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Monday Pile of Prep – Now Santa Has Gone Sodomite

Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2017 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’).

Sapientia et Veritas -This is the way in which he conceals from you the kind of work to which he is putting you; he tempts you to rail against your rulers and superiors; he does so himself, and induces you to imitate him; or he promises you illumination,—he offers you knowledge, science, philosophy, enlargement of mind. He scoffs at times gone by; he scoffs at every institution which reveres them. He prompts you what to say, and then listens to you, and praises you, and encourages you. He bids you mount aloft. He shows you how to become as gods. Then he laughs and jokes with you, and gets intimate with you; he takes your hand, and gets his fingers between yours, and grasps them, and then you are his.” – Blessed John Henry Newman, The Times of Antichrist 




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Will You Go Black-Sodomite Santa Or Will you Go Carmelite? – It had to happen, a children’s book tells the story of “Mr. Claus”, Santa’s husband who is a jolly old sodomite and also happens to be black. A writer named Alexander Phanor Faury wants you to know that Sodomite Santa will help you get to the real meaning of Christmas.

“The overriding theme in this children’s book is that there is lots of joy in being different. And isn’t love, peace, happiness synonymous with the holidays, no matter how one chooses to celebrate? Sadly those most in need of a refresher course on the true meaning of the holidays will miss out on this timeless story…”

So the “refresher course” line means that Sodomite Santa has always been, Modern man has just forgotten!? What’s next a Sodomite Savior?

The “Pence Rule” is Prudence For Gentleman Which Is Why Gal Queda Is Shrieking Over It – Vice President Mike Pence is quoted as saying that he worked his entire career intentionally avoiding being left alone with female co-workers to avoid the possibility of workplace impropriety. What exactly is wrong with this that has members of Gal Queda so flustered? This should be obvious: the golden calf that is women in the workplace is on the auction block. The editor of Christianity today, Kathryn Beaty makes the right point for the wrong reason.

“Offering the Pence rule as a solution to male predation is like saying, ‘I can’t meet with you one on one, otherwise I might eventually assault you. If that’s the case, we have far deeper problems around men and power than any personal conduct rule can solve.”

But wait, what Pence did there was charitable toward his female employees/staffers etc: he removed the possibility that one of them might fall to temptation as well as guard against his own.

What Ale And Coffee Snobs Want For ChristmasJoseph Pearce gives us his literary recommendations for Christmas gift giving if you’re going to buy fiction books.

The NFL Cannot Fill Its Billion Dollar Stadiums As The Sports Bubble Explodes – Scroll through this post at Breitbart and see that the empty stadiums are across the league, not in a few selected cities. If the NFL can be fan-shamed into recanting the ridiculous kneel-outs, why haven’t Christians been able to similarly compel Target et al into changing immoral practices?

My Instincts On net Neutrality Were Correct, Its Leviathan’s Bid To Make The Internet An AT&T Sized Utility – Austin Ruse correctly puts the “net neutrality” rule, that Trump’s FCC will vote on December 14th to implement, in the proper context.

“Net neutrality, also called “open Internet,” is the deeply dishonest name given to a federal take-over of the Internet. Ginned up by the Democrats and based on a Depression-era law used to hamper Bell Telephone, it turns the Internet over to the Federal Communications Commission and turns it into a “public utility” like electricity. This means the FCC can tell Internet service providers (ISPs) what they can and cannot charge. It means the FCC can tax ISPs. The FCC can insist ISPs get approval for any new innovations or business plans. You want better, faster, cheaper Internet? The FCC gets to decide.”

A good study of what Franklin DelanoBama Roosevelt did to ruin the privately run electric grid is Amity Shlaes’ “The Forgotten Man”. The FCC is working to make the same thing happen to the internet; for freedom’s sake, pray that they fail.

Writer To Pat Buchanan: Just Because Roy Moore Is “Pro-Life” It Cannot Be The Only Reason To Vote For Him – Gracy Olmstead has taken Patrick J Buchanan to task for siding with Alabama’s Judge Roy Moore despite the allegations of sexual impropriety (though none has been proven). Olmstead’s principle argument is that there have to be principles beyond just being “pro-life” to earning a “pro-lifers” vote; that personal character and moral principles are more important. Olmstead has a point:

“What happens when the faces of the pro-life movement are hypocritical congressmen, sexual harassers, and men who brag about grabbing women’s bodies without permission? The recent spate of Handmaid’s Tale-inspired protests is one indication that the pro-choice movement can and will adopt increasingly passionate, morally superior language and rhetoric in response, gathering voters to their cause.”

As I have said repeatedly, the issue of life doesn’t belong in court’s or legislative halls, its been settled by God and the correct view of it is well known. We face the challenge of winning hearts, minds and souls to the sanctity of life. No political campaign has or will accomplish that.

The CRUSADE To Keep The CRUSADE Channel Going Just Got Real: iHeart Radio Is About To Fold – I have been telling people this for a few years now; that the destruction of the radio industry began in earnest in 1994, when the TeleComm Act, signed by Bill Clinton, made radio nothing more than a commodity for money lusting manipulators to exploit for billions, then discard its corpse. That day is upon us and Mr Cowen’s analysis only applies to the parasite-owner-investor class, but it does apply.

The industry’s best days are behind it, even though it’s going to be around for years,” said Lance Vitanza, managing director and analyst at Cowen Inc.

iHeart Radio and Cumulus Media will both fold their tents soon as the process of returning radio back to a much smaller, but more robust vocation, begins; and that’s why you should listen to and support my CRUSADE Channel. It doesn’t get more independent and vocation oriented than us. Click the link to listen FREE, 24/7 and click here to become a member.

Thanks Harvey And Matt And… The War Against Men Now Moves To Male Anatomy – Just when I go and open my mouth and ask Michael Hichborn on Tuesday’s show “what is left for these people to desecrate” we get a woman running to be the Attorney General of Michigan whose signal qualification for the office is….drumroll… she doesn’t have a penis. Dana Nessell hopes to be somebody by being nominated to be the Michigan Dumbocrat Party’s nominee for AG. In a TV ad Nessell states that the best way to remove Michigan’s own John Conyers types, a Dumbocrat, from office is…

“Who can you trust most not to show you their penis in a professional setting? That would be the candidate who doesn’t have one.”

Wow, what amazing logical and legal reasoning. So let’s see this in legal action: “who can you trust to not murder your sister, that would be a family who doesn’t have one (sisters).” When the Idiocracy level trivial becomes today’s real-life serious we can safely conclude that the Enlightenment’s promise of man’s never-ending upward flight to god-like status is not going to occur. Can humanity and the billions of souls lost to Hades get a refund? Can Hillary hit the big-red, “reset button”!?

The Glory Of The Society of Jesus, Saint Edmund Campian – The story of St Edmund’s martyrdom is told in illustrated in the book In edited and put back into print: The English Reformation (on-sale NOW for Christmas!). Brother André Marie has a succinct but moving write up on this Saint of The Day.

So It’s Not Baphomet Who Is Coming For The Kids, Its White People!? – Yep, you read that right. A “student” at Texas State University of has identified the problem that plagues all of mankind and its not Moloch and his minions. Nope, it is the evil that exists on every continent called: white people!

“Ontologically speaking, white death will mean liberation for all … accept this death as the first step toward defining yourself as something other than the oppressor,” Martinez wrote in his column. “Until then, remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist. You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.”

I doubt this terribly troubled soul knows anything about ontology or how to speak about it since ontological actions take place in the mind so the prospect of the death of thought about “white people” is bleak at best…about as likely as Hillary becoming a doula. But let’s ask the question: where are the White Lives Matter hash tag campaigns opposing this vile hatred of other humans? Change white to red, yellow or heaven forfend, black and the Texas National Guard has already surrounded this kids house with Te Nashisi Coates leading the posse. I would be satisfied at this point to see an English Lit professor grade this diatribe and admit the writer has been skipping his class for 3 years. oh, but the student loan checks cashed didn’t they and THAT’S what’s really important here: we have a student!

How The Current “Net Neutrality” Actually Helps Make The Monopolies That Will Do What Opponents Fear – I continue my study into the complex issue that is “net neutrality” and what the December 14th vote on the new “rules” actually does and actually means. Robert Tracinski, in doing yeoman’s service to this task, reminds us that once the internet had actual “neutrality” and that’s how it flourished and boomed.

“That’s why we should be thrilled to see Internet service providers contemplating “Internet fast lanes” to charge extra for massive data users like Netflix. This would set off a gold rush of investment in infrastructure and innovation that would eventually bring us all much high data transmission speeds. That’s what the actual history of the Internet shows.”

I’m still studying but it seems to me that what we have now ARE monopolies (believe me I deal with them daily) and what is needed are NO monopolies. Again, the CRUSADE Channle has a HUGE stake in getting this right, I invite your comments and submissions on this post, below.

DeceptiCONNED: Heritage Foundation Courting Defense Contractor CEO as Its CEO… I Told Ya So – The Heritage Foundation is as big a part of the Leviathan super-state as the Pentagon is and so is the rest of the “conservative” think tanks (yes, of COURSE the libtard ones are too). This movie is stunning for the fact that official Mordor is morphing into the military capital of the universe and few seem to notice and even fewer seem to care. The irony is the same crowd that spent trillions in fear of the communist Russian menace that was menacing because it had a central power structure in Moscow and the Kremlin is now constructing its own Kremlin on steroids. Paul Gottfried nails the point.

“Like American higher education, Conservatism Inc. is very big business. Whatever else it’s about rates a very far second to keeping the money flowing. “Conservative” positions are often simply causes for which foundations and media enterprises that have the word “conservative” attached to them are paid to represent. It is the label carried by an institution or publication, not necessarily the position it takes, that makes what NR or Heritage advocates “conservative.”

If you’re in cahoots with these institutions, please consider leaving them and joining the CRUSADE Channel community by listening to today’s Mike Church Show and maybe even joining our LIVE chatroom of actual [r]epublican “conservatives who also work to order their spiritual lives correctly!

Co-hosted by Mike Church and now available On-Demand!

It’s December 2017 And The Immodesty Is About To Go Nuclear Because It WENT Nuclear – Venerable Bishop Sheen called out ‘Muricah back in the 1960’s while speaking to a group of young Catholics on “Youth and Sex”: “8:15 in the morning, the 6th of August, 1945, when we flew a military plane over this city, when we dropped that atomic bomb on it; that bomb on blotted out boundaries. There was no longer a boundary between the military and the civilian, between the helper and the helped, between the wounded and the nurse and the doctor, between the living and the dead. For even the living who escaped the bomb were already half dead. So we broke down boundaries and limits and from that time on the world has said we want no one limiting me. … You want no restraint, no boundaries, no limits. I have to do what I want to do. Now let’s analyze that for a moment, is that happiness?”

The MIKE CHURCH SHOW and the Veritas Radio Newtork’s CRUSADE Channel are 22 months old this month. To see another 20 months of life, please support our crowdfunding effort, become a Founders Pass Member, place an ad or much more. Click SOS our Mascot for details!

The Tragedy of Post Christian, Philosophia Perennis Devoid Thinking – Read this piece from AmConMag writer Noah Millman to get a closeup view of why Philosophia Perennis is so desperately needed to corral the erroneous thinking Men are sure to engage in when NOT grounded in the eternal quest for True Wisdom i.s. Sapientia. The issue Noah, is not whether “only the Saints” can live by the Magisterial code, it is that by God’s Grace the Saints DID live the Tradition WHILE receiving the Graces needed to do so. You cannot approach Grace as zero sum, mathematics, as in if I do ______ I will receive ______ “Grace credits” but if I do ______I will have deducted ______ Grace Credits. Grace is present in the world and we are given the supply needed at Baptism, the suffering of the Christian Faithful is simply to maintain the state you enter at Baptism, using the Gospels and the Traditional Teaching as MEANS to that END. As Padré Gaetano tells us in Humility of Heart: “And has not a saint abundant reasons, from the thought of his own weakness, to live always in a state of great humility, when he knows that from one hour to another he may lose the grace of God and the kingdom of heaven which he has merited by years of laboriously-acquired virtues? “Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.”

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