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Monday Prep-Our Tyrannical Descent Into A Nation of Karen’s

todayMay 11, 2020

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It’s the Monday & Episode #1,011 of The Mike Church Show! Today’s Pile of Prep Feature and the theme of Today’s Mike Church Show!

Veritas et Sapientia“Over more than two centuries, the United States has stirred a very wide range of feelings in the rest of the world: love and hatred, fear and hope, envy and contempt, awe and anger. But there is one emotion that has never been directed towards the U.S. until now: pity.”

THE KINGDUDE’S RUNDOWN – Headline’s and The King’s Commentary

States ordered nursing homes to take COVID-19 residents. Thousands died. How it happened – Now the pushback begins which will lead to millions of lawsuits being filed for state government bungling of the CoronaHoax™

COVID doctors challenge CDC’s rules on cause of death, concerned about inflated numbers – The number of doctors now admitting that the CoronaHoax™ is based on fraudulently catalogued deaths, grows every day.

The KingDude’s Kitchen: Making The Perfect Kentucky Mule – Elijah Craig Bourbon is the perfect Bourbon at the right proof and makes a refreshing, sweet summer drink!

COVID-19 Coronavirus: Unanswered Questions – Expect to see MUCH more of these articles and I think that’s part of the Oligarch’s plan because it contributes to confusion and allows “divide and conquer” to prosper!

Our Ancestors Would Be Amazed At Our Cowardly Coronavirus Hysteria – ‘Muricans have a penchant for proclaiming ourselves as “The Greatest_____________” so of course THIS #CoronaHoax™ is the GREATEST plague ever…except its not even close.

Citizen Obey! Bar owner, protesters push back against ECSO after arrest – Watch as an armored tank with a crows nest 50 calibre gun and 3 flak jacketed thugs-cops “arrest” dangerous patrons at Big Daddy Zanes in West Odessa, TX!

Bankrupt Cities And States Get The National Disaster They’ve Been Hoping For – I have been telling you that most states are running MASSIVE deficits, covered by promises of federal bailouts.

Poll: 52% of Parents View Homeschooling More Favorably Since Coronavirus School Closures – Wow, a “When Harry Met Sally” For parents meeting their kids for the first time!

Pitcher of The Day (Because People Like ‘Em Pitchers!)

The “set” for Cookin’ With The KingDude on Making Kentucky Mule Cocktails!

The Demons Are Ascendent & After Seizing The Children They’ve Come For Us

Watch this commercial prepared for the Abu Dhabi Airport and imagine that it is actually going to happen, soon and will likely happen at U.S. airports soon. Can you imagine actually traveling this way?

Ireland Has Become A Fascist Nightmare, 15 months After Legalizing Abortion. Coincicdence?

on January 1, 2019 it became legal to murder babies in Ireland, the last western country that had kept the grisly, diabolical sacrifice, illegal. Since it has begun the murder of innocents, Ireland has returned to its ancient pagan ways and has used the CoronaHoax™ to rain violent tyranny on its people. Witness this “arrest” of a man who apparently defied some social distancing order – the video isn’t clear – and was then summarily walloped by the cops.

UPDATED!! I Repeat: There Is NO Medical Benefit To Healthy People Wearing Masks In Public!

This video from Dr. Judy Mikovits and completely destroys the “Stay Safe, Wear a Mask” narrative.

I have been in Twitta and Pridebook wars with many people duped into the binary thinking of a. wear a mask and “stay safe from the plague” or b. don’t wear a mask, get the CoronaHoax™ plague, die or almost die and infect everyone you know in the process! So, which of the binary choices is correct? Isn’t this a “heads I win, tails you lose”, canard? I have previously reported that there is no scientific evidence that wearing surgical masks in public do anything to stop the spread of viruses. Now comes Dr. Brownstein of Michigan with more studies and evidence including a study the South Koreans just completed! Here’s the findings.

A 2020 study in Seoul, South Korea looked at the effectiveness of surgical and cotton masks in blocking COVID-19 in a controlled comparison of four patients. The COVID-infected patients were put in negative pressure isolated rooms. The scientists compared disposable surgical masks (3 layers) with reusable cotton masks. Patients were instructed to cough 5 times while wearing no mask, surgical mask, or cotton mask. Interestingly, all swabs from the outer masks—including surgical masks—were positive for COVID-19. Inner masks were also found to be contaminated. That means the mask did not effectively filter out the COVID virus since it is too small. The authors state, “Neither surgical nor cotton masks effectively filtered {COVID-19} during coughs by infected patients.”

What about wearing cloth masks like Anti-Pope Bel Edrwads The Worst has demanded “for your own health and safety? They will likely MAKE you sick!

It should be well known that cloth masks, bandanas, or handkerchiefs will do very little to stop the spread of coronavirus. In fact, they may actually increase your risk of becoming ill from corona and other influenza-like illnesses. A 2015 study found cloth masks, when compared to surgical masks, increase the rate of influenza-like illnesses 13x! (1) Cloth masks are probably best avoided and should not be reused without properly sanitizing them.

Conclusion: wearing a surgical mask in public has absolutely no health benefit and may in fact be hastening the spread of the CoronaHoax™ AND Influenza A, B and other flus.

Congratulations Governor Holcomb, You Put A Superbowl Champ Out of Business

Gary Brackett was on the Indy Colts’ only Super Bowl winning team, stayed in Indianapolis and opened up a small chain of Sports bars called The Stacked Pickle. Now thanks to Governor Eric Holcomb’s #MeToo House Arrest, the Stacked Pickle has folded and 8 location’s cooks, managers, waiters, waitresses and bartenders are permanently out of a job. Bracket says he is also leaving Indiana, I suggest he consider South Dakota. A SAD day, Indiana. Holcombe should be sued and face consequences as should every other governor responsible for destroying people’s dreams and life’s work. From the Twitta…

The Medical Fascists Nazis Are Already OPERATING In California!

Whatever you do, get the Hades OUT of Ventura County California before its too late. Watch….

I was Called a “Pacifist” For Warning That Mayberry Cops Didn’t Need APC’s & Blackhawks, Well Lookie Here!

From my Twitta…

Anyone Who Thinks We Haven’t Been CoronaHoaxed Is A Useful Idiot

The official narrative that the CoronaHoax virus is the deadliest, most contagious, most long-lasting contagion in the history of contagions is coming apart at the seams. The notorious Neil Ferguson of “2.5 – 4 MILLION DEAD”, model fame, did not believe that social distancing was even necessary as he was having an illicit sex affair with a married woman IMMEDIATELY following his “world must practice strict social distancing and lockdown practices”. Former NYT columnist Alex Berenson who unleashes 60 seconds of fury at Emperor Faucitine & Scarf Vader’s surgical mask hoax:

The CoronaHoax™ Death Count IS THE #Fake News, Not My Reporting on it!

From my Twitta. Steve Skojec accuses me of promoting “Fake News” and bogus data. It’s not “fake” and the data is from the #CDC. If Kojak wants to reject co-morbitiy as a factor in “Covid-19” deaths meaning that every positive test on a dead person = a Covid-19 victim, ok, I will not concede that point and neither will HUNDREDS of doctors and epidemiologists from around the world.

Bill Sardi at Lew Rockwell’s site caught the same CDC alteration that I caught. The graph below shows the amount of excess deaths over the seasonal average, note a similar spike in 2018’s flu season didn’t even stir up a hint of a lockdown.

We Keep Hearing About “Meat Shortages” While Big Ag Tries To Make That A Reality

Rep. Thomas Massie has a bill called The PRIME Act that would start the process of restoring local farmers and ranchers rights to bring locally grown meats to market. Thinking about that, I wonder how many average ‘Muricans even know that their food is grown and poisoned by agricultural manufacturing giants?

A similar point has been made by John Connor Cleveland. In a commentary in National Review, he suggested that many programs administered by the Department of Agriculture have become “troughs of corruption and corporate influence.” Writing under the heading “Why Animal Welfare is a Conservative Cause” and citing in particular handouts to animal feed producers, he added: “This is nothing less than government-sponsored welfare to livestock producers, who are insulated from market shifts thanks to the low costs for their feed.”

When the first day’s worth of meals is missed by the average ‘Murican cause the mass-produced meat has actually run out, will there be a reckoning!?

The House Arrest Doldrums Have Arrived

Listen to this monologue from Thursday’s Mike Church Show, hour 1 and get motivated to fight the Corona doldrums like your life depends on it (because it does)!

The Deep State Will Not Cotton Dissent! Citizen Doctors, You Will Obey!

Well that didn’t take long: Dr.’s Erickson and Massihi’s viral video explaining why the nationwide “lockdowns” are not healthy, are not going to produce what the experts claim and why they need to end, have earned the attention of our Deep State elite masters and the destruction of the two has begun in earnest.

LISTEN To Dr’s. Erickson and Massihi’s interview in its entirety here on the CRUSADE Channel blog.

First YouBoob pulled the video down after 5 million people saw it for “violating terms and conditions”. Now comes the next wave: “experts” who claim the doctors are Trump motivated quacks who do not have the expertise to look at data and use spreadsheets to make calculations. Seriously, their extrapolations, which are in line with similar ones from all across Europe, are now being said by Washington State U. biologist Carl Bergstrom…

“They’ve used methods that are ludicrous to get results that are completely implausible… [its like] estimating the average height of Americans from the players on an NBA court.”

Rubbish. The numbers stated during the presser came from Sweden and Norway, The CDC and the California Health Department and can be compared to similar conclusions you can see here. Bergstrom is trying to accuse Erickson of using quack methods, but he is the one guilty of quackery and propaganda as pointed out by the SWPRS Doctor:

Some readers were surprised by the decrease in deaths in Sweden, as most media show a steeply rising curve. What is the reason for this? Most media show cumulative figures by date of reporting, while the Swedish authorities publish the much more meaningful daily figures by date of death.

The Swedish authorities always stress that not all newly reported cases have died within the last 24 hours, but many media ignore this (see graph below). Although the latest Swedish figures may still increase somewhat, as in all countries, this does not change the generally declining trend.

In addition, these figures represent deaths with and not necessarily from coronavirus. The average age of death in Sweden is also over 80 years, about 50% of deaths occurred in vulnerable nursing homes, while the effect on the general population has remained minimal, even though Sweden has one of the lowest intensive care capacities in Europe.

The final nail in Erickson and Mahisi’s courageous exoposé? They are supposedly MAGA Trump reporters.

How Sweden Beat The kung Flu Without Resorting To Tyranny

Celia Farber: Sweden Shatters Lock-down Model As Curves Stay Flat, Population Found Exposed But Not Sick; German MD Calls Corona Lock-down Measures “Collective Suicide Based On A Spook”

Bill Gates Was A Friend of Jeffrey Epstein

Lots of people are Tweeting about the photo below because Lawrence Summers is advising Creepy Joe Biden, ok that’s alll well and good but look who else is in the pic. Yep, that’s Bill Gates!

The Truth Can Be Popular

Today We Air Episode 1,010 of The Mike Church Show! PLEASE Make An Effort To Listen & Join Our LIVE! Chat So We Can Show The World How Popular Broadcasting #Truth Can Be!
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The Tyranny Against Common Sense Must End

On last Thursday I sent my now famous letter to Louisiana State Representative Mark Wright (R-, LA 77) asking him to call for a special legislative session to consider Emperor Bel Edwards I’s tyrannical house arrest and industry shutdown orders. Wright didn’t agree with the Special Session but has now come out against Emperor Edwards new call to keep Louisiana out of business ’til June. Read my letter and feel free to use the text and send it to your state representatives, this MUST be done, now, before its too late. Here is the story of Wright and others now joining my call for this madness to end.

The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease, Part 1

German Professor Klaus Püschel head of forensic medicine in Hamburg, explains that the hysterical response to Covid19 is now off the charts worse than this mild flu bug ever was dreamed of being in the Chinese weaponologists’s heads who made it.

This virus influences our lives in a completely excessive way. This is disproportionate to the danger posed by the virus. And the astronomical economic damage now being caused is not commensurate with the danger posed by the virus. I am convinced that the Corona mortality rate will not even show up as a peak in annual mortality. [In Hamburg, for example] not a single person who was not previously ill [had died of the virus.] All those we have examined so far had cancer, a chronic lung disease, were heavy smokers or severely obese, suffered from diabetes or had a cardiovascular disease. The virus was the last straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. Covid-19 is a fatal disease only in exceptional cases, but in most cases it is a predominantly harmless viral infection.

When the bloom is off the panic rose and ‘Muricans are faced with mortgages they can’t pay, businesses that have plywood boards over their once gleaming, plate glass windows.

We All Know A Chef, A Waitress  And A Bartender….

So why are we cowering in our homes and allowing tyrant, hysteria fomenting governors to basically force our service industry permanently out of business? Why is Joe’s Diner less essential than Lowes? From my Twitta…

The United States Has 0.0 Levels of ELEVATED Flu Cases!!

Checkout this site U.S. Health Weather Map, which shows every county in the United States and what their CURRENT rate of seasonal flu cases are. Note in the map below, there are 0.0 areas of “moderate” or “high” meaning the ENTIRE United States is well within average ranges of Flu cases for this time in March? Feeling had now? You should and if you participated, you should feel great sorrow.

Southern Men Do We Stand With Alyssa Milano & Planned Parenthood or God’s Babies?

I have been warning the last 7 months that this was going to happen to The South’s courageous efforts to finally end abortion:

ATLANTA — A federal judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked Georgia’s restrictive new abortion law from taking effect, following the lead of other judges who have blocked similar measures in other states. The law signed in May by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can happen as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, before many women realize they’re expecting. It allows for limited exceptions. It had been scheduled to become enforceable on Jan. 1.

I have been telling you since February that despite all the good intentions and the slander from Milano et al endured, the 7 Southern States of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio would all have our laws “struck down” by Leviathan’s courts; so let me ask the question again: WHAT are we going to do about it?

Read & Respond to my #NeverGillette Manfesto here

Need To Listen To The Pearcing Truth’s Series On Economics As If Families Mattered

Co-hosted by Mike Church and now available On-Demand!

Mike Church, Too Catholic For Satellite Radio

Who Is Mike Church? Mike Church is the most aggressive yet charming promoter of using radio and TV media to restore Christian Order and promote God, Family and Country, on daily talk-radio & TV, in the U.S. today. Using his razor sharp wit and broadcast skills honed through 26 years in the business, there’s simply no other voice as unique and effective as Mike’s in all of broadcasting. Read the entire Mike Church Story as told by internationally renowned author Christopher Ferrara, a regular guest on The Mike Church Show, here.

Membah…membah!? Fast forward to November of that year and Chris writes a followup “Too Catholic For Satellite Radio”. Thanks to Papa Francis deliberate attempt to bring an end to the Catholic Church by claiming he can change dogma (the licit Death Penalty), I am becoming #Too Catholic For Lukewarm Catholic Radio. Ferrara wrote the following which we at the CRUSADE Channel studio still believe is True and pursue improving it every day.

“Indeed, over the past year or so Mike Church has emerged as the only traditionally Catholic conservative in talk radio today, anywhere in the world. And I mean traditional. Not only during my appearances on the show, but now thematically, Mike has turned the longest running political talk show on Sirius Radio into an unabashed presentation of the Social Kingship of Christ, traditional Catholic moral teaching, and even the traditional Latin liturgy as the solution to what is evidently otherwise a terminal civilizational crisis. I have been invited on the show numerous times to defend all of these things explicitly, to speak of the one true Church, and even to call upon conservative Protestants to enter the Church if they are serious about saving our nation and our civilization.”

Thanks to you, fair reader, we have the chance to continue that fight but I am in constant need of your assistance, click here to chip in.

It’s April 2020 And The Immodesty Is About To Go Nuclear Because It WENT Nuclear – Venerable Bishop Sheen called out ‘Muricah back in the 1960’s while speaking to a group of young Catholics on “Youth and Sex”: “8:15 in the morning, the 6th of August, 1945, when we flew a military plane over this city, when we dropped that atomic bomb on it; that bomb on blotted out boundaries. There was no longer a boundary between the military and the civilian, between the helper and the helped, between the wounded and the nurse and the doctor, between the living and the dead. For even the living who escaped the bomb were already half dead. So we broke down boundaries and limits and from that time on the world has said we want no one limiting me. … You want no restraint, no boundaries, no limits. I have to do what I want to do. Now let’s analyze that for a moment, is that happiness?”


The MIKE CHURCH SHOW and the Veritas Radio Newtork’s CRUSADE Channel are 29 months old this month. To see another 26 months of life, please support our crowdfunding effort, become a Founders Pass Member, place an ad or much more. Click SOS our Mascot for details!

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