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Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel.The DeceptiCON war machine has sprung into action over the terrorist attacks in Paris and is ginning up a GROUND invasion of Syria now. “Plunging even deeper into the war in Syria may seem momentarily satisfying for many people in the West, but we should know by now that the costs will be much higher than we expect, the intervention will not be the remedy that is being promised, and it will create additional, unforeseen problems that will plague us later on.” – Daniel Larison, The American Conservative

If At First you Don’t Secede… The Governors of Alabama and Michigan attempt to act like federalists (acting under the U.S. Constitution) and regulate the flow of alien friends into their countries. Michigan’s governor though, might want to learn a liuttle bit more about the Mulsims he is dealing with in the general sense before blurting out the PC mantra “It’s also important to remember that these attacks are the efforts of extremists and do not reflect the peaceful ways of people of Middle Eastern descent here and around the world.” To get a better handle on WHAT the Muslim believes and why it is lethally dangerous see my essay “REALITY CHECK PARIS”.

DeceptiCONNED – While the war-hawk world is blaming Obama and his “lack of a coherent strategy” to “defeat ISIS”, it is worth remembering that nearly all of the ISIS leadership are former military Baathists who worked for Saddam Hussein.

Bacevich – The call for war is a fools errand because this is a war The West cannot win. Bacevich makes solid points as he usually does: “Even where armed intervention has achieved a semblance of tactical success — the ousting of some unsavory dictator, for example — it has yielded neither reconciliation nor willing submission nor even sullen compliance. Instead, intervention typically serves to aggravate, inciting further resistance. Rather than putting out the fires of radicalism, we end up feeding them.” But ultimately, he does not get to the ultimate cause: Islamism is a heresy of the highest order and until it is recognized and treated as such

DeceptiCONNED II: Sowden Made Them Do It – Fox News war-hawks trot out that the Paris attacks “are all Snowden’s fault”. But, as Glenn Greenwald points out, the bad guys, even dimwitted Mafia types, have known for decades that using wireless and web to plot their attacks is stupid because the Feds have been monitoring both since they became widely used.

The Modern Wrong World Made Right Is Catching On – Whne Brother André Marie and I began planning then recording our series on how the Modernist Philosophers were wrong, we had Immanuel Kant in our ascopes. Now comes “mainstream journalist” Robert Tracinski, nearly taking our title verbatim and publishing it at The Federalist.

The Truth CANNOT Set You Free If You put GOP Dogma over actual Dogma – Elite Republicans are so desperate for a candidate to take vows to their heretical, lethal policy ideals that they are now recruiting the last loser to Obama as their nominee: Mitt for brains Romney

DeceptiCONNED: Rand Paul is more like Ronald Reagan than any of the DeceptiCONS, like neocon wunderkind Marco Rubio, claiming that they are and he is especially close to the Gipper on WAR policy says Patrick J Buchanan. “Having called for the U.S. Navy to confront Beijing in the South China Sea, and for establishing a no-fly zone over Syria that Russian pilots would enter at their peril, Rubio seems prepared for a confrontation with either or both of our great rival nuclear powers.”


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Written by: TheKingDude

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Thank you for interviewing Andrew Bieszad and having the intestinal fortitude to tell it like it is regarding Islam. If ever there should be a Presidential advisor regarding Islamic terrorism and what to do about it, it must be Mr. Bieszad.

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