Mike's Response to Mark Levin's Facebook Sniping (with FACTS omg)

todayAugust 24, 2011

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My response to Mr. Mark Levin in its entirety:

I especially love this unbelievable statement from Mr. Levins post

“Moreover, Hunter’s hate for Abraham Lincoln is well known, and it is shared by the rest of Paul’s inner circle. Hunter, who calls himself “the Southern Avenger,” longs for the good old days of pre-Civil War America — which is not the same as a constitutional America, mind you”.


Not the same as Constitutional America!? Well pray tell brother Levin, where may we time warp to find the dividing line in time?! You must mean the document written in 1787 and ratified in 1788 (when New Hampshire made the 9th state, with New York to follow)? You mean the Constitution that Patrick Henry, George Mason and – future hero of Jeffrey Lord- James Monroe OPPOSED ratification of because it needed those 1st Ten Amendments? You mean the Constitution before heroic “conservatives” like John Marshall, Daniel Webster and Joseph Story got a hold of it and began the centuries long process of undoing the American Revolution?

Of course the main irony of all this is that there is no member of Congress over the past half century who has taken his vow to Levins Constitution, more seriously, devoutly and with absolute fidelity as Ron Paul, whose kookines as claimed by Jeffrey Lord, then backed up by Mark Levin started this discussion.

What Levin means to say is he prefers the “Construction and Consolidated America-Constitution”, you know where SCOTUS judges are free to invent all manner of teleocratic “purposes” of the Document like abortion rights, gay marriages, “birthright citizenship”, outright control and subsidy of agriculture by the Federal Leviathan and of course the heroic ripping of prayer sheets from public school kids hands. I sure love the new constitutional America, dont you?

The “good ole days” as Mr. Levin calls them preserved the States as sovereign political entities-just as they started in 1776 in what I guess, in Levin’s honor we shall henceforth call “Pre-Constitutional” America, replete with its gulags, unenlightened, knuckle-dragging, hick hayseed neanderthals with last names like Henry, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor and Monroe. You know that agrarian, hard money civilization that Andrew Jackson defended with his life (in 1814) and his Presidency. You know the [not} constitutional America that the Frenchman, recently turned imbecile, Alexis DeToqueville wrote so glowingly about in, what was that book called? Oh I remember, [Tyranny with no Liberty or] Democracy In [Pre-Constitution] America.

Gosh, what were Jack and I thinking!? Defending and aspiring for the [not] constitutional America. I think I see the error of my ways (too bad Pat Henry isnt around to repent!) Mr. Levin and when I step into my AAA league announcers box tomorrow morning, I will begin the hard work of becoming ideologically conservative just like you and Jeffrey Lord. Thanks for the air-check of my work and impassioned critique.

Or how about this:

Debate me Mr. Levin, On-Air, like a gentlemen, it’ll make great radio (for minor league audiences at that!). You can choose the moderator and the location. I’ll even be so gracious as to let you choose the topic in American history.

Yours in Pre-Constitutional Delusion,

Mike minor league Church

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Written by: TheKingDude

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