Mt Olympus Has Fallen; A Fun Yet Disturbing Ride Through Our Empire

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KingDude’s Rating = 2.5/4 Reagan’s

Page 42 from the autobiography of the Mike Church Show Band "Anthology"
Page 42 from the autobiography of the Mike Church Show Band “Anthology”

Mandeville, LA – In Mount Olympus has Fallen the White House is take control of by a special ops force of elite North Koreans, decimating the entire defense system of the President and leaving the President & his top 3 advisors in the White House bunker with the masterminds of the operation. Only 1 man remains either not killed or close enough to do something about the plot to remove the U.S. from South Korea. Sound far-fetched?

Reagan Memorable: Morgan Freeman (Speaker Trumbull) pledges to hold a press conference and re-assure that “These United States” remain in control of their government” but at the film’s end President Asher’s presser says “The United States”. I’d rather Trumbull to Asher.

Well it is but there is just enough plot twist and just fine enough performances from the cast to pull this film off. Gerard Butler stars as ex Secret Service agent Mike Banning who loses his Presidential detail creds in the film’s opening sequence and spends the first 20 minutes as a desk-jockey Treasury agent lobbying his former boss, played by Angela Bassett, for his old job back.

Aaron Eckhart turns in a decent performance as President Ben Asher and Morgan Freeman is his usual, stoic yet believable and sagacious character as Speaker of the House Trumbull. Butler’s  special-ops wisecracks are better than anything Schwarzenegger ever delivered on film but just short of Liam Neeson’s deadpan delivery, still you’ll wind up cheering for him by the movie’s 2nd act.

While I enjoyed the fantastical use of firepower and very believable destruction of Mordor on the Potomac via CGI special effects, by the 3rd act they serve as glaring reminders that the cost of maintaining our empire and the consequences of it are lamentable. An entire team of Navy SEALS aboard 6 attack choppers, is taken out by a super weapon of our own design, codenamed “Hydra”. The fictional “Cerebus” nuclear fail-safe, co-opted by the North Korean terrorists, is an all-too-real reminder of the unfathomable firepower the United States possess via the atom, locked away in secret “silos” across the amber waves of fuel.

In the end the bad guy “loses his head” and Banning saves the day though I doubt many will be cheering for the entire Pentagon team that includes the quid pro quo seeking Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Robert Forrester (Jackie Brown). Ironically, President Asher’s closing speech sounds like it might have been delivered by President Ron Paul save for the “The United States” reference. This film is VERY violent, far fetched and gory but, suspending those apprehensions (if you can) is an entertaining if not subtly disturbing way to spend 1 hour and 5o minutes. Libertarians may be disturbed by the egregious displays of the WarFare State while DeceptiCONS will be chanting “USA, USA” by film’s end.

KingDude’s Rating = 2.5 Reagans for Empire, violence, gore and language. NOT safe for most children


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Written by: TheKingDude

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Excellent review Mike. I was a bit disappointed with the Secret Service turncoat played by Dylan McDermott, I find it hard to believe that an agent would turn so quickly and so far to actually plot against the US. I suppose everyone has a price but they made it appear as if he sold out simply for the money. Truth be told he could have become a Beltway bandit and made much more money without risking his life.

I thought about things you have said on the air in the past as I watched the movie a few weeks ago. The biggest thing being how we have created an empiral president that is treated better than royalty and must be protected at all cost. Everytime I hear the phrase, the president is the most powerful man in the world, it just sends shivers down my spine how out of control we have gotten.

While the attack was far fetched, it did show how a little inside information could be very harmful. The most implausible concept I saw was that not a single enemy showed any hesitation or fear. Each and everyone did what good little evil minions are programmed to do. Kill with no remorse at all or fearing for their own safety. That either takes incredible disciple an training or a strong motivator.

It is funny what you said about people chanting USA USA, as I was thinking the same thing as I watched the ending, I could almost see McCain/Graham leading the chant as people left the theater.

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