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Monday Prep-Epstein Is Dead & Slick Hillary Is Spared

Jeffrey Epstein Was A Pervert Enabled By The Demoncrat Party – Today’s Pile of Prep Feature and the theme of Today’s Mike Church Show!

Veritas et Sapientia“She knew instantly that something physical had changed. As she checked, something else occurred. “Just then the scent of roses filled the bathroom,” Melissa recalls, “the strongest scent of roses I’ve ever smelled.” In hindsight, she says: “The injury was unseen so the roses gave me the confidence to go downstairs to see the children.”KV Turley, Calling on Cardinal Newman: Mother’s Miracle Paves Way for Canonization

Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: all of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, for complete rundowns of the show, visit the Mike Church Show audio blog on The CRUSADE Channel site, here.

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Forty Six Dead People All Linked To The Clintons

I am not one for “conspiracy theories” but some of these “conspiracies” happen so infamously and so publicly that they aren’t “theories” they are facts that have provocative explanations, like the inconvenient Truth that plenty of well connected people turn up dead if that connection included being a FOB (friend of Bill). The Las Vegas CBS local has a rundown of the names and dates, decide for yourself what category Epstein’s death belongs in.

“Hillbilly Elegy” Author J.D. Vance Becomes a Catholic!

Rod Dreher reports that J.D. Vance was accepted into the Church this weekend! In Jospeh Pearce’s literary converts book several of the conversion stories center around the convert determining that the Catholic Church has to be the One, True Church, principally because it survives without interruption for 2,000 years yet is run by fallen men – the corrupt type who couldn’t sell air conditioners to Sahar Desert dwellers. Read Dreher’s interview with J.D. here.

Elizabeth Warren’s 1/1024th Truth

Pocahontas wanna be, Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA is claiming that Michael Brown was “murdered” by the Ferguson, MO Police Department and that is just straight up not true.

Joe Biden: The Gaffe Gift That Keeps on Giving The Whole Year Long, Clark

You just can’t make this stuff up:

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. raised eyebrows on Thursday during a speech in Iowa when he said that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids,” an apparent gaffe for a Democratic presidential candidate whose record on race has come under intense scrutiny during the primary.

That this is the man who represents the best the Demoncrats have to offer in 2020 to get crushed by President Trump, I think is nearly settled but there’s an even greater point: Biden is living example of what 50 years of tradition crushing revolution has  accomplished: an illiterate, poorly catechized, melange of people who do not even possess the simple skills, like language use, the Greeks & Romans had before Christ. Put another way: homeschool your kids and don’t attend Mass where you might see “silky Joe”!

The Demons Are Ascendent, They’ve Come For The Children….

I keep saying it but few listen, “The demons are ascendent, they’ve come for the children and they won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.” Now comes the news that the Dayton OH shooter was a practicing Satanist and promoter of the most vile pornography imaginable through this abomination called “pornogrind”. Connor Betts played in a “pornogrind” band and the night of his mass murder was wearing a hoodie in homage of a pornogrind band called Acacia Strain. On the hoodie is a quote from “Nightstalker” serial killer Richard Ramirez. Here is what Acacia’s t-shirt , which up until yesterday you could purchase at WAL-MART! looks like,

No Dads, No Men And No Future-That’s Why So Many Yewts Turn To Mass Murder on TV

Howard Kunstler is about as awe – inspiring as Medusa’s head from the Percy Jackson movies but he has a point that Doc Dilsaver and I have made on The Mike Church Show since the murder rampages began: WHERE ARE THE DADS?

Trump Is Off The Russia Hook Because Tulsi Gabbard Did It

Let me state from the outset, I personally like Tulsi Gabbard’s foreign policy approach – I find her revolting when it comes to every other issue of consequence including Life and homosexuality, but on war, she gets it. Unfortunately for Tulsi that outs her on the same side as Pat Buchanan, Donald J. Trump and yours truly, quick, duck! The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming; you can’t make this up.

Tarnatino Gets What His Woke, Lib Pals Don’t: When Men Can’t Act Like Men They BecomeCaricatures of Men

I haven’t seen Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood but others have including Rod Dreher who offers a very detailed review of the film that includes some nuggets like this.

It’s impossible not to see this as Tarantino’s comment on the demise of traditional masculinity. If women reward dirtbags like Charlie Manson and the men in his circle, that’s what they will encourage… Tarantino’s reactionary critique is more nuanced than that. Remember, the iconic masculine hero, Rick Dalton, is actually a self-absorbed punk. He is not a Real Man™; he only plays one on TV. The myth can is supported because, in Rick’s case, Cliff does all the rough stuff. Tarantino also seems to be saying that the myth rests on the willingness of flesh-and-blood men to inhabit it, to make it real by living it out. [emphasis mine-MC]

Our culture reviles men who act like men ready to lead their families in the home and beyond instead choosing to make crybaby, afraid of their own shadow eunuchs out of them 

Let Me Drop The Mic: If The Death of 20 By Gunshot Shocks, Why Doesn’t The Death of Thousands, The Same Day, By Cranial Mutilation?

How many babies were aborted Saturday at the same time diabolically inspired lunatics were killing other innocent’s in el Paso? You can actually see those grisly statistics here.

Demoncrats Divide Themselves Into Blacks, Sodomites and Hispanics Then Accuse Trump of Being “Divisive”

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” Rahm Emanuel infamously told Meet The Half Court Press in 2009 and boy howdy is that true today. Demoncrats have rushed to the scene of massacres in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH to pronounce President Trump guilty of being the rhetorical triggerman in each case because of his “divisiveness”, but wait, aren’t Demoncrats the inventors of divisiveness to make public policy . From the AP, here’s two small examples from today’s “news”

“At best, he’s condoning and encouraging white nationalism,” Buttigieg said [says the raving sodomite].

Sen. Kamala Harris of California also found blame in Trump’s use of language, which she said has “incredible consequence.”

“We have a president of the United States who has chosen to use his words in a way that have been about selling hate and division among us,” she told reporters before attending services at a black church in Las Vegas. [says the raving race huckster]

Seriously – the Demoncrats honestly believe that they can take Trump down by trying to pin the deeds of homicidal maniacs on him. Some might cynically say, knowing that the Deep State has no love for the man, that these “lone wolf” shooters are just a bit too conveniently increasing in ferocity as “decision 2020” looms?

Rod Dreher On The Demonically Enhanced, el Paso Shooter

Terrorist Attacks El Paso

“OK, You Guys…Um Please Stop Using Gendered Language…”

Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up. Watch this clip from the Democratic Socialists of ‘Muricah convention and while you’re peeing yourself, laughing out loud, remember that this is NOT an episode of South Park!

A Deranged Left That Cannot See a Girl as a Girl, Is SURE it Sees “Trump” In Every Wacko’s Violent Act

Remember the fight scene in John Wayne & Maureen O’hara’s The Quiet Man? What would today’s “woke” snowflakes say about the famous fight scene in the film – a fight that lasts over 5 minutes and destroys a good part of an Irish village!? Shouldn’t John Wayne have been held to account for all the violence he caused on ‘Muricah’s schoolyards with kids imitating his “unhinged” fist fighting “lifestyle”!?

Be Happy With G.K. The Orthodox ‘Cause Saint Gilbert Ain’t Gonna Happen

The annual Chesterton Conference began last night with the news that G.K.’s beatification has been stopped dead in its tracks. Good. Recall that when I interviewed the planet’s foremost Chesterton expert, the charming, 94 year old former headmaster, Aiden Mackey, he said he was totally opposed to the canonization because as Aiden put it…

“If he is canonized, non-catholics will stop reading him and his literary cult will wane.”

Well said, old friend!

The Big Box Falleth

Believe it or not, ‘Muricans are actually turning away from Wal-Mart’s “Mega-lo-Mart” monopolies and back to local grocers, prompting the giant sucking machine to dismantle its big boxes and put up these corporate attempts to replicate Sam Drucker’s General Store. Lewis McCrary breaks down the panic going on in Bentonville right now.

Now Walmart is trying desperately to think outside its big boxes, yet these attempts at “reimagining” can only lead to more decline for the old paradigm of giant retail. The stagnant model of suburban real-estate development may also be a harbinger of long-term American economic decline⁠—unless government officials and policymakers reorient incentives and make smarter infrastructure choices.

Glory be! Now if we can just get ‘Muricans to do the same thing when it comes to our lazy, fetish like addiction to Beszo’s Amazon we might actually strike a blow for a return to subsidiarity!

Mario Lopez: Infected With TwitterWokeMobPhobia

You knew it was going to happen to actor Mario Lopez after he mildly told Candace Owens that it might be a bad idea for parents to not castrate or perform the steps necessary to prepare their children for double mastectomies: he got Gaystapo’d.

I’m not going to lecture Lopez because he is only doing what the spirit of our age demands: bowing before the altar of material prosperity and human respect. Recall that Our Lord kinda saw this was going to happen and left us some Incarnate Wisdom to know what to do in response er… what NOT to do.

“But he that shall deny me before men, shall be denied before the angels of God.” Luke 12:9

The Doctor Monopoly is Killing American Patients

What Libs Want

I scanned the usual suspect websites this morning to see what those infanticidal maniacs we know as “liberals” might be saying about last night’s “Battle For Hell Without The Pitchforks II” and lo and behold, the darling of the Land of Fruits And Nuts Left, Kamala Harris continues her free fall, back into that obscurity:

Round two, night two of the 2020 Democratic presidential debates featured a matchup between two candidates who openly clashed in June’s debate: former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris. Before the proceedings even began, Biden leaned over to Harris and requested, “Go easy on me, kid.”

Harris did not.

It seems that woke libs have turned their attention from identifying every pregnant, American (or immigrant!) female as a potential client for Planned Parenthood to ferreting Joe Biden out as the dark lord of the KKK. Really!? In 2020 this is what the DNC is reduced to, a caricature of its past not-glorious self.

The Demoncrats Battle For Hell Without Without The Pitchforks

The Demoncrat “debate” which was more like a contest to prove one’s mental instability and future as a live-in at a state run mental institution, crescendoed with this clip from Marian Wiliamson, oh boyyyyyy.

Wanna See A Miracle?

This video was posted in 2016 but the story is just gaining traction this month.

“Woke” Libs Admit Their Darwin Fetish Has Impacted Mental Health

It had to happen, folks, someone in the pantheon of woke, new media, libtards, has slipped up and admitted that the lib obsession with Man as chimp cousin, a disastrous departure from natural law, has actually produced some of the derangement manifested in young male, mass murderers.

Brian Levin, director of Cal State San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. “The notion that people of color are biologically inferior is a key tenet of this book, and that biological determinism, the Darwinian view of the world, justifies aggression against diverse people and vulnerable people,” Levin said.

Whoa! That “biological determinism” is an actual term and further that it is now being fingered as partly responsible for the rise in violent, young, white supremacists is both shocking and at least partly correct, yay, MSN News!

What’s $1.2 Trillion Between Friends?

The WSJ reports that the Federal Leviathan will borrow $1.2 TRILLION in 2019 to cover Congress’s voracious debt-crack habit. The number is so staggering I won’t even attempt to quantify it because it won’t matter and it won’t stop the madness. From the WSJ:

The Treasury Department said Monday it expects to issue $814 billion in net marketable debt in the second half of this calendar year, bringing total debt issuance to $1.23 trillion in 2019. That would represent a slight decline from borrowing in 2018, when the Treasury issued $1.34 trillion in debt—more than twice as much as the $546 billion it issued in 2017.

Consider that if you just took the $3 from the $1.23 trillion that would equal THREE THOUSAND, MILLION DOLLARS. Does anyone remember that the Tea Party was formed because Obama/McCain and Pelosi gave AIG $70 billion – let that sink in. Tea Partiers were willing to hit the streets, risk being mocked by Keith Olberman and everyone of CNN for less than 7% of what Pelosi is giving away to federal contractors and their fat and happy employees. This has to be the biggest disconnect from reality in history, its even greater than the disconnect between the reality of lil girls being born as girls and their adult advocates insisting they have a “right” to change that distinction as if smashing lil Cassie’s breasts into medieval torture devices is a sign of progress; sure its, pass me the baked beans served from a lead can, please.

Its The Global Warming Cooling Stupid

Quick, destroy all the black angus beef burgers and disable the SUV’s: AOC’s global, climate catastrophe is here!

Parliament M.P.’s Now Required To Start Acting Like M.P.’s

Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Catholic who is now speaker of the House of Commons laid down the law on Friday saying that all M.P.’s must now follow a strict code of conduct that will require, among other common-sense rules, a distinction between male and female M.P.’s!


Minnesota Weather: Temperatures Dip To 37 Degrees In International Falls, Breaking 121-Year-Old Record


The Nothing Burger Congress

Last night the United States House of Representin’ held a vote on a resolution that condemns the “racist comments” of President Donald J. Trump. The resolution calls for 0.0 binding legal actions against Trump because Congress’ only power is impeachment and House demoncrats know that is a dead letter that if pursued A. won’t impeach Trum and B. virtually guarantees his reelection and their loss of the HOR; but that’s not what this is about. This is an effort by a now significant majority of the demoncrat party to elevate the out of the closet socialists into positions of power so that when they do retake the Presidency, their revolution can be enacted. A set of political circumstances like this has not existed in the U.S. since the Radical Republican takeover of the House & Senate in 1858 which presaged the election Saint Lincoln to fully implement the revolution. If you’re watching this beware – this government will become hostile to the Slavelandia/Slave New World we currently suffer under. What that means to you and me I cannot say but I can say it will be assisted by diabolical forces; stay tuned!

Mike Church, Too Catholic For Satellite Radio

Who Is Mike Church? Mike Church is the most aggressive yet charming promoter of using radio and TV media to restore Christian Order and promote God, Family and Country, on daily talk-radio & TV, in the U.S. today. Using his razor sharp wit and broadcast skills honed through 26 years in the business, there’s simply no other voice as unique and effective as Mike’s in all of broadcasting. Read the entire Mike Church Story as told by internationally renowned author Christopher Ferrara, a regular guest on The Mike Church Show, here.

Membah…membah!? Fast forward to November of that year and Chris writes a followup “Too Catholic For Satellite Radio”. Thanks to Papa Francis deliberate attempt to bring an end to the Catholic Church by claiming he can change dogma (the licit Death Penalty), I am becoming #Too Catholic For Lukewarm Catholic Radio. Ferrara wrote the following which we at the CRUSADE Channel studio still believe is True and pursue improving it every day.

“Indeed, over the past year or so Mike Church has emerged as the only traditionally Catholic conservative in talk radio today, anywhere in the world. And I mean traditional. Not only during my appearances on the show, but now thematically, Mike has turned the longest running political talk show on Sirius Radio into an unabashed presentation of the Social Kingship of Christ, traditional Catholic moral teaching, and even the traditional Latin liturgy as the solution to what is evidently otherwise a terminal civilizational crisis. I have been invited on the show numerous times to defend all of these things explicitly, to speak of the one true Church, and even to call upon conservative Protestants to enter the Church if they are serious about saving our nation and our civilization.”

Thanks to you, fair reader, we have the chance to continue that fight but I am in constant need of your assistance, click here to chip in.

Need To Listen To The Pearcing Truth’s Series On Economics As If Families Mattered

Co-hosted by Mike Church and now available On-Demand!

It’s August2019 And The Immodesty Is About To Go Nuclear Because It WENT Nuclear – Venerable Bishop Sheen called out ‘Muricah back in the 1960’s while speaking to a group of young Catholics on “Youth and Sex”: “8:15 in the morning, the 6th of August, 1945, when we flew a military plane over this city, when we dropped that atomic bomb on it; that bomb on blotted out boundaries. There was no longer a boundary between the military and the civilian, between the helper and the helped, between the wounded and the nurse and the doctor, between the living and the dead. For even the living who escaped the bomb were already half dead. So we broke down boundaries and limits and from that time on the world has said we want no one limiting me. … You want no restraint, no boundaries, no limits. I have to do what I want to do. Now let’s analyze that for a moment, is that happiness?”


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