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Monday New Christendom Daily Part 1-FTX/SFB Scandal Is Tied To The Big Tech PedoGrooming I’ve Been Warning About

todayNovember 28, 2022 3

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HEADLINE: Sam Bankman-Fried still speaking at events and the community is furious by Brayden Lindrea 

  • Why are these people still speaking at this event?

FBI in McDonald’s show, every single one of them used the phrase “Deprive them of their Liberties”.

  • If you’re not familiar with EA, you can read through the material on the website before realizing that it’s just one more Geek Cult that young intellectuals of arrested development who yearn for a return to deep dorm room conversation by providing them with a largely pre-baked socially acceptable set of virtue signals that conveniently span a full narcissistic mask. And, like most cults, it seeks out that for which its target audience aspires while simultaneously demeaning the journey: “Hey, feckless white boy, this is the path to socializing with pretty women.”
  • Caroline Ellison – Is this a fully mature CEO of a multi-billion dollar quant something or other crypto-Ponzi centerpiece, or the sexualized twelve-year-old daughter of one of the world’s most powerful university professors? 
  • There is a strange paradox among the whiz-kids-turned-finance-power-players muddying the story of FTX-A, and it needs to be untangled. Were these kids sloppy-stupid while organizing these Ponzi-like entities that would blow up under such a wide array of circumstances?
  • That something seems incongruous about this story reveals a disturbing reality: the real security behind this whole operation was either a set of completing damning shared secrets, mafia security, or both.
  • So in other words they were relying on heavies.

HEADLINE: Big Media Implodes: The Intercept And Other Media Engulfed By Scandal: FTX Was Giving Millions To Outlets Including The Intercept, ProPublica, VOX. Semafor, Vanity Fair, And More by Celia Farber 

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