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Monday Pile of Prep-Pro Life Week 2015 introduction Edition

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All new! The Founders Book Series-Trilogy Set from Founding Father Films Publishing
All new! The Founders Book Series-Trilogy Set from Founding Father Films Publishing

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, Welcome to mikechurch.com 2015 Edition.Welcoming you to Pro Life week 2015 edition that doubles as SOTU address, week.  Read along with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “Hence in the first place arises a question about abortive conceptions, which have indeed been born in the mother’s womb, but not so born that they could be born again. For if we shall decide that these are to rise again, we cannot object to any conclusion that may be drawn in regard to those which are fully formed. Now who is there that is not rather disposed to think that unformed abortions perish, like seeds that have never fructified? But who will dare to deny, though he may not dare to affirm, that at the resurrection every defect in the form shall be supplied, and that thus the perfection which time would have brought shall not be wanting, any more than the blemishes which time did bring shall be present: so that the nature shall neither want anything suitable and in harmony with it that length of days would have added, nor be debased by the presence of anything of an opposite kind that length of days has added; but that what is not yet complete shall be completed, just as what has been injured shall be renewed.” – St Augustine, his “Retractions”

The National Right to Life March is this Thursday and Congress intends to greet it with the lame excuse of HR 36 which alleges to protect the unborn at 20 weeks but only if they meet certain qualifications. THIS is pro-life!?

Really!? The oldest idea under the political sun, the tax increase, promises to make the already perfunctory SOTU, a “blast from the past”, gee, what do you do for the encore? Call for “increased funding of education”?

The U.S. is within a generation of entirely losing the Christian Faith that I argue we have already lost mainly because of our living lives as non-Christians live them, this report from a conference on the matter suggests that is true and we may alter course by “going weird”

NASA says we are living in the “hottest year on record” then admits they are only 38% assured their data is correct. The “hottest” desgnation, by the by, is over HUNDRETHS of a degree

Meanwhile, Climate Scientists want us to know that the “science” of NASA is politically motivated BS

SCOTUS agrees to hear “gay marriage” appeals from 6 states, again, this issue can be solved with finality by the new GOP Congress by having them order the Article III Judiciary to stop hearing appeals on the matter

G.K. Chesterton and the power of the paradox. Think about the paradoxes that we live with today says Joseph Pearce and how Chesterton wove them into his stories

The daily devotional nearly all of us perform, worshipping at the altar of our keyboards and monitors so we may access our “social media” and our “new feeds” are the equivalent of daily prayers and daily religious devotionals yet we insist we will NOT let “The Church” or “The Pope” force his “religion on me” but when Mark Zuckerberg’s engineers write and algorithm that chooses what you see and digest on the services mentioned above, we off only submission

What would a Tea Party foreign policy look like? How would it define “America’s role in the world”? Angelo Codevilla explains

Dear Leader, Chairman MaObama, was briefed by the CIA BEFORE the agency spied on the United States Senate, bringing yet ANOTHER charge for impeachment to Obama’s colorful resume of impeachable offenses

The age of decadent gluttony is upon us to the point that it’s laughable to even joke of “the haves and have nots” when viewing photos of the “Rich and Famous” showing off their jet-airliners

American “conservatives” ape Gov. Bobby Jindal for NOT raising taxes to fund the LSU system & “higher education” in general but wait a minute. Maybe Jindal could propose cutting daycare or elementary schools or hundreds of thousands of public employees RETIREMENTS or… you see, the welfare state has created so diverse a selection of dependents that it strains the heart strings of most to even consider living within a State’s means and it MUST be said, “college” is the one thing on the list that is only necessary in the minds of those who cannot conceive of University as a self-financed entity because they have no knowledge of its ACTUAL purpose

DeceptiCONNED: Headlines say that GOP votes to defund the DHS and block Obama’s “immigration reforms” but that’s NOT what the bills say and that’s NOT what “moderates” in the Boehner Caucus think they are voting for. Again, if the States want to solve this issue they will take matters into their own hands as Virginians, led by James Madison & John Taylor of Caroline County, attempted to do in 1798

Roræte Cæli: What is it that both Islam and “enlightenment secularists” deny? Christ Crucified. Christ Crucified. The French have been physically and intellectually killing Christianity since The Vendee and Voltaire respectively. Their devotion to moral relativism and belief that arm and arm “marches” proclaiming it will not stop Islam. The only force that has triumphed over Islam is the Church, whose Queen, The Blessed Virgin (see e.g. LaPanto & Vienna) has more than once “crushed the head of the serpent”. Without His help, Islam will repeat the French error and slaughter of Communism it hatched.

DeceptiCONNED II: With war-hawk Republicans taking over every relevant committee in Congress the war drums are beating louder than they have since the Bush/Cheney/Powell buildup to war with Iraq and Patrick J Buchanan says the Russian Bear is a prime target coveted by the McCain/Rogers/Graham axis of war in Congress. The question is, will Vladimir Putin be a willing fighter?

Common Core Revival? Politico magazine tries to re-inflate Louisiana’s Common Core bubble around the efforts of Governor Jindal’s education secretary but what Politico doesn’t appear to know is that Who Dats have drawn a line in the mud and aren’t letting Bill Gates and his goons back across it…EVER


Our Lady at work? The perverted HBO series “Girls” whose perverted, season opening scene I spoke of on Tuesday’s show, actually netted its lowest debut rating since it began. Perhaps the blight to be heaped on some viewers souls was overcome by the shreds of “good soul” that remained?

Daniel Larison has been writing about foreign policy as a non-interventionist for years and of late has been very critical of GOP “reform efforts” which he [correctly] says aren’t “reform at all”. My observation is Larison, like Rand Paul, signs off on the dubious policy that the U.S. SHOULD have allies, provided we are “sworn to defend”. When was the last time the U.S., via treaty, actually “swore to defend” a foreign country, 1960? It would be more prudent for the U.S. to begin formally informing those countries of our sunset of the treaty, humbling ourselves and getting back to “entangling alliances with none.”

Where’s the beef? The Oxford Press has outright BANNED the depiction of pigs and pig products from all its publications for fear of angering Jews and Muslims

Beazelbub has “released the Cracken” upon the peoples of the Western World, who scarcely know what Real Evil is nor do most have a clue what The Truth looks like to summon it in the fight

I have long advocated the abolishment of the IRS, the ENTIRE tax code, yes that means the non-profit sector too because it channels “charitable” resources to entities that are dubious and not “charitable” thus producing a wealth advantage at the expense of true Christian Charity. A Catholic professor at the University of Indiana concurs with my plan albeit for different reasons. This  draws the ire of a Catholic writer at Crisis Magazine whose case against this plan do not take into consideration the incidences of remote occasions of sin and direct occasions of Ususry the code creates.

What “values” I: do the French have that the Charlie Hebdo killers “attacked” besides the usual compliment of porn, blaspheny, sodomy and rudeness?

What “values” II: The Islamic hordes KNOW we don’t have any values and they also know the institution that formerly propped up those values-the Catholic Church-is simultaneously under never-ending attack. “A great deal of blather has been expended on ‘the defense of our values.’ This plays right into the fanatics’ hands, for they know we don’t have any.”

If you are looking for an endearing and worthwhile endeavor, pick up a copy of the wonderful little prayer book “Purgatorian Manual” which is available as a digest sized book here (I have the pocket edition and read from it everyday)

If you are like me you wonder just what kind of outrageous terms the loan-sharks are giving at those “Pay Day Loan” joints that seem more ubiquitous now than actual places of employment. The Fact that Usury has become an industry and no one seems to even know how sinful it is I cannot say surprises me. Now up comes some Protestant churches to attempt to provide their parishioners with collateral to make low interest loans, a risky endeavor that doesn’t deal with the deadly, debt causing sin of gluttony

When you think you’ve heard it ALL then someone decides that they are going to poison Speaker Boehner because he “was mean to” him and besides, the perp believes he is Jesus Christ. Wow, murder, theft and Blasphemy all in the same crime, not bad a for a disgruntled bartender at Boehner’s home golf club, Wetherington CC

DeceptiCONNED I: Mitt Romney 3.0 boosters call upon the ghost of Richard Nixon to validate Romney 3.0 but Romney, ever the Machievelli, has more in common with Nixon than just election losses

DeceptiCONNED II: Radio show host Hugh Hewitt gives Catholic League President Bill Dolen a hectoring interview because Donahue refused to talk the line that everything coming from Cahrlie Hebdo is sanctified yet rotting flesh

Useless U.N.: The UN orders Nigeria to fight Muslim extremists in their country and stop the killing apparently not realizing that the Nigerian army IS fighting terrorism and losing these lethal battles that claim the lives of inestimable civilians (estimates and counts vary wildly)

SICK SOCIETY: The civilization that thinks it is a worthy endeavor to write, film and then promote an oral sex scene involving the starring actresses butt has lost its mind, but the same society that has that actresses parents giving “advice” on the practice is generationally doomed.

Will the GOP follow through on rolling abortion “rights” back on a national level? As Kevin Gutzman and I have discussed, dozens of times, the Constitution solution is to forbid federal judges from hearing the cases or the appeals

REMNANT – The never-ending French Revolution is the result of the never-ending secular revolution that continues to this day and will never end. The idea that “free speech” is something to lay the foundation of an entire society on is the deceit of our age and will remain so

Meanwhile Rorate Cæli publishes a 1908 essay written when France through the last vestige of it Catholic tradition into the Danube, begging the French to remember the Cathedrals and the Christianity that went into their design a holiness

Where’s the “solidarity march for the hundreds of Africans massacred in the name of Islam by Boko Haram?

It is possible to deplore the iconoclasm of Islam and the blasphemy of Charlie Hebdo at the same time, but tell that to the libs and neocons who insist there is a secular solution that begins with “free speech rights”

A new book by Professor John Witte, details the very long and very complex history of the institution of marriage, is reviewed at Nomocracy in politics

The French produced a culture of death that has Charlie Hebdo as its legitimate and predictable outcome

DECEPTICONNED: If Romney, Bush and Christie all 3 decide to run for GOP nomination in 2016 it could produce two primaries, one “establishment” and one “conservative”

Are we all or better yet were we all Donald Sterling? (free speech is free speech, right?)

AUDIO: Fascinating lecture series challenging Joseph Pearce’s (a guest of the Mike Church Show) view that The Lord of The Rings IS Catholic literature

For years, I have been questioning the Constitutionality of the Keystone XL Pipeline, principally because Congress’s authority should begin and end with “regulating commerce with foreign nations” which to me means making regular, what happens to the commerce before it enters the U.S. and then once it is in, it would be subject to the municipal authority. Rep. Justin Amash share this concern and was one of the few Republicans to vote against the act, voting “present”

The Euro atheists who counseled kicking God out of every possible facet of life and then “honoring” the liberty of those who wish to blaspheme the shreds of remaining Christianity now say that the way forward against the Mohammedan hordes that have peacefully invaded is to finish the secularizing and insure there will NEVER be another Christendom. There will be those who insist that Europe now has to make a choice between modernity and faith. The choice is false. It is perfectly possible to inhabit both worlds at once and even if they were so strongly opposed, to compel anyone to choose between them is dictatorial.”

Patrick J Buchanan: Europeans cannot fix their Muslim problem by demonizing those who see IT as the problem

Meanwhile some French can actually see that their corrupt, secular, leadership has sold them down and across the river Styx with no chance of religious rescue meaning the secular, who are committed to nothing more than consumerism and vanity will be pitted against the barbaric devout who have but one goal and do not fear death. Who do you think will win that war?

If you read ONE THING today, read this. Aaron D. Wolf echoes the conversation I had with Christopher Ferrara and Andrew Bieszad on Thursday’s show (08-01-2014, Ed.) but with a literary flourish that is mean yet overflowing with Reason.

Now the “Tea Party” is pushing a bill in FL to make it easier to sell your excess solar power to your neighbors which sounds great and “free market” but there’s one problem: Solar panels are NOT affordable for average consumers without massive subsidies from the government as was recently trumpeted by the ultra “conservative” American Thinker website

Remember that “time capsule” from Boston that was “dug up” just 3 days ago to find the items placed there by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere? Turns out that the box and its contents were laid to rest in homage of both men’s Masonic faith, meaning that the cornerstones of: The White House, The Congress and now the MA State House were all consecrated in “religious ceremonies” by Free Masons

In 1944, George Orwell made some “Notes on Salvador Dali” and his “art”. Recall that Dali was very much the Charlie Hebdo of his time. “The point is that you have here a direct, unmistakable assault on sanity and decency; and even–since some of Dali’s pictures would tend to poison the imagination like a pornographic postcard–on life itself. What Dali has done and what he has imagined is debatable, but in his outlook, his character, the bedrock decency of a human being does not exist. He is as anti-social as a flea. Clearly, such people are undesirable, and a society in which they can flourish has something wrong with it.” Was Orwell correct? Was there a sanctified moral code that trumps any Lockean ideals of “liberty” when they clash? This is the point I have been trying to make the 2 years, we should have been able to,. as a civilization, condemn the blasphemous “art” of Charlie and still retain our “liberty”, provided that liberty is grounded in subsidiarity and solidarity.

Read Mike’s 2012 Essay “What To Do When Your Daughter Brings Home Salvador Dali”

The Boehner Strikes Back: Cue the Dom Dom Dede Dum Do——m, Dom Dom Dede Dum Do——m (Imperial March). There was celebrating in Mordor last night with the $3.9 TRILLION booty to be divvied up, secured by The Boehner’s re-election as Speaker, Mordor partied like it’s 1999

The Boehner Strikes Back IV: “I am the most anti-establishment Speaker…ever”. Well, if Boehner is NOT the establishment then one might fairly ask the question: what “establishment IS spending the $3.9 TRILLION your Congress has authorized this year?” The McDonald’s Monolpolu Man?

The Boehner Strikes Back II: More details emerge on the punishment The Boehner is visiting on the heads of those Congressman who dared challenge his elite right to power. This abuse, properly viewed, is actually visited on the heads of those teat suckling constituents of the Congressmen in question. Is THAT [r]epublican? Fair!?

I think it is safe to say that Patrick J Buchanan has had it with the GOP war machine and their growing litany of outright lies used to justify the military expansion and muscle flexing across the globe, this time over Russai’s ALLEGED INVASION of George and Ukraine.

The Boehner Strikes Back III: Boehner punishes those who dared oppose his coronation as “Speaker of The House (of Representin’). Of course we have to get this news from British newspapers. One of the caualties was the reliable libertarian Rep. Justin Amash of MI

TIC: Why are there “presidential libraries” and why should one be built nay subsidized for President Herbert Hoover!? Brad Birzer calls these buildings and the men they are dedicated to: Treason to a republic.

The problem of communicating the Incorporation Doctrine and Nomocractic Constitutions is rooted in the U.s.’s collective imbecility, brought on by our obsession with national solutions to all problems which require national acts of The State. To today’s yewts, there is the U.S.A., “America”, today and there is Somalia.

Imaginative Conservative: Absolute comfort corrupts absolutely. The civilization that thinks it has everything has nothing, as Christ told us “He who is exalted will be humbled; he that is humble shall be exalted”, and it all starts in THE HOME.

DeceptiCONNED II: Deposed Congressman Eric Cantor waxes about his prescriptions to “fix the economy” because the lives on 8 million plus children are at stake. Of course the SOULS of 8 million plus children are at stake too, yet there doesn’t seem to be an advocate to assist them


jesus-cleansing-the-templeI recently listened to a Priest call, from the pulpit, for men to start being Men again and to call out the deluge of heresy and apostasy we are surrounded by for what they are. Let’s start with the apostasy if not outright blasphemy on display at the Daily Kos via Leslie Salzillo. Ms. Sazillo (I mean the Ms. in the Betty Friedan sense of the word) calls on Pope Francis to abandon the unborn, sanctify “reproductive rights” and then finish this heresy trifecta with an endorsement of homosexuals who by definition cannot procreate (so why would they need reproductive rights?). I pray that the calumny she has heaped on Cardinal Burke inspires his fidelity to the “archaic” teachings of Christ, embodied in the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Fr. John Hardon’s essay on St Augustine being a role model for the recovery of our virtue and modesty is a great place to start reading in 2015

DeceptiCONNED: Get ready for Hucakbee 2.0 as the GOP lines up it’s Usual Suspect lineup of “conservatives” to pontificate on GOP debate stages and fill the hearts of “conservatives” with hopes of Reagan 2.0. This is the WORST thing that can happen to the “conservative movement” perhaps giving us yet another reason to ditch the term in favor of [r]epublican & c.

Read Mike’s essay on New Years Resolutions and avoid making the mistake of resolving to commit the deadly sins of Pride, Lust and Vanity which most resolutions require.

Listen to Mike Church’s take on the CIA’s torture scandal “Our Lady of Guadalupe Ended Aztec Torture-The CIA & “Conservatives” Brought It Back”

Read Mike Church’s essay – God and Man at Richmond-Challenging the status quo of “separation of Church and State”


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How would Patrick Henry handle our problems of ObamaCare & never-ending wars? Read a FREE chapter preview of Mike Church’s “Patrick Henry-American Statesman” for the Liberty or Death Patriot’s life-story

Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

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Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  “Boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem, Good judges seek to increase (amplify) their jurisdiction

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