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Great Job!

Mike W.

Well done sir. You touched on a belief that I have held for years. That is, the breakdown of the family, fathers failing to fulfill their duties to there wives, children, and the general emasculation of men as a whole leads to the loss of Liberty. Government has filled the void left by irresponsible men. Communities represent the values of the families that comprise them. As such, why would anyone be surprised at the degradation, hopelessness, and despair in our communities today?

“To secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” summarizes our responsibilities as citizens. Either the people step up or the government will step in.

A Patriot in the struggle for Freedom. Mike W.


Great speech Mike, you never disappoint! Those who fear your use of God, in your speeches, will wish they they would not have one day, when they are judged! Your knowledge of the founders, [r]epublicanism, and tradition never cease to amaze me, you always dazzle my ears when you address a crowd! -In Liberty, Nick


Nick, thanks for the compliments especially since this talk was totally ad lib off a 5 point “checklist” I scribbled on a hotel notepad during the cab ride over. I would like to give this talk (and my “Young Founders”) in person in every state that wants to host an event!

Wil Shrader Jr.

I am perfectly juxtaposing this sweet-smelling coffee below their nostrils but they bate their breath lest the odor please them!


You Mr.Church are a God send. I thank so very much for helping dig my head out of the Quicksand I was in. For a long time I never even thought about Mr. Ron Paul but, then I watched him speak and then I knew he was telling me “John do you not see what these minions are doing in the name of Progress”. With your help on your video’s and listening to you every morning as much as I possibly can i through off those scales that blinded me. Mike you just keep doing what you do and I will do what I do and that is spreading that “little r” republicanism.


Good to hear that, keep spreading the faith with courtesy and conviction, remember if we cannot change our neighbors minds how can we possibly change a nation’s?


Keep promoting these lil speeches of mine and I will keep making them You may have noticed I am trying to balance the cultural with the political and even some ecclesiastical (I have received several negative complaints over bringing God up in my public speaking.).

Anderw Hopping

Good speach Mike I am a load time fan love what you are doing keep it up.

Bud Myers

Everyone needs to hear this speech, Mike! Great job putting your children on the path to Heaven.

cindy lucas

Thanks for giving us the truth Mike.

Doug Adams

Awsome speech Mike.


Good speech Mr. Church,

I’m ready to do my part as a reformed decepticon. I make it a point to ask my fellow travelers:
“If you think we live in a free country ask your self are we free, or do we have Liberty.”
What is the difference?
A prisoner has the freedom of his cell, but no Liberty to live as he wishes.

May you chains sit lightly upon you…

I recently saw great video of a Continuing Legal Education Presentation made to the Alabama Young Lawyers’ Annual Meeting in San Destin, Florida on May 18, 2012 by Joseph S. Johnston, Circuit Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit, State of Alabama. The title is “Who Killed The Bill Of Rights”.

By coincidence I’m also reading a book called The Coming American Dictatorship and it is very good. It was originally published as separate articles in Backwoods Home Magazine during 2000-2001. The author talks about Executive Orders, jury nullification, and infringement of rights in general and how we have been setting ourselves up for a future president to do whatever he feels like doing. When I read that I suddenly heard Obumma in the background saying he “can’t wait for Congress to act” and Rahm Emmanuel saying “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

Thank God I took the red pill sometime ago and I’m ready to pass on the vaccine to others.

If you think we live in a free country ask your self are we free, or do we have Liberty. A prisoner has the freedom of his cell, but no Liberty to live as he wishes.

Wil Shrader Jr.

“May the chains of government sit lightly upon you.” This makes a good valediction.



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