My “Outer Circle” Is Slowly Being Outed As Greedy Protector Of The “Inner Circle”

todayAugust 8, 2016

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Mandeville, LA – Corporations were once the go to institutions when Hollyweird needed a movie bad-guy, that prize should now go to “think tanks”. While “the left” is revving its war machine up to use slick Hilly’s election as the catalyst for a war to end the tax-exempt status of the Church, the real demonically guided entities, “think-tanks”, skate by wealthy beyond concept and “tax-free, non-profit”. This NY Times exposé is about how the Brookings Institute e.g. games the “non profit” system for hundreds of millions in pay-for-play schemes that grow government, your and my taxes while growing their “endowments, “fellows” and power. A sample:

“Think tanks, which position themselves as “universities without students,” have power in government policy debates because they are seen as researchers independent of moneyed interests. But in the chase for funds, think tanks are pushing agendas important to corporate donors, at times blurring the line between researchers and lobbyists. And they are doing so while reaping the benefits of their tax-exempt status, sometimes without disclosing their connections to corporate interests.

Thousands of pages of internal memos and confidential correspondence between Brookings and other donors — like JPMorgan Chase, the nation’s largest bank; K.K.R., the global investment firm; Microsoft, the software giant; and Hitachi, the Japanese conglomerate — show that financial support often came with assurances from Brookings that it would provide “donation benefits,” including setting up events featuring corporate executives with government officials, according to documents obtained by The New York Times and the New England Center for Investigative Reporting.”

When I interviewed Kelly Vlahos about this back in May, she told us of the McMansions of these Parisitain Monks -as I call them – that now blanket, in a 75 mile radius, the former communities of Northern Virginia where modest homes and families once lived, we learned of the $4 trillion grift the “war on terror” alone has netted these unethical louts. The Brookings story is just “sauce for the goose” and one wonders when this morally criminal activity, made legal by Mordor, will have its bubble burst and just how much of what we have been left to scrimp for, will escape the inevitable Washington-saving remedy? HOW is this activity morally illegal, thus sinful? Simple, the “think tank” acts an accomplice to the corporation to in avoiding taxation, then using those proceeds to gain unfair advantage over those who will not play in this minefield of corruption. St Alphonsus explains:

“St. Alphonsus Liguori (d. 1787) made the principles of cooperation acceptable by introducing the distinction between formal and material cooperation and by a consideration of scandal as a serious invitation to sin. Cooperation in the ethically significant sense is defined as the participation of one agent in the activity of another agent to produce a particular effect or share in a joint activity. This becomes ethically problematical when the action of the primary agent is morally wrong.

There are three basic examples of cooperation on the part of individuals: the hostage, the taxpayer and the accomplice. The participation or cooperation of these individuals in the morally questionable acts of the principal agent is quite distinct one from another. The hostage is forced with threats to comply with the evil act of another person. Fear more or less compels the hostage to cooperate. This diminishes his culpability and in some cases eliminates it completely. In contrast, the accomplice may perform the same act as the hostage, but culpability is imputed fully because cooperation in this instance is free and willed (directly intended). The taxpayer is an example of one who cooperates with a principal agent (the government) in an important – in fact, essential – mission (societal governance). Nevertheless, it is possible that the government may sponsor activities which are immoral. The taxpayer then contributes in some degree to this immoral activity. However, contributing to the stability of society is not an intrinsic evil but a good.

I end this post as I will all others til November: “Catholics for Hillary need to and will meet ‘let him be anathema’.” Oremus….

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