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Veritas et Sapientia“By the very token by which we conclude that there is nothing in it for us, we notice that there is plenty in it for them: the power that comes from keeping Americans “pseudo-Science-whipped” into obedience to the ruling class; and the money, lots of it, that this power continues to funnel away from the likes of us to the likes of them.” – Angelo Codevilla, Make War, Get War

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THE KINGDUDE’S RUNDOWN – Headline’s and The King’s Commentary

The 9/11 Attacks Ultimately Proved A Lesser Threat To America Than The Totalitarian Left – John Daniel Davidson is at least partly correct in this piece but here’s the rub: he needs to add the term “demonic” to “the left” to make it complete!

AR-15s Are Why Leftists Can’t Commit Taliban Atrocities Here – The Australians and New Zealanders have all been disarmed and cannot stop their CoronaDoom™ tyranny, thanks to over 650 million weapons in private hands in the U.S., we can.

White House Signals New COVID-19 Measures Coming for People Who Are Unvaccinated – Peppermint Psaki makes a coy threat against those of us who refuse the FrankenJab™, that Regime Leader Biden is coming for us.

Stop Pretending the COVID Jab is Morally Equivalent to Other Meds – If you have given into the FrankenJab YOU are the reason your sister just quit her nursing gig over a jab mandate and your nephew just got kicked out of college for the same. That’s on YOU.

The Left Has Made It Perfectly Clear: There Are No Civilians In The Fight For Life, And We Must All Speak Up Now – This fits right in with today’s show theme “We Are All Vendee Now”. Christopher Bedford also says we better be ready for the consequences of standing for life regardless of consequences.

How The Amazon Web Hosting Crackdown Threatens Patreon, Substack, And You – Joy Pullman on the threat that Amazon poses to millions of content providers who think they are “safe” on Patreon and Substack (like Alex Berenson).

MUST READ ESSAY! mRNA Vaxx, Eugenics And Transhumanism

Louisiana Group of Doctors & Nurses Threatens Class Action Suit Against “Our Lady” of Ochsner Lafayette Hospital!

5 Months Pregnant, I Face Losing My Job And Health Care For Choosing Not To Get A COVID-19 Injection – This Woman Has Is Being Forced To Choose Twixt Her Job With The State of Oregon Or Becoming A Guinea Pig For The FrankenJab™, What Would You Do?

Brief Notes On Our Expertocracy – W.M. Briggs, Just Collecting & Posting Insanity From our Ruling Elites

‘We Sent a Terrible Message’: Scientists Say Biden Jumped the Gun With Vaccine Booster Plan – FrankenJab™ Tyrants Everywhere Are Alarmed of The Backlash Building After regime Leader Biden’s Demand That The Vaxxed Hordes Start Lining Up For Booster Jabs

Must Watch Video “The New Normal” – You Must Watch This Video Because It Recounts The Entire Saga of The CoronaHoax™ & What The Cult of Death Oligarchs Intend To Do With It: End “Useless” Humans!

FLASHBACK VIDEO – Ash Wednesday With Brother Andre Marie & The KingDUde’s Wisdom Wednesday From 2020

Pitcher of The Day (Because People Like ‘Em Pitchers!)

Seen at Hawaii’s “Freedom rally” against CoronaDoom lockdowns

The CoronaDoom™’s Executioners

Have you had someone say something similar to this to you?

A few weeks ago, three friends on Facebook told me that they wished for my death.

One of them I didn’t really know. He freaked out when I calmly suggested there were viable treatment options for those with Covid. He responded: “Stay out of my life!! I hope you get Covid and die!”

The other two friends were people I knew in college 45 years ago, one was my freshman year roommate, and the other guy introduced me to my first wife. He suggested that I prove Darwin’s theory and perish from the virus, the other just basically said I deserved what was coming as a selfish unvaccinated science-denier.

Covid’s willing executioners.

Most will dismiss this as emotional, passive aggressive venting but what’s really going on is The Cult of Death has moved from abortuariums and contraception sales counters to social media i.e these death wishes are as sincere as the same people’s, “til death do us part, defense of the baby killing industry.

Biden Declares War on 17 States Making Official What Was Already DeFacto

Regime Leader Biden has finally done it, he declared war on 17 state’s governors and threatened to “move them out of the way” if they don’t relay my order to “vaccinate” every living adult soul in their states. Seriously. Of, and he’s “losing his patience”, too. You can watch this history making fiasco here.

George Washington Did NOT Order The Vaccination of “The Entire Continental Army”

From my Twittah…

And this was in response to this:

WATCH: An Ethics Professor Straightens Out Her College On What Ethics Truly Are

This woman is a heroine where heroes are needed: in the University where denial of reality and destruction of all history and sacred tradition have become the “education”. This video should be shared until YouBoob has to take it down because, well you know, “truth”.

Mr. President, It’s Time To Make ‘Muricah Great Again & That Can’t Be Done While Your Vaccines Are Weapons

Samantha Strayer has the best essay I’ve read today on the now ascendent New World Order that our elite ruling oligarchs think will be so easily foisted on all the peasantry’s heads and who can stop it. The guy who started it: Trump.

Whatever we didn’t know about the depth of corruption in our institutions before 2021, we are fast learning its true scope and, most importantly, its intent. The real pandemic of our lifetime is not the man-made virus or its variants—lurking conveniently everywhere we go and peaking at certain times of the year, say, before an election. No. It is rather the obscene hubris of a clique of pseudo-somethings who think their time to rule has finally come. Fancying themselves demigods, they are making moves to wield control over the lives of millions they deem unfit for freedom and, if necessary, life itself. It is cynical, all-encompassing, evil. – [emphasis mine-MC]

Think about it. If the Trump, MAGA campaign machine would rev up with a “Stop The Warp-Speed Mandates” tour, there would be a viable and organized opposition to what we can clearly see coming now: The New World Order.

Trump Started This “Vaccine” Madness, He Needs To Try And Stop It

Samantha Strayer nails it:

Here We Go Again: Kamala Harris Cannot Become President, She Isn’t A NBC!

I never win this argument of the mind and emotions but that doesn’t mean I don’t win it legally and traditionally. When she was born, Kamala Harris’s parents were NOT naturalized citizens therefore under the U.S. Constitution and the law in effect at the time of ratification, she was born an alien friend and subject to the law of her FATHER’S citizenship. Publius Huldah explains further:

Congress has the power to determine whether the President elect and Vice President elect are qualified for office.

Section 3 of the 20th Amendment shows that Congress has the authority to determine whether the President elect and Vice President elect are qualified for office. 2 If either is not a natural born citizen, Congress has the power and the duty to disqualify that person. 3 Accordingly, it was Congress’ duty to inquire into whether Obama was a natural born citizen; and today it is Congress’ duty to inquire into whether Kamala Harris is a natural born citizen.

Congress also has the power – and the duty – to disqualify Biden and Harris on the ground that the fraud bringing about their sham “election” was an attack on the States’ Right, guaranteed by Article IV, §4, to have a republican form of government.

Kevin Gutzman and I discussed this at exhaustive length during the 2015 and 2016 Republican primaries and proved that Ted Cruz AND Marco Rubio were not eligible for the Presidency for the same reasons Harris is not eligible.

What To Do About The Catastrophic Failures In Afghanistan et al!? Secede…

The namesake of The Birzer Effect asks this question, here’s my response.

If Your Pediatrician Is Telling You To Vaxxx & Mask Your 12 Year Old, Fire The Quack

Another Institution has now fallen, the “American Academy of Pediatrics” which apparently practices & teaches juvenile sadism in its spare time:

My followup Tweet:

PINNED – The CRUSADER Knights Newsletter Has Officially Launched!

Gentlemen!  I have FINALLY put all the pieces into place to begin exhorting all CRUSADER Knights of The Holy Rosary Into Service and Action! UNFORTUNATELY, during the transfer of email services, The CRUSADER Knights email list was only partially recovered and so I ask all Knights to go to the CRUSADER Knight home page, here, and register your email address once again so we can send out Volume I, Issue I tonight! Meanwhile, check out the brand new CRUSADER Knights Crest & Shield!

MEDICAL Reason # 137 That Wearing Face Masks IS A Hazard To Your Health

“The emperor has no clothes!” goes the old fairy tale of an emperor who insisted that his perception of reality was actual reality and that his nakedness was actually a coat of regal gowns, envious to behold. Well, the now ubiquitous “requirement” that all humans must wear masks in public “for your safety” is the emperor story in reverse, he has putrid clothes over his face but they offer absolutely NO, medical or health benefit whatsoever. Here is Dr. Mark Sircus with yet another smackdown of this never-ending, 1984 Psy-Op.

The minimum oxygen concentration in the air required for human breathing is 19.5 percent. Approximately 78 percent of the air we breathe is nitrogen gas, while only about 20.9 percent is oxygen. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, determined the optimal range of oxygen in the air for humans runs between 19.5 and 23.5 percent.

Not Enough Oxygen: Side Effects

Serious side effects can occur if the oxygen levels drop outside the safe zone. When oxygen concentrations drop from 19.5 to 16 percent, and you engage in physical activity, your cells fail to receive the oxygen needed to function correctly. So wearing masks is not indicated for any reason because masks represent slow suffocation. Not quite as bad as strangling a person or killing them outright by completely cutting off their breath, but across the board, health will be depressed, and death from all causes will increase.

Be a HEALTHY patriot and refuse to wear a mask ANYWHERE in public and defend our God-given right to free association and un-filtered consumption of relatively clean air!

Mike Church, Too Catholic For Satellite Radio

Who Is Mike Church? Mike Church is the most aggressive yet charming promoter of using radio and TV media to restore Christian Order and promote God, Family and Country, on daily talk-radio & TV, in the U.S. today. Using his razor sharp wit and broadcast skills honed through 26 years in the business, there’s simply no other voice as unique and effective as Mike’s in all of broadcasting. Read the entire Mike Church Story as told by internationally renowned author Christopher Ferrara, a regular guest on The Mike Church Show, here.

Membah…membah!? Fast forward to November of that year and Chris writes a followup “Too Catholic For Satellite Radio”. Thanks to Papa Francis deliberate attempt to bring an end to the Catholic Church by claiming he can change dogma (the licit Death Penalty), I am becoming #Too Catholic For Lukewarm Catholic Radio. Ferrara wrote the following which we at the CRUSADE Channel studio still believe is True and pursue improving it every day.

“Indeed, over the past year or so Mike Church has emerged as the only traditionally Catholic conservative in talk radio today, anywhere in the world. And I mean traditional. Not only during my appearances on the show, but now thematically, Mike has turned the longest running political talk show on Sirius Radio into an unabashed presentation of the Social Kingship of Christ, traditional Catholic moral teaching, and even the traditional Latin liturgy as the solution to what is evidently otherwise a terminal civilizational crisis. I have been invited on the show numerous times to defend all of these things explicitly, to speak of the one true Church, and even to call upon conservative Protestants to enter the Church if they are serious about saving our nation and our civilization.”

Thanks to you, fair reader, we have the chance to continue that fight but I am in constant need of your assistance, click here to chip in.

It’s September 2021 And The Immodesty Is About To Go Nuclear Because It WENT Nuclear – Venerable Bishop Sheen called out ‘Muricah back in the 1960’s while speaking to a group of young Catholics on “Youth and Sex”: “8:15 in the morning, the 6th of August, 1945, when we flew a military plane over this city, when we dropped that atomic bomb on it; that bomb on blotted out boundaries. There was no longer a boundary between the military and the civilian, between the helper and the helped, between the wounded and the nurse and the doctor, between the living and the dead. For even the living who escaped the bomb were already half dead. So we broke down boundaries and limits and from that time on the world has said we want no one limiting me. … You want no restraint, no boundaries, no limits. I have to do what I want to do. Now let’s analyze that for a moment, is that happiness?”


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