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Monday Red Pill Diaries-Biden’s DOJ Flips Us All Off As Mar-A-LaGate Has Pivoted To RedactaGate

todayAugust 29, 2022 2

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  • They think if they put Trump away all the MAGA’s and what they stand for will go away too. 

HEADLINE: Can Magistrate Judges Constitutionally Issue Search Warrants Against Trump (Or Anyone Else)? by Philip Hamburger 

  • All courts are inferior to the Supreme Court.
  • The Biden Regime in broad daylight has committed a felony.
  • This is how you know there is a massacre event coming up.
  • This whole thing is a set-up for what is about to be done.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Mike Davis FMR Law Clerk to Justice GorsuchThis raid was unprecedented, unlawful and unnecessary. The President has the authority since 1988 SCOTUS case made this clear, he can declassify anything he wants. 


QUESTION: What did Trump specifically ask for?

ANSWER: To look into Crowdstrike.

QUESTION: What is Crowdstrike?

  • This is precisely what got Trump impeached!
  • These criminals now have control and access to whatever the money supply is.
  • Illegal, Illicit and Unconstitutional – this is evidence that they couldn’t use against him in a court case. 
  • Now the information is tainted. 
  • The documents that Trump declassified show direct links b/w the Clintons, Obamas etc to all the corrupt oligarchs in Ukraine.
  • The average American doesn’t know or care about any of this.
  • There is a reaction they wish to get out of you….
  • They are banking on you getting angry and wanting to take up arms against them thus becoming the ‘angry mob’ they have been calling you.
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Written by: TheKingDude

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