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Monday Pile of Prep – The Queen Is Buried Edition

todaySeptember 19, 2022 4

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Hodierna Verba Veritatis et Sapientiae

“People generally quarrel because they cannot argue. And it is extraordinary to notice how few people in the modern world can argue. This is why there are so many quarrels, breaking out again and again, and never coming to any natural end.” – G.K. Chesterton

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The Latest From The KingDude’s Substack

Moore Vs Harper Could Be The Catalyst For A Great Awakening…

Gentlemen! Let Us Be Inspired By The Pole’s Victory Over Muhammed On This Day!

A New October Red Revolution Approaches

The TrannyMammy™ Zeitgest Has Set Up Shop At Boston CHILDREN’S Hospital

The KingDude’s Pile of Prep

The Top Ten Greatest Requiem Masses – It is a tragedy of Liberalism that Queen Elizabeth was not honored with a Catholic, Requiem Mass

Change in Hungarian Abortion Law – Hungary continues to stun, Cult of Death Europe by progressing towards a Christian state!

Trans Mega-Ta-Tas In Clown World Canada – This HAS to be an actual mocking of the whole TrannyMammy™ zeitgeist it is THAT ridiculous

Texas Grade School Teacher Quits After Being Accused of Posting Disturbing Sexual Content – Parents in the DFW school district are sending notice to groomers that they will not be using their children as sex guinea pigs!

Original Unintentions: The Franchise and the Constitution – Forrest MacDonald explains what actually happened at the Federal Convention of 1787

Overturn Wickard v. Filburn – AMEN, brista, Amen

European Parliament brands Hungary as ‘no longer a democracy’ – The fact that Hungary, with its “God Clause” 2014 Constitution is still IN the EU is astounding but now the Pedo Sex Cult of Death wants them removed, Hungary should oblige them!

Cheer Up! The World Is Ending – But don’t worry, says Rod Dreher, because there is hope because we KNOW that its coming!

Germany’s Green Energy Follies Are A Warning To The United States – Trump called this one back in 2017 and now the German people are going to for joining the WEF’s Bug-Bread Great Reset

The Upcoming Case of Moore Vs Harper Could Be The Catalyst For A Great Awakening – I will have a complete breakdown of this case of supposed “voting rights”  but is ACTUALLY THE REFERENDUM on the survival of [r]epublicanism or its death to Regime, on today’s show, you should listen!

Where are the Relics of the Passion? And What do They Tell Us? – Today is The Exaltation of The Holy Cross, my buddy KV Turley wrote about it and the True Relics, this is a good read on the subject!

US Consumer Prices Blow Away Expectations, Rise For 27th Straight Month – This caused the Dow to plunge 1371 points but DO…NOT…WORRY!! Because the Regime has plans to put all of us out of our misery (and existence) this winter so the suffering will only last as long as we do!

Heritage Action Steps Up In Arizona Senate Race After McConnell Pulls $8 Million From Masters – Franklin the Turtle seems to be doing everything humanly possible to hand the Senate gavel to Schmuckels Schumer but go ahead and “vote Republican”!

‘Suppress Political Dissent’: Tucker Carlson Says He Received Subpoenas From Merrick Garland’s DOJ To Trump Allies – These subpoenas aren’t to gather evidence in a criminal prosecution they are twofold: 1. to goad as many recipients as possible into “pulling a Bannon” so they can be arrested for “contempt of court” the second reason is as Tucker details it: to discourage anyone from crossing The Biden Regime and this is how a Regime operates, with political and police power impunity

Can Artificial Intelligence Produce Art? – The question may seem ridiculous but now that 3d printers can now basically produce 3d paintings without you doing anything more that barking out a title and an artist’s name to do the “painting”, it’s real “thing” and its really scary, what else can the AI 3D printer produce!?

Germany’s energy suicide: an autopsy – Pepé Escobar’s takedown of the history of The Dark Winter

Credit Card Giants Conspire With Democrats To Monitor Consumer Gun Purchases – The way to respond to this is to file for a divorce from these companies, learn to write checks or pay by cash, or trade laying hens, and take back control of the markets WE make possible!

The Ruins of the Covid Regime – The one thing the pride drunk CoronaDoom™ Regime never thought through is the long term damage they did to the corporate “HR department” monster they created

How Weed Became the New OxyContin – This follows up my commentary on Alex Berenson’s exposé of the THC Weed Inc

Trump Team, DOJ Submit Special Master Candidates – The attempt to perp walk Trump continues even though the DOJ suffered a minor defeat in this Special Master court

America’s War History: How Many Years Has the U.S. Been at War? – The U.S. has enjoyed only 17 years of being at peace since 1776!

Seeing With the Eye of Sauron: Amazon’s “Rings of Power” – Joseph Pearce reveals amazon’s sinister plans to UNMAKE Tolkein’s “fundamentally religious and Catholic work” and turn it into something woke Sauron can be proud of

Janet Yellen Warns High Gas Prices May Be Right Around The Corner – Gas prices do NOT rise in the winter BUT the Regime is telling us what it plans for its upcoming TV hit “Dark Winter, Season 1, The Children Shall Be Tribute”

Clarity In Small Dozes. Or Why I Do Not “Do” Sitreps – What’s REALLY going on in Ukraine? You need off the 5th Estate’s grid reporting to find out just how badly the Ukies are losing, here ya go.

The Queen – Rod Dreher’s report on the platform social media gives demon drenched, foul mouthed, hateful people

The Queen and the Principle of Subsidiarity – Joseph Pearce reminds readers that Queen Elizabeth was a PROPONENT of Brexit and of England’s sovereignty

Why the British Monarchy Is Still Relevant – Another good one from Joseph Pearce, still and Englishman though he hails from South Carolina

Putin sends condolences upon Queen Elizabeth’s death – The most castigated without Just Cause man on Earth, Vladimir Putin shows more grace and class in his message to the Brits than the entire Biden Regime can muster to salute men pretending to be women

Children’s Entertainment: A Dark System that May Never Be Resolved – Disney and Nickelodeon lead the way in the new media business model for children: groom them young so they’re corrupted and producing adrenochrome for Moloch and the boys at an early age

Queen Elizabeth’s Holy Example

Joseph Shaw is President of the UK Latin Mass Society.

The British Royal Family does not have a very positive record when it comes to the institution of marriage. Nevertheless, The Queen’s devotion to her office offers us an example: in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

Read the whole essay, The Unlikely Survival of Sacred Office

WATCH: Senator Rand Paul Plays CSPAN Clip I Discovered TO Fauci

Lots of people played 20 seconds of this clip that was posted on YouBoob in April but I spent an entire Saturday morning in April tracking down (published on my Substack here)

What Happens When L.A. Libs Move To Texas?

The Babylon Bee at its best, watch:

Gentlemen! Let Us Be Inspired By The Pole’s Victory Over Muhammed On This Day1

On this day in 1683, Don Jon Sobieski and his Winged Hussars stormed the valley surrounding Vienna where 120,000 Turkish Mohammedans had gathered to siege the city, kill King leopold, rape his wife and daughter then continue their march to Rome to do the same to Pope Innocent XI, but Our Lady had other plans. As Brother André Marie recalls, channeling Gary Potter:

Fortuitously, the pope of the day, Innocent XI, had just brokered an alliance between the Holy Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Poland, which was also menaced by the Mohammedans. When it became known that no fewer than 300,000 Turks were advancing on the imperial capital, Pope Innocent ordered that rosaries be recited in the religious houses and churches of Rome. The same prayers of supplication were offered throughout the Empire. Still, the situation was so dangerous that the imperial court left Vienna for Passau and took refuge there. Meantime, there were special devotions at the Capuchin Church in Vienna to Our Lady Help of Christians, whose famous picture hangs there. It would become the symbol of the victory over the Turks by Poland’s King John Sobieski when he arrived on the scene after a series of forced marches from Czestochowa.

Remember, then, CRUSADER Knight that NUMBERS do NOT matter to the Mother of God, your an my devotion and trust in Her and Her Divine Son’s Grace, in the face of evil, does!

Holy name of Mary, Pray for us!

They’re Baaa-aaaaack! The IRS is coming for EVERYONE Who Has An Online Sales Account

Boom. And so it begins, corporate ‘Muricah is selling the middle class scrappers out. This will only get worse if people try and hide their sales. Watch out.

Told Ya: Merrick Garland Is A Stooge Who Did Biden’s Bidding 

The shoes are now dropping from The Biden Regime’s Bolshevik inspired raid on President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago: Biden ordered the DOJ to ignore Trump’s Executive  Privilege and search his Mar-a-Lago home!

Fauci Lied, Millions Died

The rats are fleeing the bad ship Covid, from Celia Farber’s Substack:

I asked Mr. Kennedy, by text, if he would give me a quote, (and to please not hold back.)

”Why do you think Fauci resigned now?” I asked.

He replied:

“All the lies are starting to unravel.

“Even Dr. Fauci’s propaganda commissars at CNN are asking why our country, under Dr. Fauci’s helmsmanship, had the world’s highest Covid body counts.

“His hand picked investigator on the Lancet Commission, Jeffrey Sachs, is now functionally accusing Dr. Fauci, and his minion, Peter Daszak, of helping to create Covid in the Wuhan lab, and of lying incessantly to cover their tracks.

“In recent days, his key and most loyal subordinates: Robert Redfield, Robert Kadlec, Christian Hassel, and Lawrence Tabec, have all distanced themselves, trying to get clear of the splatter zone.

Even Birx and Wallensky are doing Mea Culpas. The rats are leaving the ship. The Omertà is collapsing.”

—Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,



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