all the insults hurled at those of us who accurately predicted this debacle.

7 November, 2013

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy Republican thought of the day: It has become necessary for conservatives and conservatism to be at the disposal of liberals and liberalism. Conservatives are the antiseptic to the infection that is liberalism’s desire to establish utopia on Earth without going through God to do so.  I thank God  for blessing me with the challenge of helping those liberals out. Who do you think liberals thank?

Tuesday, 5 Nov, 2013

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican thought of the day: Great News McCauliffe will NOT win Appomattox Co, VA! The last time a carpet bagging Yank was surrendered to at Appomattox, VA, the South, Federalism and virtue in civic affairs were the spoils the South was subjugated to. How else can we explain Miley Cyrus and Honey Boo-Boo?

Monday, 4 Nov, 2013

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_icon My [r]epublican thought of the day: If American Colonists were inspired to secede from Britain by “Common Sense” in 1776, what is it inspiring Northern Coloradans to secede from the tyranny of King Hickenlooper III? I doubt it’s taxes on Tea or slaves & plantations so how will the Southern Poverty Law Center & Rachel Maddow deal with secession without racism!? Some of us can’t wait to see…

Order your copy of Mike's "Patrick Henry-American Statesman" book today!
Order your copy of Mike’s “Patrick Henry-American Statesman” book today!


Friday, 1 Nov, 2013

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Though Of The Day: If the NSA were spying on Planned Parenthood clinics the way it is claimed to have spied on The Vatican the media outrage would lead to marches on the mall and “occupations” but all I hear is crickets chirping. It’s instructional to learn who Leviathan views as its enemies: Pope Francis and You.

Thursday, Oct 31, 2013

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought Of The Day. Imploring today’s Jacobin-like “conservatives” to hone their manners, read Livvy or Cicero and ignite the pursuit of civic virtue provokes profanity-laced reactions that you would expect from “liberals”. One should read the tale of Thomas Paine’s nearly fatal effort to convince the original Jacobins of France with similar sentiments.

Wednesday, Oct 30, 2013

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought Of The Day. Imploring today’s Jacobin-like “conservatives” to hone their manners, read Livvy or Cicero and ignite the pursuit of civic virtue provokes profanity-laced reactions that you would expect from “liberals”. One should read the tale of Thomas Paine’s nearly fatal effort to convince the original Jacobins of France with similar sentiments.

Tuesday Oct 29, 2013

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day. Obama knew, yet denied he knew, that the ACA was going to cause many people to lose their private health insurance. The “conservatives” reaction has been swift and predominantly misplaced. The Truth has been betrayed. Lying to Congress is an impeachment offense, lying to the public hurts you with Gallup but helps you with Jimmy Kimmel. Do you not see the problem?

Monday Oct 28, 2013

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican thought of the day. Nov 21, 2014 is Federal, RFFS day, the day the ReFounding Fathers Societies will unite together for one common cause: [r]epublicanism! If you have wondered “what do, I do” we will answer that question. If you have wondered “how will I do it?” we will answer that. Your IN-PERSON attendance (in your chapter) is REQUIRED. Details to follow…. to Leviathans we pledge “non serverum”!      


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