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Monday Pile of Prep-It’s The Distributism Stupid & Cruz is STILL NOT Eligible

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Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2016 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’).

Sapientia et Veritas – “They are saying that all practical business men know that the thing would never work, exactly as the same obliging people are always prepared to know that State management would never work. For they hold the simple and touching faith that no management except their own could ever work. They call this the law of nature; and they call anybody who ventures to doubt it a weakling. But the point to see is that, although the normal solution of private property for all is even now not very widely realized, in so far as it is realized by the rulers of the modern market (and therefore of the modern world) it is to this normal notion of property that they apply the same criticism as they applied to the abnormal notion of Communism. They say it is Utopian; and they are right. They say it is idealistic; and they are right. They say it is quixotic; and they are right. It deserves every name that will indicate how completely they have driven justice out of the world; every name that will measure how remote from them and their sort is the standard of honourable living; every name that will emphasize and repeat the fact that property and liberty are sundered from them and theirs, by an abyss between heaven and hell.” – Gilbert Keith Chesterton, The Outline of Sanity

Natural Born Citizen Hissy Fit – Washington Examiner writer Daniel Chait throws a written temper-tantrum that Publius Huldah – a pen name to be sure – had the unmitigated gall to present a historical account of what Natural Born Citizen meant to those who ratified the Constitution. Chait’s complaint is that only “real… litigation….attorneys” should be allowed to discuss such matters, mere citizens, concerned about the Constitution as ratified being micturated upon, need to turn to their elite ruling, legal masters to answer such questions….peasants.

The Publius Huldah YouTube Video that Trump has tweeted as a “slam dunk” is here.

Trumpzilla Vanquishes Bush – Those that thought the Trumpzilla fad was just that, a fad, have now had to eat so much sour crow they may be considering a fast from pundit-works. Kasich and Carson’s longevity makes the “conservative” rally around Tedley Cruzright or Marco Ineligibilio Rubio more difficult.

Insanity: We Must Understand Trumpzilla, So We Can Preserve ‘MuricahAllan Jacobs pleads with official conservativedumb to work harder to gain an undestanding of the phenomena that is the Trump Voter. This is now going to be the mantra we’re going to hear when we mistakenly turn on the Fox News/Talk-Radio Industrial Complex.

Trumpzilla Is “For ‘Muricah” & That’s Why ‘Muricans Love Him – Timothy P. Carney has been following the Trump campaign for a few weeks and reports that the rise of Trumpism (if indeed Trump can be bottled into an “ism”) may portend an end to the “era of ideology”. As I have told the radio show audience for years, ideology is NOT something to aspire to politically and that it is closely related to Nazi-like stoicism. Yes, I realize using the “N” word means I have lost the debate, but in this instance, an understanding of why the modern Stoics become Nazis and Communists illuminates the “danger” sign we should see flashing on our Road to Perdition.


[Editor’s note] “You can’t replace something with nothing” the saying goes. The “something” is the current ‘Murican, ideological economic and industrial model that features a corporatism unseen in human history, a judicial system that institutionalizes diabolical perversions and a citizen model that promotes the fallacy that democracy delivers political power to all. Our quest in this Distributionism dialogue is to discuss and recommend a way forward that leaves the current corrupt system behind  and is “replaced” by what Wilhelm Ropke called a “Humane Economy”.  Alan Carlson relays the following from Ropke’s “What’s Wrong With The World” as our model village/society: “He described a real village of about three thousand people with nearby farmsteads in the Bern Mittelrand, a place that combined artisans’ shops, small facto- ries, a brewery, a dairy for cheese, a “highly tasteful” bookstore, and “a great collection of obviously thriving crafts and crafts- men.” He added “that the whole place is remarkable for its cleanliness and sense of beauty; its inhabitants dwell in houses which anyone might envy; each garden is lovingly and expertly tended; [and] antiq- uity is protected…. This village is our ideal translated into a highly concrete reality.” Your sugestions and comments are welcome. [- Mike Church]

The “Third Way” In Economics, Written By Wilhelm Röpke, Is Distributist – Joseph Stromberg analyzed Wilhelm Röpke’s advice for post WWII Germany and finds a close relationship between John Taylor of Caroline County and G.K. Chesterton.

Ten Pages To Begin Our Discussion: [r]epublicanism of Jefferson & Taylor Leads To Distributism – Allan Carlson tackled the subject we are having a symposium on here on the Mike Church Show and on this site which expllores the question of replacing the rotten “something” with something beautiful and tried. Allan_Carlson_Ropke_and_Distrobutism

The GayStapo Made Him Do It – The never ending and ever expanding toilet filled with “rights” is in need of a plunger as an unidentified pervert strolls into a girls locker room in Seattle and begins stripping, claiming, “new laws give [him] the right to do so”. If this poor, diabolical soul wanted to REALLY assert his rights he would have completed his perverted dance and refused to leave but alas, real courage, when conducting lewd acts in front of 15 year olds is not quite “kosher” in Seattle, WA… YET. Remember that Masha Gessen clip I play on the show? Are you a believer in the REAL Gaystapo, Culture of Death agenda now? S E C E D E

Is Hollywood RISEN, With Risen’s Release? Surprise, Surprise, Maybe… – The Catholic News Service reviews the film RISEN and grants it’s highest rating saying “Avoiding alienation from the sacred source material without, on the other hand, declining into a lazy stance of believers-versus-the-world piety can be a tricky business. But the makers of the Resurrection-themed drama “Risen” (Columbia) have pulled it off to splendid effect.” IF this is correct, I will organize a CRUSADE Channel/SSST movie/family night where we can go in a group and watch the film and perhaps have a gathering afterward to fraternize and discuss.

Where Are The Made In America Republicans? – Patrick J Buchanan returns to the issue that catapaulted him into the GOP primaries in 1992: NAFTA, TPP et al, “Free Trade” which isn’t free at all.  “Academics revere Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and Richard Cobden. But none of them ever built a great nation. Patriots look to Alexander Hamilton and those post-Civil War Republicans who built the greatest national industrial powerhouse the world had ever seen.” Buchanan is correct to identify Adam Smith as one of the culprits of the labor-less Modern World. The trade off from the hand-made with integrity, guild and apprentice driven world is the ever changing, wasteful “service industry” that Smiths “means of production” have given us. Recall that Smith’s work was titled “Wealth of Nations”, a wholesale departure from the wealth of communities. This is why reading and discussing Chesterton and Ropke on economics is so vitally important to S E C E D E discussions.

It’s The Distributism Stupid – This is a campaign slogan that will go nowhere in today’s ‘Muricah but will, I believe, go a great distance in clearing our minds and intellects of the “free-market capitalism” we have been bludgeoned with since birth. This writer contrasts the writing and works of two of the 20th century’s most prolific writers AND movers of Men: Chesterton and the meek and humble Doris Day. Both saw what Ropke saw: man cannot build and live in loving, Christian societies when entity driven profit is the desideratum of society over the desideratum of loving one another and the Lord Our God.

The EPA Is Proof Leviathan Hates Us & Wants Us To Be ServileThe EPA has so manipulated and contorted the beautifully simple combustion engine under our automobile hoods that the backyard race car is doomed to extinction and generations of young men will be denied that vocation and the fraternity it engenders. S E C E D E

Apple Computer And The 1798 Virginia Assembly: Liberty Martyrs Separated By Time – You have to hand it to the CEO of Apple (full disclosure, I have prayed for Mr Cook’s conversion and turn away from homosexuality) Tim Cook who is making a principled, heroic stand against Leviathan’s manufactured ruse of “national security”. Cook has refused a court order to fork over the encryption codes that safeguard iPhones so the Feds can crack the San Bernardino murderers iPhone and “prevent future terror attacks”. But like the VA Assembly of 1798-99, the body that deliberated and then boldly opposed the Alien & Sedition Acts, not one single state followed the courage of their Virginian brothers in revolution; the revolution at that moment was D E D dead. Now, not one single company of Apple’s stature has followed the commerce-child of Steve Jobs’ proper action, how sad but how predictable!  It’s corpse now haunts the entire planet and has possessed most of its population into automotron like servility when the Specter howls: OBEY! Cook says: “The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers. We oppose this order, which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand.”

The UNJust War Against Yemen’s Civilians Is A Pox On The House USA! USA!Here is further proof that the only course of action Christians can faithfully pursue as it pertains to our government is to either A. demand and receive from Leviathan, a wholesale end, DEAD-STOP, to all material support for Saudi Arabia that includes supplying arms, cash and intelligence or B. By petition, engrossed and delivered, signed by all who will pursue this Christian course, that we intend to withdraw all material support and submission to said government and form a government of our own…. in pursuance thereof consider…

The Story of Hitler’s Martyr – The story of Franz Jågerstatter, executed by the Nazis for his refusal to serve in Hitler’s army, is a recent example that doing the right thing, as expounded above, but only receiving a heavenly reward. Make no mistake, few will join our CRUSADE against the illegitimate wars the USA wages, the question you must ask: can your soul continue status quo, knowing the atrocities continue with our partial imprimatur

But It’s Just A Fetus! – Watch this heart touching video of young Mason and Matilyn, twins, in-utero, holding hands. Why is it so touching? Because little Mason may not survive gestation, he has a hole in his little heart and a mal-formed brain.

Runaway TrainGlenn Beck says GOD brought about Scalia’s death just so Ted Cruz could be our next President.  Speaking in the voice of the heavenly father, Beck told his audience, “You’re welcome. I just woke the American people up. I took them out of the game show moment and woke enough of them up to say, look at how close your liberty is to being lost.”

DeceptiCONNEDGOP Senators ready their “fan base” for the inevitable collapse on Obama’s SCOTUS nominee to replace Justice Scalia. What is disturbing about this is the Sentae does not HAVE a “duty” to confirm. They have a “duty” to offer advice and consent and then protect their states from nominees that will damage the compact they agreed to in ratifying the Constitution. As I point out in today’s Veritas et Sapientia, the Constitution, viewed as a compact actually REQUIRES the members of the U.S. Senate to offer first, a service to their State and second a service to their body in pursuit of a constitutional prerogative. Nothing in Article I requires the Senate’s consent, read confirmation, indeed, Hamilton himself said of the Senate: “So long as the separate organization of the members be not abolished; so long as it exists, by a constitutional necessity, for local purposes; though it should be in perfect subordination to the general authority of the union, it would still be, in fact and in theory, an association of states, or a confederacy. The proposed Constitution, so far from implying an abolition of the State governments, makes them constituent parts of the national sovereignty, by allowing them a direct representation in the Senate, and leaves in their possession certain exclusive and very important portions of sovereign power.”

NASA To Our Lord: The only God allowed to be mentioned “up in he-ah is Mars, THE God of War, where our vainglorious, electric dune buggy is desperately searching for proof that Darwin was right!… JESUS, is forbidden”. I may have embellished a bit but Todd Starnes relays the story of a Bible/Prayer group of rocket scientists who are told to stop using Our Lord’s name in their group’s announcements that appeared in the Johnson Space Flight Center’s newsletter.

Told Ya So: Slick Hilly Is Just Another War-Hawk Republican With a Welfare State Problem – Thomas Frank, he of “What’s the Matter With Kansas” book fame, informs ‘Muricah’s Democrats that the reason Slick Hilly’s campaign is floundering is because Hillary is using the gas left in Clintonia’s tank by Bill, who was a closet Republican! Folks, to watch the crackup of the Dumbocrat party is delicious but sad as it becomes apparent to any observer seeking Truth that the great American Experiment, so moored to the two Leviathans of political patronage, are lumbering toward their own judgement days brought on by Trump and Sanders’ insurgencies.

Washington & Lee Predict GOP Nominee Is…. – The yearly convention staged by the University of Washington and Lee predicts that Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee. W & L’s success rate is over 90% for the past 20 elections, now if they will just invite Robert E Lee BACK to their campus, we can use their name without a disclaimer.

Glen Beck To Pope Leo XIII Defending THE Kingdom: Drop Dead – Fallen away Catholic, Glen Beck has injected the Kingship of Our Lord into campaign 2016, calling on ALL people of faith to A. KNOW that the U.S. Constitution is divinely inspired and B. That Ted Cruz was born to defend this sacred writ and C. Failing to go out and campaign then vote for Cruz amounts to paving the way for the Apocalypse. Leo XIII, witnessing the rise of the America and the European nation-states warned that those states as powers above the Kingship of Christ was the real threat to the Christian world.

If Gibson Guitars Can’t Trade With Countries Selling “Endangered Tree” Woods… – Then WHY should Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas or any other pro-life state conduct trade with New York. That state has now proudly, by super-majority vote, enacted legally protected, 3rd trimester abortions that can be performed by non-doctors! One method of execution is through the injection of heart-stopping poison into the baby’s heart. I call on the CCB and all Dioceses to formally denounce this law and counsel that Catholics should embargo trade with New Yorkers until they change this diabolical law.

Buchanan: Don’t Fill Scalia’s Seat – Now, Patrick J Buchanan reaches his conclusion politically not constitutionally but the result is similar to my proposal. Buchanan recalls the fight over one of LBJ’s nominees where Strom Thurmond and John Tower filibuster Johnson’s nominee until the election that brought Nixon to the White House. I think that the House should act with the Senate and pass a Judiciary Act that reduces the number of SCOTUS seats to 7, leaving the possibility that Roberts, Alito and Thomas will outlive Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan and THAT is the best case scenario.

The 3×5 Index Card On Capitalism vs Socialism – This essay is a typical presentation of the wholesome goodness of “capitalism” vs the evil confiscation that is “socialism”. The writer proceeds from the erroneous view that the 2016, Republican hack definition of the terms is correct and all that is needed to provide and enjoy the utopia of socialism is to free us from the shackles of “socialism”. I might suggest that the writer read and contemplate the work of Wilhelm Roepke, a Catholic capitalist and not coincidentally a realist (what was that thing about conforming the mind to reality). Roepke saw that capitalism by itself cannot provide the utopia the “conservatives” claim and in fact is as soul-less as its opposite. Roepke proposed a “Humane Economy”. Here is Roepke’s greatest living biographer, Ralph Ancil’s latest, at the Imaginative Conservative, on the Humane Economy and the Modern World’s need for it.

All Stop The Canonization of Antonin ScaliaLouie Verecchio brings up the finer points of my on-air dialogue with Chris Ferrara yesterday on the USA! USA! “Catholics” singing the “Catholic constitutionalism” of Justice Scalia. Verecchio points to Pope Leo XIII’s admonition that the Faithful must not elevate the secular state even into a state of parity with the State of Christ’s Church viz His Kingdom.

Congress Has The Power To reduce The SCOTUS to 8 Justices – After Lincoln was assassinated, Congress, fearing that President Johnson would appoint a justice or justices hostile their radical agenda, passed the Judicial Circuits Act of 1866 which reduce the court from 10 justices to 7, proving that the Article III Judiciary is under the regulation of the Article I Legislature.

If At First You Don’t Succeed In War, Call The Establishment And Don’t Worry About ItWilliam S Lind explains that what we call “The Establishment” acts with impugnity and recognizes no claim of failure when it comes to their actions especially their military actions. “The first is, don’t worry about serial failure. Within the Beltway, the failure of national policies is not important. Career success depends on serving interests and pleasing courtiers above you, not making things work in flyover land. As in 17th-century Spain, the court is dominated by interests that prosper by feeding off the country’s decay.”

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