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todayApril 11, 2022

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HEADLINE: How Digital Media Helped Shape the “Modern Self” by Clare Morell  

  • Are Big Tech and social media entirely to blame for the triumphs of the erotic, the therapeutic, and the transgender? Of course not. But there is no question the dominant social media companies have seriously contributed to these trends.
  • Social media was created to promote the demonic, the evil the satanic.
  • It wasn’t created to promote the good, true and beautiful. 
  • What is a cult? 
  • FROM THE ARTICLE: I will highlight four ways in which social media have contributed to this sexualized era of the modern self: 1) creating infinite space and opportunity for expressive individualism; 2) fostering an environment of celebration and affirmation of sex as identity, particularly transgenderism; 3) censoring speech that is “harmful” to today’s privileged sexual identities, and inflating the meaning of victimhood; and 4) promoting the “pornification” of culture through increasingly extreme online pornography.
  • SIDE BAR: Season 2 of Picard – Star Trek 
  • FROM THE ARTICLE: Big Tech seems to have gotten the memo. Social media platforms now play a critical role in “protecting” the privileged sexual identities from the “trauma” of encountering differing points of view (e.g., traditional Christian views on sex, gender, marriage, the family, etc.) through their censorship and suppression of free speech. What constitutes harmful speech? Silicon Valley elites determine what counts as rational judgment versus irrational animus.
  • There are snuff films out there now that anyone can watch at anytime at any age.
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