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Monday-Marjorie Taylor Greene’s National Divorce Is An Idea Whose Time Has Finally Come

todayFebruary 27, 2023 2

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HEADLINE: A ‘National Divorce’ Is An Understandable Desire But A Recipe For Disaster by Nathaniel Blake

  • This would take way too much effort from Americans.
  • We are lazy there is no way this would work on a National level.
  • Congress hasn’t given a declaration of war but here we are.
  • Either you send it out to the states as an amendment to the Constitution or it doesn’t count.
  • Why did the war powers fall to Congress?
  • Because you would have congress members held responsible by their constituents for spending or going to war.
  • They would be ANSWERABLE to their constituents. 
  • There is NO ONE accountable for this war in Ukraine which is why we continue to send money to Ukraine. 
  • Regional Trade – 
  • The moral and cultural divisions in our nation are probably as deep as those preceding the Civil War. There is a multitude of polling and punditry on our polarization, but it can perhaps be best summed up by noting that we can’t even agree on what a woman is — the Biden administration, along with many blue states, is literally putting male criminals in women’s prisons on the theory that trans women are women, full stop. This level of disagreement, which is mirrored on many other issues, does not lend itself to easy coexistence or political comity.
  • NO Nathaniel you are wrong.
  • Why did our capital end up on the coast and not in the center of the country?
  • I actually think the right likes big government.
  • The left doesn’t need government anymore b/c it has Big Tech on their side.
  • There is NO NEED for them to attempt to use government.
  • Change the conversation from war and conflict to beneficial things that would come about.
  • It doesn’t require wars but it will require charity.
  • There is no debate for abortion.
  • A debate implies there are 2 equal answers.
  • There isn’t with respects to abortion. 
  • God said we shouldn’t kill, that’s good enough for me!
  • If our nation has to include California then I don’t want to live in that nation.
  • What if our nation includes NYC and VT?
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