Muslim Culture And Rape – (Pt. 2)

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#EXIT-stage-[r]ight_3Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “You’ve been on this show many times and you’ve been talking about this conflict.  When I think about this, what is Europe going to use to defend the remaining Christian population or their Catholic populations there?  Are they going to call upon Charlie Hebdo and free speech to defend themselves?”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I was reading a story two days ago, speaking of Sweden – Andrew, I think you’ll find very interesting the talk given by Brother Alexis about this order that he is forming, the Ordo Militaris.  I don’t know if you’ve seen this.

Bieszad:  I was actually going to call you on your cell phone about that because I was really interested.  I’m like: I’ve got to ask Mike about this as soon as I talk to him.  Then you sent me a message.  I’m like: I’ll talk to him later.

Mike:  When I was prepping for a story the other day about how the cult of death has spread so far across Europe, and we all know this.  I’m not breaking any news here.  It has now gotten so bad – I read a story that was from – there was a report that was made for, I don’t remember if it was for the World Health Organization or the UN or some Swedish version of Health and Inhuman Disservices, or whatever it was.  Basically in 20 years, the reproduction population or the reproduction rate, the fertility rate of women in Sweden has fallen so low that in 20 years Sweden will not even be able to continue as Sweden.  If they don’t have an immigrant population, they’re not going to have a population.  They’ve contracepted and aborted themselves out of actually having Sweden populated by historic and inherited Swedes.  Can you believe that?

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Bieszad:  Actually, yeah.  This is a very interesting fact about what Germany and Sweden have done.  This was part of the justification that the government used, or I should say the people who pushed this whole thing, to bring in all these people to replace the population.  The fact is, the fertility rates, keep in mind, in Germany, Sweden – Germany, I think, is 1.2 or 1.1; Sweden is about the same.  Now, keep in mind here, when we hear that fertility rate, that is a fertility rate that includes immigration.  It’s sort of like the United States here.  Our fertility rate now is 1.9 –

Mike:  It does include immigration?

Bieszad:  I believe it does, yes.  I believe it does include immigration.

Greg:  That’s a WHO report.  It came out and they assessed all the countries in Europe and some of the ones in Northern Africa.  Sweden, yeah, it does include all of the immigration into each of the different thoughts.

Bieszad:  That’s what I thought.  That’s what’s so scary.  America, they say it’s 1.9, 2.0 fertility rate is pretty low.  That doesn’t include – I live in an area in the South that has a huge number of people from Mexico and Central America.  You can always tell the difference between the person who’s from Mexico and Guatemala is the Mexico immigrant has two, three, maybe four kids.  The person from Guatemala literally has at least five.  I kid you not.  I exaggerate not when I say that.  My wife and I have four children ourselves.  The fact is, we’re having children.  If you consider these numbers, that means if you have all these people having these amounts of children, that means there’s a huge number of people, the majority of the so-called native population, and by that I mean you were born here, having zero kids.  Zero.  Think about that in Europe.

Mike:  Where is all this leading?

Bieszad:  It’s leading to a conflict.  This cannot go on.

Mike:  We already knew there was a conflict.  You’ve been on this show many times and you’ve been talking about this conflict.  When I think about this, what is Europe going to use to defend the remaining Christian population or their Catholic populations there?  Are they going to call upon Charlie Hebdo and free speech to defend themselves?  What animates – during the Crusades, we know what animated the Crusades.  That was a love of defending the cross.  Crusade is kind of a slang for the crucifix, to go fight a counter holy war against the evil, diabolical war that the Mohammedans were fighting and had waged against Christian populations since the end of the seventh century.  Where does Europe go from now?  You’re not going to have people on their knees praying rosaries like Pius V had for the Holy Fleet.

Bieszad:  You’ll have small pockets of resistance.  There’s another video on Shoebat of a Muslim man, Catholic, [unintelligible] Catholic saying a rosary.  This Muslim guy who is a – if you read the backstory, he has been harassing them and yelling stuff at them.  He walked up to them and he was going to mess with them.  One of the Catholic guys, a guy probably in his mid-20s with a beard, just got up and just decks him.  You can see the video of it.  He just decks him and knocks him out cold and drags him into the street.  We want to have some people like that.  The concern I have, though, is, especially in Western Europe, a lot of the people who are there, the Catholics there, are essentially out on their own.  They’re stuck between a Muslim population that despises them and wants them gone, Protestant is a very large European, like I said, national socialism a really re-paganized Europe who hates Islam and wants to get rid of Islam, but they also hate Christ just as much.  They do not like him.  I will tell you, any conflict [unintelligible] between pagans and Muslims, the Muslims always win.

Mike:  I was getting ready to say, we know who the victor is going to be there.  At least the Muslim believes in something.  When you don’t believe in something, then you don’t believe in anything.  The Muslim actually does believe in something.  He actually believes that his god, Allah, and the alleged, supposed prophet Mohammed, that they are sent from God, that they have certain holiness, and that they’re going to bring the Muslims to holiness or to a – do Muslims, when you studied the Quran, do they have any equivalent of what we have in the Catholic and Christian world as what we call a state of grace?

Bieszad:  Especially in Sufism they call it [Arabic], basically Buddhist concept where one annihilates one’s – basically they call it [Arab] and it’s where one literally annihilates one’s self.  They will describe it like – the Sufi literature will clearly explain it.  One annihilates themselves in order to become god.  As the very famous Muslim mystic Al-Hallaj once said, and is often repeated, the muslim_brotherhood_-_HAMAS_LARGEstatement “I am God” is the most humble statement one can make because it means that one has completely annihilated themselves, which we, of course, know is a bunch of malarkey.  There’s nothing that’s lacking in pride by saying that.  It’s probably the most prideful thing you can say.  The Islamic concept of [unintelligible] and holiness is a complete inversion of the Catholic concepts.  It’s basically the complete embodying of pride as opposed to the complete abolition of it.

Mike:  The answer to the question is they kind of do but it’s not graceful.

Bieszad:  Exactly.  They do have a concept, it’s just –

Mike:  Let’s think about this.  Does the pagan have a concept of something that is akin to a state of grace?

Bieszad:  That’s another interesting.  Paganism, especially in the neo-pagan sense, is what one wills it to be.  They have all these kind of sayings.  Basically what one wills themselves to be, that is doing what one wills is best.  Gee, do what thou will.  Where did that come from?  That came from a poem that was written by Joshua [unintelligible], a Satanist, but then it was taken up by Aleister Crowley, which was then taken up by [unintelligible] –

Mike:  I was going to say, that was Crowley’s thing, wasn’t it?  Do what thou will.  That was Crowley.  So Crowley wasn’t the author?

Bieszad:  No, he wasn’t the author.  He took it from an Italian Satanist by the name of Joshua [unintelligible].  I believe he was inspired by another one named Stanislaw [unintelligible].  If you’ve ever seen the Baphomet pentagram, the pentagram with a goat head in it, that was actually drawn by the Italian occultist and Satanist Stanislaw [unintelligible].

Mike:  I did not know that.  Andrew Bieszad is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us, our resident scholar, Islamic expert here.  We are live at the St. Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hampshire for the Keeping the Counter-Reformation Going Conference.  Andrew, what do you think about that?  I asked Brother earlier, I said: Keeping the counter-reformation going, is it actually going or are we launching countermeasures?  Like, Greg, in a World War II movie when there’s a sub and he’s 200 feet at depth and depth charges get dropped and you launch countermeasures to try and draw the bombs away from the sub.

Greg:  Right.  You can do the same thing with planes.  They shoot a bunch of debris out the back.

Mike:  Right, as countermeasures for the missiles to track.  Are we at counter-reformation point yet?  I asked Brother this and he said: Well, there’s a counter-reformation wherever there is grace.

Bieszad:  I agree with that statement.  I like Brother’s statement on that.  It’s very eloquently phrased that way.  I think there’s a lot of – I’ve seen – IBC [?] has their own take on how to approach things, but there’s so much division among Catholics in the West that I think we really were trying to go to that, I don’t want to say go back to a point.  We’re trying to embrace the counter-reformation.  That’s our end goal.  That’s part of the goal, to get to that point where we can get into the culture and restore it as we’re able to, obviously according to location.  Right now it’s really about the countermeasures to get to that point.  This whole thing we see going on has built up for many, many years.  It’s piled onto us.  It’s been done to people that most of it we didn’t inherit.  These things were in the works for a long time.


It’s sort of like baby steps.  My youngest son right now, he can’t walk yet but he’s in one of those bouncy-walky things where they can crash into the house and all that stuff.  It’s kind of like that.  First he couldn’t do anything.  Then he got into the bouncy thing and now he’s starting to stand up.  Sure enough, next thing you know he’ll be running around the house, pushing his brothers and sisters and all that.  I think we’re kind of at that stage where we’re trying to find out how we deal with all these situations given everything happening.  I think that with the help of grace, and especially with 2017 coming, I think as long as we stay faithful we’ll know what we have to do for our proper context.

Veritas_Radio_Nertwork_Bumper_Sticker_for_email_displayMike:  We’ll keep all that in mind.  As always, thanks for your time and for calling the show.  Where are my copies of Lions of the Faith?  What is the status on the new book that you were working on last we talked?

Bieszad:  I’ve been working on the new book.  It’s pretty much done.  I will tell you the truth.  My bathroom was in really, really bad shape, like really bad.  The beam under my house – I have an old house, an old farmhouse in the middle of the country.

Mike:  I’ve seen it.

Bieszad:  It has some damage.  I had a friend of mine over who I was going to have help me redo the bathroom.  He gave me a good price and everything.  We were doing it and we opened it up and saw the main beam.  That beam looked kind of funny.  It was termite eaten.  Sure enough, the entire main beam – we say angels were holding our house up because there was nothing holding our house up.  We had to rebuild the entire underside of our house.

Mike:  It sounds like quite a task.  That’s what happened to the books?

Bieszad:  That’s what happened to the money I had put aside for it.  I had to take it and put it into my main beam.  I said: It’s been standing up for as long as it has been.  We could probably go longer, but now that I’m aware of it –

Mike:  You better tend to it.  You can get Andrew’s book Lions of the Faith, which is stories of how the saints fought the Mohammedans over the medieval ages and the ages of faith, all the way up into the 18th century, at  We’ll talk again real soon.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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