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Monday Prep – Where’s The Outrage When 10 Year Olds Are Posed Naked With Perverts?

Veritas et Sapientia“The result is the shallowness of postmodern society that cannot delve deeper into what is happening. People are unwilling to take things to their final consequences. Everything must be fleeting as a twitter post, superficial as an emoji smiling, frowning or sulking at the end of a text message. Indeed, the emoji is a fitting symbol of the times. It has no depth or personality. It is a fickle expression of mood impulses. It often offends by its brutal simplicity. The emoji evokes emotions that flee from definition or lasting impact.” – John Horvat, The Non-Wisdom of The Emoji

Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel.


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The Ascendent Demons Pose Naked With TEN Year Old Boys

Just when you think the pervert sodomites cannot possibly outdo their previous acts of deviance with “drag queen story time” and the like, one of them gets the diabolical idea that their “right” to practice whatever perversions they wish now includes acts with children. I previously reported on the mortally sinful perversions practiced by 11 year old “drag star, Desmond”, dancing in homosexual strip clubs, to the lewd howls of homosexual men while his mother watched and picked up the dollar bills thrown at “Desmond”. Now came 10 year old “Queen Lactatia” (real name Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden)  dressed as a little girl tramp and provocatively posing with completely naked “Violet Chachki”. No, I am not making this up. Instagram was pressured into removing the photo but its screen capped all over the place (I will not publish it here but you can see for yourself on Amanda Prestagiacomo’s post. Nemis’ mother is a moral  basket case and should be arrested for child abuse before irrevocable damage is done to Nemis. Here’s her take on Nemis’ “hobby” of “drag”.

“We would never try to overtly sexualise our child. But if he wears something that makes him feel beautiful, what right do I have to stop him wearing that dress because it might cause people to think things they shouldn’t be thinking? It’s a circular problem.”

What “right” you have is a responsibility to protect this child from predators like “Violet Chachki” ma’am and the capitalist criminals willing to sell your son’s barely clothed body to adult, male homosexual perverts.

DeceptiCONNED:  Pigs Are Flying And Congress Is Paying Them To

Here is a snippet from Winslow T Wheeler’s excellent report on the Military Industrial Complex’s diversification and creativity in protecting and expanding the $1+ TRILLION heist they pull off every year at the Federal trough.

In truth, both parties in Congress have simply swapped the pork system for a scheme that is even more venal and underhanded. They’ve circumvented their own rules and are putting even more pork in defense bills than before. They hypocritically proclaim that their bills are earmark-free, while simultaneously boasting about the pork to constituents. They deceptively pay for the hidden earmarks by raiding essential accounts for soldiers’ pay and military readiness, and they readily accept hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions from the very contractors who received huge chunks of the billions of dollars that Congress added.

Read the whole thing and marvel at just how enormous this war-theft is. Here are the the countries that have yearly GDP’s of $1 trillion or more-the list is very small, there are 17 including the U.S.

In nominal data, 16 economies would have gdp above $1 trillion, 64 have above $100 billion and 178 have above $1 billion.

To put the MIC’s yearly haul in perspective, 161 countries across the globe have gdp’s smaller than what the MIC loots Joe Sixpack for every year!

White Men Can’t Count

Did you know that the demographic (numerical) decline of white guys is so obviously now undeniable, that there is a book out about it and even secular, leftist whack-jobs in Canada and Europe are alarmed by it? Yep, they sure are because white guys might be needed to fight the coming Islamic hordes.

The English Version of Margaret Sanger Is Even Scarier

Marie Stopes, founder of England’s abortion industry and admirer of Adolf Hitler.

KV Turley has a bone-chilling essay on the “Flithy Lucre of England’s Abortion Industry” that includes the grand dame of baby-killing English style: Marie Stopes. If you think Margaret Sanger’s eugenics are horrifying, wait’ll you meet the even creepier Stopes.

In her book, Radiant Motherhood (1920), [Marie] Stopes states: “the sterilisation of those totally unfit for parenthood [should be] made an immediate possibility, indeed made compulsory.” The following year she opened her first family planning center in London and founded the “Society for Constructive Birth Control and Racial Progress.” Its purpose was to prevent the birth of what she considered: “the inferior, the depraved, and the feeble-minded.

England’s abortion industry as KV points out is an abomination to the smoldering remains of Christendom and proves that the Nazis actually did win WWII and are practicing their gruesome craft as abortionists and their growing clientele.  At a time when all of former Christendom is declining in population while Islam remains ascendent (and thus so are demons) it may be time to conclude that the “pro-life movement” is an abominable failure and a new tactic is needed: Calling all CRUSADER Knights!

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing-How Saul Alinsky Ruined American Catholicism

Get a special, one day only sale price on Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing!

Check out my interview with the Father/Son filmmaking team behind Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing, Richard and Stephen Payne. The Payne’s boldly state:

This is no conspiracy theory! It’s the real story of Alinsky and his movement. It’s the classic teachings of the Church with insights from philosopher Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. (who as a Jesuit scholastic was trained in Alinskyian organizing), Fathers Glenn Sudano & Andrew Apostoli (co-founders with Fr. Benedict Groeschel of Franciscan Friars of the Renewal), Stephanie Block (who wrote the definitive 4 volume study of Alinskyian organizing). Actors play Alinsky, Popes St. John Paul II & Leo XIII, Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko & others.

We have made the entire interview available for FREE, please share it with friends and family today, its an important piece of work!

Hirohito Strikes Back, Then Is Samauri Whooped By Tulsi Gabbard, Sorta…

During the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Hawaiian Senator Maise Hirono (Hirohito to MCS listeners) told the world, before she heard Judge Kavanaugh’s side of the Blasey Ford tirade “I believe you” but she never went so far asto say Kavanaugh was not fit for SCOTUS because he was a Knight of Columbus; that day has now come for Judge Brian Buescher who has been nominated to the DC Circuit. Hirohito has come out in the Judiciary Committee, Catholic bigotry guns a blazing, the Buescher’s nomination is DOA because he is a Catholic, no surprise there for one of Hawaii’s biggest boosters of abortion i.e. islandacide. What is a shock is Democrat Rep Tulsi Gabbard so swiftly and almost convincingly issuing an immediate smackdown to Hirohito! Read the whole thing here. I say almost convincingly because Gabbard wants all religion removed from public life by association or otherwise, but our “democracy” won’t work without it and is on the brink of imploding because of attitudes like hers. To summarize, Ms. Gabbard isn’t “pro-Catholic” but more rather is pro secular, to a point. But I do commend her stand against Hirohito.

Tucker Carlson Is Still A Few Ave Maria’s Away From Catholic Distributist, But Ben Shapiro!?

No thanks to his now infamous “confession” with the hapless/faithless Bishop Robert Barron, Ben Shapiro remains as invincibly ignorant of The Faith as he does committed to a Rothbardian solkution to humanity’s problems. MBD breaks down Shapiro, David French and Kevin Williamson’s breakdown/smackdown’s of Tucker Carlson’s Indictment of Our Ruling Elite monologue that I covered on Wednesday’s show here. What’s missing from all this professional saber rattling is just that, sabers. If you want to die on the hill of Rothbard/Mises theories to a perfect world through “free-markets”, Ben, then you oughtta say that and not offer it up as a possible part of a solution. Ditto the other two “reviews” of Carlson’s monologue. Carlson’s offering still contains something the pretenders do not: sincerity. Tucker is obviously speaking from his position at Ground Zero, in the belly of the beast, as I pointed out in my review on Wednesday, where are the others coming from? Whether he intended to or not, Tucker Carlson identified our ruling elite’s sins against significant dogmas of The Faith as the cause of our plight; the other three don’t even make it inside the narthex.

Your MAGA Wall Will Cost Thousands of People Their Homes & Endorses Eminent Domain

Are you still ready to end all life as we know it if you don’t get your constitutional abomination: The Wall? Does the fact that thousands will be forced to sell their properties and those that won’t will be sued by Mordor and Eminent Domain invoked?

We’re All M.I.C.M.’s Now – The Outrage At Saint Benedict Center


“Where The White Women At!?” They’re Not in ‘Murican Homes Making Babies

Mel Brooks famously penned then had Cleavon Little act out that line in Blazing Saddles “where are the white women at”. ‘Muricans should be seriously asking that question as it pertains to the future as in, there isn’t going to be one for whites in ‘Muricah if marriage and family don’t return as our secondary purpose for living. The U.S. fertility rate is now below population maintain minimum, reports the Daily Mail.

The highest total fertility rate was found to be in South Dakota, which was 57 percent greater than the lowest rate in Washington, DC. No state in 2017 had a total fertility rate for white women that was above the population replacement level – what the population needs to exactly replace itself from one generation to the next. Meanwhile, black women had a rate higher than the population replacement level in 12 states and Hispanic women had a rate that was higher in 29 states. However across all age groups and races, the total fertility rate for the US in 2017 was 1,765.5 per 1,000 women – 16 percent below the level of a population to replace itself.

We should have known this would happen the moment contraception became all the rage, to say nothing of abortion and now the rampant homosexual “culture” that dominates all forms of media. The question is, what to do about it?

‘Membah Those Snakes Saint Patrick Drove From Ireland? They’re Baaaaaaa-aaaack

The Irish Coast Guard discovered this California Kingsnake on the beach at Youghal Point. The CG then tried to explain that the animal was brought there “by a bird” or dumped there “by its owner”; but how/why would a bird fly a snake 7,000 miles from its habitat or more puzzlingly, if it was cast out by its owner, why not just throw it in a Glad Bag and be done with it? The truth is, since the date of death is not “official”, the beast was sent by God as a reminder that what the Irish once were freed from, the serpent’s evil, they have now welcomed back in by their own fiat. Good luck with that, Patty-Aborts.

DeceptiCONNED: Welcome Never-Ending War, Theater 6: Syria

Paul Pillar (among many others) has revealed how John Bombin’ Bolton basically vetoed President Trump’s attempt to extricate U.S. troops permanently from the Syrian quagmire, and the consequences of this action.

National Security Advisor John Bolton has in effect overruled President Donald Trump’s troop withdrawal decision. This will have fateful consequences for America’s national interests, and none of them are good… The de facto reversal of Trump’s withdrawal decision is a victory only for those who—like Bolton, who still avers that the Iraq War was a good idea—never met a U.S. military intervention in the Middle East they didn’t like and never stop seeing regimes they would like to change with force. The prospective result is an indefinite stay of the U.S. troops, which does not extinguish the ISIS threat and incurs the negative consequences that unwanted foreign occupations tend to incur. Anyone worried about terrorism should be aware that such occupations furnish the prime motivation for suicide bombers.

This is exactly in keeping with what I have been telling you since Steve Bannon was kicked out of the White House: even if Trump wanted to, the entrenched, Deep-State DeceptiCONS will keep the U.S. in every one of our current occupations until the Treasury is finally bankrupt or an actual World War breaks out, which is likely, and we’re not only broke, we’re substantially depleted in male population.

Silicon Sauron Valley Is Becoming The Hunger Games Capitol

Paul Ingrassia has a must-read essay over at The American Conservative about the religious fervor taking over Silicon Valley that is anything but religious, it’s pagan. It is pagan in the sense that what is worshipped is the “technology” these useful idiot billionaires create and the sacrifice this “deity” demands? Ingrassia tells us.

Harari wonders why we should even maintain a low-skilled “useless” class, whose work is doomed to disappear over the next several decades, replaced by artificial intelligence. “You’re totally expendable,” Harari tells his audience. This is why, the Times says, the Silicon elites recommend social engineering solutions like universal income to try and mitigate the more unpleasant effects of that “useless” class. They seem unaware (or at least they’re incapable of admitting) that human nature is imperfect, sinful, and can never be perfected from on high. Since many of the Silicon breed reject the possibility of a timeless, intelligent metaphysics (to say nothing of Christianity), such truisms about our natures go over their heads. Metaphysics aside, the fact that our elites are even thinking this way to begin with—that technology may render an entire underclass “expendable”—is in itself cause for concern. [emphasis mine – MC]

Got that, smartphone packing peasant? YOU and I are “expendable” because all that matters is discovering new ways to manipulate data that can be “monetized”. Tucker Carlson warns of this coming elite inspired technocide if our political elites don’t immediately shift course. This is the logical result of elevating Marxist positivism to a paradigm: you get slavery then apathy to the slave.

Tucker Carlson Is 2 Hail Mary’s From Becoming A Distributist

Wow…just wow! Watch this monologue from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and, for the moment, imagine you’re listening to Hilaire Belloc deliver the same, oh so juicy and enlightening screed.

OK, Fantasy Island time is over, Carlson is not Belloc but he is but a few Ave Maria’s away and we should all pray for him (really). What Tucker has written and then voiced is Fox News first and only, what I will call, Saint John The Baptist Moment (SJBM): he is a lone voice crying in the wilderness that is MSM TV. Carlson has apparently seen a lot more vapid greed and vainful pride whilst inside the bowels of Faux News then he ever saw while editing…

Read the rest of Mike’s “Tucker Carlson-A Few Ave Maria’s From Becoming a Disrtibutist”, click here!

TrannyMammy’s™ Now Set Their Sights On NON Tranny-Moms

On yesterday’s show I read the WSJ essay by Abigail Shrier wherein she described this new mental contagion known as ROGD-Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. This condition has been fabricated by the diabolically inspired moms (see 10 year old “Desmond’s” mom e.g.) who seek social media status, fame and some kind of sick bragging rights at Pokeno night because their daughter is a courageous transitioner. Shrier writes of the moms who do NOT want their daughters mutilating their bodies, doping on male steroids and acting like what young men their age should act. Here’s an excerpt.

Many of the mothers I spoke with say they enthusiastically supported same-sex marriage long before it was legal anywhere. Some of them describe welcoming the news when their daughters came out as lesbians. But when their daughters suddenly decided that they were actually men and started clamoring for hormones and surgery, the mothers begged them to reconsider, or at least slow down.

Rod Dreher has a followup from a 4th Wave mom (4th Wave is a support group for parents NOT on board with the TrannyMammy™ zeitgeist) who goes by the name Mrs DK.

My 20-year-old has been on testosterone for a year and has made an appointment for a consult for a double mastectomy. She is paying for the consult and is aware that she will have to fund all co-pays related to transition. Apparently some college girls are able to get loans to do this. I plan to go along on the consult and would be interested in any thoughts from your commenters. It is impossible to express my level of anguish about this.

The fact that these parents are horrified of being discovered as opponents of their children’s “transition” because of the legal and economic stigma it brings tells you everything you need to know. This isn’t about “health” of these children and young adolescents, its about compulsory obedience to the new paradigm, one that aims for full marriage to the cult of death and the end of humanity.

“11 Year Olds, Dude” II, Its Even Worse Than I Thought

On yesterday’s Mike Church Show I suggested that the phone lines of Child Protective Services of New York should have been jammed with the activity of concerned residents over the safety of 11 year old sex star Desmond Napoles whose parents have now escorted their son to TWO “gay bars” where he danced for drunken homosexuals who lustily howled at the child and threw folded up money at him as you would an adult stripper. I commend Rod Dreher for his investigation into Desmond’s parents exploitation of the child, including setting up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for Desmond’s “therapy” to continue. You can’t make this stuff up, Desmond is ADHD and the LGBT advocacy, gay bar dancing and mocking of women are his therapy. WendyLou Napoles, in her own words:

Desmond is on the autism spectrum….But at the end of the day, this 10-year old boy has been able to overcome his disorder’s symptoms and behavior issues and become successful in pursuing his interests. He likes dressing up, dance, voguing, and fashion design. HOW ARE THOSE INTERESTS HURTING YOU??? Please, someone explain that to me. Frankly speaking, it takes most people until their adulthood to figure out how to live with any disorder or disease. Desmond feels most focused and comfortable when he is designing his outfits and dressing up. It helps his autism and helps keep his behavior under control, which means he has a high quality of life right now. Wendy Napoles

If making girl’s clothes, wearing them, promoting other children to pursue “transitioning” or the gateway of being “gay” is therapy, then why wouldn’t having sex with his adult admirers be an even better therapy as long as mom and dad get to “supervise”. Ms. Napoley is so detached from the reality that she has become her son’s pimp and is figuratively speaking, “earning a living” from it, she’s now angrily denying the obvious and using a disease’s treatment as cover.

Lukewarm Ninnyism Begins During Teenage Years

A new study shows that most children who leave the Catholic Church as young adults begin the process when they are teens DURING CCD classes etc (my conclusion, not the study’s authors). Now why would that be and why does it matter? Look what 50 years of post-conciliar “happy Jesus-no sin to see here, parishioner, move along, faith” hath wrought [emphasis mine, MC]

The church also is encountering loss through people who were never introduced to the faith. Parents raised as Catholics increasingly choose not to enroll their children in the sacraments of initiation. While Catholic fertility rates largely reflect that of the general population, fewer infants are baptized today than in the 1940s, according to Mark Gray, a senior researcher on Catholicism.

If you are a Mass, 4 times a year “catholic” you obviously don’t believe the Sacraments are an integral and necessary part of your salvation so why should you bother your kids with it when they can hang out with the Protestants down the way and climb rock walls in their churches?

Welcome To Post Truth ‘Muricah

The TrannyMammy™ zeitgeist has been adding horsepower to its engine by extorting members of official society into their religion: doctors, lawyers, university provosts, politicians, CEO’s etc. Let’s talk about the doctors for just a moment to gauge just how far the lie has advanced. This doctor wrote to Rod Dreher to explain to his readers what is happening in clinical psychology.

We not only live in a post-Christian world, but we also live in a post-truth world. In fact, the suicide rate of transgender individuals is extremely high, even after surgical intervention. The fact remains that surgery does not change your gender. It is only a superficial fix — building a façade that does nothing to change the psychological issues that create the feelings in the first place.

Got that, bigot citizen? Transitioning will not make anyone happier and will in more cases than not lead to suicide but hey, that’s what they want so death they shall get.

TrannyMammy’s™ Practice Child Abuse, Here’s Proof

Puberty blockers pose significant medical risk to children and no one knows just how severe that damage is. Jane Robbins says that doctors and Big Pharma hacks are lying when they say the drugs are completely safe.

Lupron was originally Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved to treat prostate cancer, but it’s now routinely prescribed for other conditions such as endometriosis and “precocious puberty” — i.e., puberty that begins too early (generally considered under age eight for girls, under age nine for boys). Many of these patients have experienced extreme side effects that shattered their health and their lives, including severe joint pain, osteoporosis, compromised immune systems, and mental health issues such as severe depression and even suicidal ideation. The FDA has received 24,000 reports of adverse reactions, about half of which the agency has deemed serious.

Look at the bright side, no reports of rectums falling out or eyeballs bleeding but hey, TrannyMammy™ moms gotta transition.

Leviathan Finally Admits Our Killings In Yemen via Saudi Arabia

A TV commercial for State Farm begins “Well it finally happened, someone done burned down my she-shed.” Take the line and apply it to the historic resolution that cleared the Senate yesterday “It finally happened, someone done burnt down Congress’s she-shed filled with Yemen denials”. Daniel Larison reports on the long overdue good news.

The Senate’s passage of S.J.Res. 54 today was historic in several respects. It was the first time the Senate used the War Powers resolution to oppose ongoing U.S. involvement in a foreign war, and it was the first time in decades that the Senate repudiated a war involving the U.S. against the wishes of the sitting president. Daniel Larison, The American Conservative

Lest anyone think that Larison’s ire or yours should be directed solely at President Trump, this one’s actually on Dear Leader Chairman MaObama.

U.S. support for the war on Yemen has been a bipartisan policy that spans two administrations, but it is such a despicable and outrageous policy that it mobilized a bipartisan coalition to vote to end it. Daniel Larison-ibid

I tweeted this out yesterday to my friend Laurie Calhoun, author of We Kill Because We can.

Mike Church, Too Catholic For Satellite Radio

Membah…membah!? Fast forward to November of that year and Chris writes a followup “Too Catholic For Satellite Radio”. Thanks to Papa Francis deliberate attempt to bring an end to the Catholic Church by claiming he can change dogma (the licit Death Penalty), I am becoming #Too Catholic For Lukewarm Catholic Radio. Ferrara wrote the following which we at the CRUSADE Channel studio still believe is True and pursue improving it every day.

“Indeed, over the past year or so Mike Church has emerged as the only traditionally Catholic conservative in talk radio today, anywhere in the world. And I mean traditional. Not only during my appearances on the show, but now thematically, Mike has turned the longest running political talk show on Sirius Radio into an unabashed presentation of the Social Kingship of Christ, traditional Catholic moral teaching, and even the traditional Latin liturgy as the solution to what is evidently otherwise a terminal civilizational crisis. I have been invited on the show numerous times to defend all of these things explicitly, to speak of the one true Church, and even to call upon conservative Protestants to enter the Church if they are serious about saving our nation and our civilization.”

Thanks to you, fair reader, we have the chance to continue that fight but I am in constant need of your assistance, click here to chip in.

Need To Listen To The Pearcing Truth’s Series On Economics As If Families Mattered

Co-hosted by Mike Church and now available On-Demand!

It’s January 2019 And The Immodesty Is About To Go Nuclear Because It WENT Nuclear – Venerable Bishop Sheen called out ‘Muricah back in the 1960’s while speaking to a group of young Catholics on “Youth and Sex”: “8:15 in the morning, the 6th of August, 1945, when we flew a military plane over this city, when we dropped that atomic bomb on it; that bomb on blotted out boundaries. There was no longer a boundary between the military and the civilian, between the helper and the helped, between the wounded and the nurse and the doctor, between the living and the dead. For even the living who escaped the bomb were already half dead. So we broke down boundaries and limits and from that time on the world has said we want no one limiting me. … You want no restraint, no boundaries, no limits. I have to do what I want to do. Now let’s analyze that for a moment, is that happiness?”


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