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There Is No Distinction Between Sexes

Jeff Wallace's In God We Trusted Book-Signed by the author
Jeff Wallace’s In God We Trusted Book-Signed by the author

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript In other words, if you’ve got a bunch of girls that think they’re girls and they want to play high school football and they’re five foot, four and weigh 104 pounds, Bubba, who’s six foot, four and weighs 327 can tackle said girl and drive her into the ground like he would Tyrone, the all-star running back, or Fred, the all-star wide receiver, or whatever the case may be.  No rules.  No distinctions here.  These people are insane.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  This is in today’s Pile of Prep, the top story:


Minnesotans are currently facing a fast and furious onslaught by the transgender lobby, which seems to be dictating policy to the Minnesota State High School League. The MSHSL decides policy for all extracurricular activities in public, private, religious, and home schools. It’s currently in the process of outlawing all sex distinctions in high-school sports. On December 4, it plans to install an athletic policy granting transgender students the choice to play on either boys’ or girls’ teams.

[end reading]

Mike:  Folks, this is insanity here.  This is logical.  Who are the people in Minnesota to tell their children to pick a gender?  What kind of despotism would we live under if we asked children that were born girls to play girl sports and children that are born boys to play boy sports?  What kind of a tyranny would that be, mister anarchist? 


[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

In this scheme, there would be no accounting for sex differences in high school sports on the field or in locker rooms . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  By the way, you‘ll find this story at a nifty little blog that I found here recently.  I don’t agree with all the content on it, but there is some good content.  It’s called  This piece is written by Stella Morabito.  If you scroll down in the piece, you’ll find this full-page ad that was in the St. Paul Star Tribune, I believe.  I’m going to ready you the ad.  Go to today’s Pile of Prep at and you can see it for yourself.  Seeing is believing in this instance.


Tabled! until December 2014

This Policy Can Be Stopped

Call MSHSL Board Members Now!

[end reading]

Mike:  That’s an orange sign at the top of the ad.  We’re looking at a shower stall basically, with the faucet at the top and the knobs to adjust the water in the middle.  Here’s what it says written on the wall in the shower stall. 


A male wants to shower beside your 14-year-old daughter. Are YOU ok with that?

On October 1st and 2nd, this week, the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) will consider their draft proposal requiring that transgendered athletes be allowed to participate in high school athletics according to their gender choice, rather than the gender listed on their birth certificate. [Mike: You don’t get a choice in gender. There is no choice! Good Heavens!]

Under version of this policy:

– Transgender males are allowed to play on girls’ sports teams and transgender girls on boys’ teams.

– Biological males might be allowed to shower, dress and share hotel accommodations with biological girls and vice versa.

– Privacy accommodations must be available upon request for transgender athletes; however, there is no privacy accommodation required for all other students.

– No safety provisions are included for physical disparities.

[end reading]

Mike:  In other words, if you’ve got a bunch of girls that think they’re girls and they want to play high school football and they’re five foot, four and weigh 104 pounds, Bubba, who’s six foot, four and weighs 327 can tackle said girl and drive her into the ground like he would Tyrone, the all-star running back, or Fred, the all-star wide receiver, or whatever the case may be.  No rules.  No distinctions here.  These people are insane.  But hey, they’re Minnesotans.  What do you expect from the state that gave us Amy Klobuchar?  What do you expect from the state that gave us Al Franken? 

Paul:  Or Jesse “The Body” Ventura?

Mike:  Well, Jesse Ventura, we can call him St. Jesse when compared to these lunatics.  The inmates are running the asylum.  I just have to ask the question, for coed_locker_roomyou people that are educators in Minnesota, how many transgendered kids are you dealing with here?  What is this, another epidemic?  First we had to do these things to accommodate homosexuals, all eight of them. People run around and say [mocking] “Well, they’re a significant number.”  No, they’re not.  There are new surveys out.  Not even two percent — this is wishful thinking to get to two percent.  How many transgendered, confused kids who need parental supervision and maybe need to be told: No, you’re a boy.  [mocking] “It would mess with his mind.  He would grow up all twisted and confused.”  No, he would grow up as a boy. 

Here’s a suggestion: Instead of having the transgendered kids playing with one another and playing with members of their own sex pretending they’re transgendered — of course, no horndog 14-year-old in the full bloom of his manhood is not going to conceive of the idea, [mocking] “Hello, my name was Tyrone.  Call me Terese today.  I want to be a girl.  Can I play on the girls’ team?  Can I shower with the girls?  No, no, I’m not going to look.”  The adults are supposed to say no.  You’re not supposed to say yes.  These are children.  This is the point of being a parent.  This is the point of being a school board member, to tell the inmates no.  Children are inmates in your own public asylums.  That’s what a public school is, it’s an asylum of sorts.  You run the asylum.  Tell them no.

Of course, when we have children having sex with teachers, and we have male parents saying “That’s my boy,” do we really have the right to condemn transgender kids from being created out of this insanity?  What kind of an example, on the other side of the coin, have the heterosexual members of the school communities set, the Debra Lafaves?   There’s a case in New Orleans, Louisiana of a boy having a romp with not one but two teachers at the same time, two teachers at the same time.  Yes, I know some of you are thinking of the movie Office Space.  “Lawrence, what would you do if you had a million dollars?” — “I’d tell you what I’d do, man, two chicks at the same time.”  It was a joke.  That’s a movie, a bad one at that.

I’m reading to you from the advertisement that was bought in the newspaper by concerned parents that are saying: What is wrong with you?  What are you people doing?  Reading a little bit more of the story we have from Stella Morabito:


Minnesota is a major trigger point for this policy’s application across the nation. If you haven’t noticed, the trans agenda is being pushed throughout the nation in a media shock-and-awe style intended to have folks get with the program, just like the proverbial teenager who says: “Well, everybody else is going along with it.” For the moment, on paper there will still be the illusion of male and female teams under this police . . . . except that anybody claiming to be transgender can play on either the boys team or the girls team. In other words, there will not really be boys’ teams or girls’ teams.

[end reading]

Mike:  That’s the tragedy of this.  What about the kids that aren’t transgendered?  What about the 99.9 percent of those children who aren’t weird, who aren’t confused, who haven’t bought into this “I can choose my gender.”  No, you can’t.  Why not?  Because God says so, that’s why.  It’s a pretty good reason.  What about the rights of all the people that are not of this sexual deviance?  That’s the other part about this.  To say you’re transgendered, you want to switch sex roles for what purpose?  We’re talking about 14-year-olds again. 


For what purpose?  Sex, ultimately.  In the world that we have here today where everyone is equal and everyone’s the same whether you’re male or female and we have to have equality, you already have equality whether you’re male or female. 

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Get your AUTOGRAPHED copy In the Founders Tradin’ Post Today!

What could you possibly — why would you want to acknowledge that you are of a sex that you weren’t biologically born into?  To have sex, yes, to have sex, to have your sex officially condoned and endorsed by the Minnesota State High School League.

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Folks, as a great priest that I listen to often says, this is bunco.  This is weirdo.  This is out of line, totally out of any teaching from any person of any laity or parsonage whatsoever.  Take your kids out of these schools.  They also want homeschool kids — I’m just curious how a homeschool — if you’re homeschooling, I doubt that there are any transgendered kids in any homeschool environment, I doubt very seriously.  [mocking] “Well, Joey was Joey yesterday.  Now he’s Jan and he wants to play with Susan.”  They say it applies to homeschool kids, too.  How, under what circumstance?  But we need to have sex ed in the schools.  Remember back in the ‘80s?  Nothing will ever happen like you Christian whackos are talking about.  This is not an entry-level drug.  This isn’t an entry-level issue.  It will never escalate beyond simple birds and bees, eggs and sperm.  No, we’re never going to go anywhere beyond that.  Right.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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