Mrs. Clinton Still Deadly After All These Years

todayApril 16, 2015

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Everywhere Hillary Goes, Death Follows

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript “So in a generation, women in the United States, aided and abetted by the American government and a legal system that is as corrupt as 24 hours are in a day had aborted the population, or the equivalent of the population of Canada.  Think about that.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  In 1995, Bill Clinton vetoed the partial birth abortion ban that was passed by the Congress.  It is well known that Mrs. Clinton is the one that influenced the social policies, the social thinking, the familial thinking of President Clinton.  It was well known at the time, if you’ll recall, if you can remember back that far, that Mrs. Clinton and her supporters inside the White House were the ones demanding that the president – all the angry, ugly women, all the members of Gal Qaeda that Hillary could gather after their defeat in the Hillary Care debacle, they weren’t going to take another defeat lightly.  They were demanding that Bubba veto that bill and he did.  He did veto that bill.

You think about that – this is the point the lecturer was making.  That was in 1995.  At the time that Clinton vetoed the partial birth abortion ban, which ultimately did get signed – I believe President Bush signed in.  In any event, at the time that Clinton had vetoed that, there had been 31 million abortions in the United States.  Those are the ones that had been reported and had been catalogued, 31 million abortions.  At that same time, the lecturer reminded his audience – the lecturer was Michael Davies – that the population of Canada at the time was 27 million.

So in a generation, women in the United States, aided and abetted by the American government and a legal system that is as corrupt as 24 hours are in a day had aborted the population, or the equivalent of the population of Canada.  Think about that.  Yes, we have to stop ISIS and we have to stop Iran and we have to stop this, stop that because somebody is going to nuke this country or they’re going to invade, they’re going to jihad this country or that country.  American women, without nuclear devices, without Howitzer guns, they didn’t even have automatic weapons, annihilated a population equal to the entire living human population of Canada, 24 years after Roe v. Wade.

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That’s one generation.  That’s not even an entire generation.  Put that in perspective if you want something howl and whine about.

Has it gotten any better?  No, we’re at 53 million now.  Now not only have we aborted the entire country of Canada, we’ve probably added significant parts of Mexico into it.  How many of you people live in the – California’s population – Paul, give me the latest stats on California while I’m thinking out loud if you would please.  Just give me the population.  It’s safe to say that the entire – just imagine, we have to do all these things to protect ourselves from these madmen 8,000 miles away, who at the end of the day are none of our business.

Paul:  38 million.

Mike:  So, 53 million abortions since Roe v. Wade.  The population of California is 38 million.  That means without ever having to wield an automatic weapon, without ever having to put a suicide bombing vest on, without ever having to behead anyone – although I suspect many of those poor souls now stuck in limbo that were aborted by their misguided, misled, and diabolical mothers, the entire hillary-clinton-twitterpopulation of California as it currently exists has been exterminated in the womb by American mothers.  Oh, but let’s go fight a war in the Middle East.  Yes, our priorities are totally in order.

I brought this up because Mrs. Clinton was behind the ban on the partial birth, or on the late-term abortion ban that Bubba vetoed.  Mrs. Clinton’s positions have not – this is the truly sick thing about this.  Mrs. Clinton’s positions, according to her own website, have not softened, they have not been mediated, if you will, moderated, if you will, tempered, if you will, watered down, to use clichés, if you will.  Yet there are photographs on Mrs. Clinton’s campaign website of her greeting her grandchild into this world, of her and Bubba, as Hillary holds Chelsea’s young baby and Bubba looks lovingly on as grandpa.  That child survived your zeitgeist, madam.  53 million others were not so fortunate.  Think of it like that.  Perspective, my friends.

Now back to what I started this with.  If I were to walk into a room and I were to say that I am John Doe, I’m running for alderman, running for council, state representative – we’ll leave federal politics out of this because it doesn’t really matter at this point.


If I walk into a room that’s populated with people, and if the subject at hand was the current state of governmental affairs, let’s just say we’re talking about the administration of parks and recreation, the administration of common area lands, neutral lands, the medians and such that are in the middle of highways and that this particular governmental entity has control over.  If I were to walk into the meeting and pronounce that I needed to be elected over the current occupant of the office that oversaw the mowing of the grass and the installation of fountains, etc., etc., and that we needed to do that because the way the current regime was doing it, “it does not work.”  Most people are going to stand up and yell.

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What doesn’t work?  Can you define exactly what it is that doesn’t work?  If I burn a light bulb out in a lamp today – I try to turn a lamp on and it doesn’t come on because the bulb is burnt out and I say the lamp doesn’t work.  Am I correct?  No, I’m not correct.  The bulb doesn’t work.  The lamp is working fine.  The bulb doesn’t work.  Folks, these are simple little things here but they make you think.  Most of us have lost the capacity to even put correct sentence structure together that’s even meaningful, and you wonder why we’re surrounded by a mélange, we’re immersed in a mélange, in a sea of hedonism and paganism and all the other things that we’re bombarded with on a daily basis that people seem to have become accustomed to, things that were once to the human mind, especially to the Christian human mind, were reprehensible.  It’s because we’ve lost the capacity – this is beyond critical thinking now – we’ve lost the capacity to even think logically and make logical statements.  Most of what we say is thus a fallacy.  If we can’t correct it and get the little things right, how in the world do you think we can correct the way we think or our direction, our guidance, our trajectory morally speaking and then politically speaking?  How are you going to correct the big things if you can’t get the little things right?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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