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 What Is The Military Actually Producing?

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “You people don’t want smaller government.  You’re frauds.  You cannot bring yourself to admit that the military is part of the State.  Hell, there are entire volumes of books out there warning us about this, about how the military becomes part of the State.  It becomes an inextricable part of the State.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Next up on the Mike Church Show on the Sirius XM Patriot Channel, hello, Chuck.  How you doing?

Caller Chuck:  Well, Mr. Church, I’ve always really loved your show.  This morning you kind of knocked me back a few feet.  Your hour-long diatribe pointing out the younger enlisted members of our military are now suckling off the teat of the government, I think that’s despicable, Mike.  If anybody deserves assistance, it’s the unmarried service member trying to raise children for what the government pays them.  And yes, they get subsidized housing and educational benefits.  But you know what, they’re producing something.

Mike:  What are they producing?

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Caller Chuck:  Well, they’re producing a military, Sir, that in fact has kept us free for the last, oh, 200 and how many years.

Mike:  Right, Chuck.  Who’s going to invade us, Chuck?  And by the way, you missed the entire point of the dialogue, not diatribe.  You know what, Chuck, I don’t need to explain myself to you, sir.  I said four times during the conversation: Please do not misunderstand, this is not about the enlisted person.  This is about the State manipulating the enlisted person.  Apparently you didn’t hear that part.

Caller Chuck:  No, sir, I did.

Mike:  Then what’s the problem?

Caller Chuck:  Mike, you also went on to say that all that was doing was assuring a perpetuation, that when these service members get out of the service, they’re going to continue to be recipients of the government handouts.  That is not the case at all, sir.

Mike:  Actually, Allen Mendenhall, Jr. said that.  I read what Mr. Mendenhall said.  I agree with him.  I didn’t say that per se.  The evidence actually suggests, Chuck, that you’re wrong.  What Mendenhall was saying is that — certainly not all.  There are two classes of people here.  There is the class of individual that is encouraged to and is then lured into serving in the military, not for military purposes but for military-suicides-STUDYwhat he or she may gain out of the deal.  Then there is the patriot.  There’s the kid that’s going off to the Citadel.  There’s the kid that’s going off to VMI.  There’s the kid that’s going to the Naval Academy.  There’s the kid that’s going off to West Point.  There’s the kid that actually wants to become a citizen soldier and wants to be very good at it, might even want to be an officer someday.  There are two classes of people here.  What Mendenhall was talking about, and what I was referring to, is the class of people — and I don’t fault these people for it, which is why I said it’s not about them.  Since you want to make it about them, I’ll deal with it.  What I was talking about was the fact that the State is manipulating these people.  I don’t think that that’s even debatable.

Caller Chuck:  Well, Mike, see, it’s just the vast majority of the people, and I know many, many veterans that have left the service, have got out and become very productive members of society.  I work for fairly low wages.  I drive a truck.  But you know what?  I don’t take a damn penny from the government.

Mike:  Again, you’re taking what I said that was explained before I even said it as not being a blanket accusation, as a blanket accusation.  It’s not and it wasn’t intended to be.

Caller Chuck:  I just felt that was led towards the side of being kind of a cheap shot.  The people that are out here that served, they believe in this country.  They believe in America.  Most of them are constitutionalists.  There are very few veterans that are on the left side.

Mike:  If you’re a constitutionalist, you don’t believe in a standing army.

Caller Chuck:  Well, sir, I believe that there has been necessity for an army.  I think history has shown us there has been a necessity.

Mike:  Like in World War I where we destroyed the Habsburg Empire, which ultimately led to World War II?  If we don’t let Wilson call up a standing army, send them over to meddle in the affairs of France, Germany and England, there never will be a World War II, there probably won’t be a Hitler, and there probably won’t be a Weimar Republic.  To say that they have always been used judicially is just wrong.  Look at the subjugation of the Philippines.  We sent American soldiers over to the Philippines and threw Filipinos in their own land into concentration camps, for crying out loud.  That’s not the fault of the soldier that did that.  That’s the fault of the Senate and the Congress that approved the measure, declared the war, and then the president that executed.  You can’t say that the standing army has always been and done and has been serving mankind and all the needs of mankind and protecting us.  We didn’t need to be protected from people in the Philippines.

Caller Chuck:  Well, sir, but you’ve just made my point.  It was not the point of the soldier.

Mike:  That’s right.  I never said it was, Chuck.

Caller Chuck:  It is the soldier that endures absolutely the worst and horrendous lifestyle when called upon to serve.  He doesn’t want war.  He wants peace.  He wants to be home with his wife and his children.

Mike:  I’m sure he does.

Caller Chuck:  He does what’s called of him.  That sacrifice should not go unrecognized and there should be no issue with the subsidizing of our lower enlisted folks getting anything.

Mike:  All right, Chuck, I hear you.  I think you took it the wrong way.  I think you’re taking it personally.  Before I even said it, and three times during what we talked about, I tried to sooth the blow.  You know what this is illustrative of, folks?  You people don’t want smaller government.  You’re frauds.  You cannot bring yourself to admit that the military is part of the State.  Hell, there are entire volumes of books out there warning us about this, about how the military becomes part of the State.  It becomes an inextricable part of the State.  Then you have people like Chuck who — and God bless you, Chuck, sounds like you’re a vet; thank you very much — who attach patriotism to growing the State.


You have to think about that for just a moment.  You attach patriotism to the perpetual growth of the State.  Won’t one extinguish the other?  That’s why you’re playing with fire here.  I think that some of you that share Chuck’s opinions and think that I was off base on that discussion last hour, which started with the pathetic state of affairs with too many young, enlisted people who are now having to go and expand what it is that the State is giving them for their military enlistment and are now on food stamps, according to CBS News and other news organizations, and the number is increasing.  This is what started the discussion here.

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If you’re not able to separate the two, I would just suggest you spend any amount of time reading, catching up with 18th, 19th, and early 20th century statesmen and what they thought about the dangers of standing armies and of the military becoming an inextricable and almost part of the fabric of the State, and a large part of the fabric, almost a quarter of the fabric.  You’ve got a problem.  You have a major problem.  You have a problem that when it happens in other countries, what do we do?  We start pointing fingers and going: Hey, look at the rise of the military in that country.  Oh, but that’s because those guys in that military, they don’t love their families, they don’t have some constitution or set of laws that they pledge an oath to, right?  They don’t think they’re patriots, right, the guys marching lockstep with the high boots in the North Korean Army?  [mocking] “Yeah, well, Mike, they’re slaves.”

Whatever the case may be, there are no other armed forces on the face of the planet that have any of the things that they love that they go off to wars very grudgingly to protect.  We’re the only ones that do that.  That’s another part of the hubris and arrogance.  That’s how you become $17.8 trillion in the hole, $232 trillion in unfunded liabilities, which, by the bye, substantial portions of that are due to promises that were made to people that went off to go fight ill-advised wars of aggression.  There is a problem.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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