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My Decline’s Better Than Yours Is, My Hell’s Better Than Yours

todayJuly 25, 2012

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Rod Dreher writes what many of you are talking about these days even if you do not admit: what caused the current decline and is there any hope to reverse it? (there is, I call it [r]epublicanism)

Frank Rich’s original “Declinist” screed is here

It’s the Spending Stupid: WaTimes Editorial nails it with the “Potomac Fever” description of “the spending bug” (I believe the disease is incurable and fatal to the union)

Well what do you know: The American slave —er I mean taxpayer received the bonus honor of subsidizing the Aurora, CO shooter’s “education” in No Mass Murderer Left Behind

Copycat, Batman theater killer distracts cops with backpack filled with Pell Mell boxes and empty Skittle wrappers

The CIA is tripling its efforts to “get to know Syria” apparently anticipating the collapse of there Assad regime and our role in “replacing or shaping” its successor? For WHAT purpose!? On WHOSE orders?

I remain confused as to why book publishers continue cranking out books vilifying one political ideology over another; what exactly is the point? Are we going to reach and event horizon moment when we round up all those “elite Leftists” and exile them to… Australia? If you want to write a book on why you should read the Great Books how many pages are required? (In response to K-Lo’s rave review of Dennis Prager’s latest “America the Great” screed)

How does “America [have] moral strength [because of our] exceptionalism” as this writer claims Mitt Romney exuded at the VFW today? Outspending the known universe on military hardware then using it for political and monetary gain at home is “exceptional”? Does that mean the Chinese could become “exceptional” by outspending us on military expenses?

In watching the Romney speech at the WFW I was struck by the “golf clap” applause the vets gave their prospective CIC, AmConMag’s Daniel Larison was similarly under impressed

What is the meat and taters part of “testing the resolve of the United States” when it comes to foreign policy? Mitt Romney seems determined to repeater Bush/Kerry with Romney, unfortunately, playing Kerry

Someone needs to ask the candidates if they think  the Constitution allows for “data mining” ops to sniff out future James Holmes’?

Pat Buchanan: You DID build that and the government that consumes 37% of your wealth employs 1/5th of that confiscation in employment which would YOU choose to build the next bridge?

 Do NOT rely on public opinion polls to predict Gary Johnson’s 2012 performance

Apple has a BAD quarter with its profits soaring 24% and revenues nearly the same-how much is enough when you are beating the nearest competitor by country miles and WHY do “analysts” predictions matter?!

Mish: Will the man who will rip up the EU agreement become the next leader of Italy or Spain or…?

Psst: Someone tell Mitt Romney that China is ALREADY collapsing its vaunted economy so if he bashes it more he can take credit for what the Red Chinese will be truly to blame for!

Why do parents LET their kids fall for these “student loan” programs and get $110,000 in debt for a degree they may never use?

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Written by: TheKingDude

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