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Milquetoast Mitt Emerges On Top The Leaderboard but is it too late!?

todayOctober 8, 2012 1 1

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Milquetoast Mitt offers the “moderate” voting public a choice and the conservative voting public a lot of hot air, either way, he will extend most of the tyranny of Obama should he win

Gottfried: What is this “conservatism” of which you speak and why does it differ from “liberalism” of which you claim to hate?

I wonder if the polls that many claimed “were rigged” which are now moving Romney’s way are still “rigged” as Milquetoast Mitt actually LEADS Obama  by 2 points!

Get the nuns on the bus! How libs want to focus the “campaign” on “morality” and use pro-choice nuns to do it-SAD

The Catholic Church seems to think it can solve its decaying popularity but becoming more hip and progressive which would make the Catholic Church nothing more than a more formal version of the growing “Church” of/for/by “The King” & co.

Then there are other efforts to RESTORE what has been lost (I am a supporter of these efforts)

TIC explores the Dark, Satanic Mills of Mis-Education which has its roots wayyyyy back in the 16th century and continues its slide to anarchy & irrelevance

VIDEO: A charming little video clip that shows what happens when arrogant yuppies throw down on lethargic senior citizens

Rod Dreher: Having dinner with French elites in 1817 showed what miserable lot the Europeans had become and erases some of the mystery of the ultra-deadly 2oth century’s European wars

Larison: Romney is not and will not be a transitory figure for the GOP like Bubba Clinton was to the Dumbocrats, for 1 thing, the GOP doesn’t think they need to change anything from the Bush years

GE CEO Jack Welch draws out Robert “Liar Liar” Gibbs as the miraculous September UE report pegs the UE rate at a shocking 7.8% (I predicted it will be 7.5% by Oct-Shazam! who knew!?)

Memo to David Webb: That “vassal entity”, the Swiss, are actually GROWING their army as they believe a collapse of some sort is imminent for the EU states

Hmmm, looks like there actually IS a difference between grass fed beef and federally mandated, corn and soy fed beef

Would the “vote or die” or “you must vote, it is your scared American duty” crowd care if we all voted for the Socialist Party candidate (not Obama)

Ralph Raico’s history lessons from Woodrow Wilson’s drive to get the U.S. involved in WWI while assisting the British to violate treaties made to prevent the same

Mark Steyn: Mitt’s war against Big Bird funding by the Chinese doesn’t go far enough i.e. the Sesamization of the culture is bad no matter WHO funds it


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Written by: TheKingDude

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Jim Battarbee

As we witness almost every day on your show, many people cannot begin to understand the concept’s of liberty and political freedom. “But, where would the roads come from if the government didn’t build them?…”, as the next generation cannot understand how hospitals could come to be without government.
Many that love freedom can’t stand Mike, because they desire what they have not earned, yet do not want to pay for what others now claim to need. I believe Mitt is looking for a balance that will attract capitalist voters like me, as well the more left leaning conservitaves. It seems that Obama did the same thing with the soft headed socialists, communists and Muslims.
I can only hope that we are voteing for a fixer, that will control as he disolves what the Fed has no right to do.
I cannot thank Mike enough for his valued work to inform and educate the masses! When and if we move to the right, it will be possible fix ALL that is wrong.

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