The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Monday New Christendom Daily- The CRUSADE Channel’s 2023 Begins With A Big Announcement

BIG Crusade Channel Announcement – 

  • Mike from Restoring the Faith in Media is coming aboard!
  • Mike Parrott from RTF will host a show called Parrott Talk.
  • Daily 1 hour show right after Lent.
  • The Rundown runs 2 hours WITH video and will also be offered. 
  • The Crusade Channel is going to join forces.
  • Wall-street Banker, Military Officer, Hollywood Producer – I’ve had some distinct changes in career and this one is going to be beautiful.
  • The Roman Catholics stood up – this is what we do – people don’t realize when Bishop Sheen was doing all the TV shows and railed against Communism…it is HERE now.
  • I was married to the idea that we have to have LIVE radio station w/ LIVE shows, that idea is dead.
  • We just want GREAT shows and GREAT content w/ the ability to stream easily for our listeners. 
  • We are always defending after we get attacked.
  • BOOK RECOMMENDATION – Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not by Michael Hoffman
  • Dioceses regularly lends to parishes. 
  • Back in the day the Usurious person was treated as a suicide death. 
  • They didn’t get the Requiem Mass.
  • Eating away of wealth, it is disordered and evil.
  • Restoring the Faith in Media – I grew up to the sound of the Golden Voice – Rush Limbaugh, my religion was the GOP party at the time. I thought it was the source and summit of the time. I had a radical conversion to the Catholic faith 16 years ago, I started to become skeptical to today’s political parties and their shenanigans. I had an epiphany that media should be used for the HIGHER good. Better gun laws and putting more Republicans in seats is NOT what is going to save us.
  • There were 4 of us that launched RTF and I am the last man standing. 
  • Media is tough work.
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