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N Korean Bottle Rocket Disintegrates After Launch-DeceptiCONS Still Blame Iran For Supplying Defective Fuse

todayApril 13, 2012 1

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N Korea’s Taepodong III missile launches then disintegrates in nick of time to spare John Bolton a moustache-pulling fit of uncontrollable fear for Kansas City’s existence

Pat Buchanan: Obama NOW has a Trayvon Martin problem but I don’t see that as in issue simply because a much more damning & powerful black man posed a bigger threat: Jeremiah Wright, and Obama survived him

Hillary Orca Rosen – fondly referred to as “HOR” around these parts, finds the female strength to apologize to Ann Romney for being one of Tina Fay’s “Mean Girls”

If THIS (the affidavit for George Zimmerman) is all the “evidence” the prosecutor has on George Zimmerman, how in the world does she plan to get a conviction beyond reasonable doubt!?

Slick Hilly spills the beans to Muslims and explains (I should say TRIES to explain) WHY DeceptiCONS run like Cheetah to Israel during campaigns

DeceptiFEMMED – Hell hath no fury like a Right Wing woman scorned by a left wing demagogue who happens to be female

DNSCC’s Kaine says that Obama obsessing over his sill “buffet rule” will save only $54 BILLION over ten years but letting Bush tax cuts expire for those making over $500k saves $500 BILLION“- still that’s a tax increase so conservatives should definitely say “NO” to this turkey

Dear Leader throws a birthday bash for the 6 year anniversary of the passage and signing of RomneyCare

Fox News Poll: Romney bests Obama – Rasmussen Poll: Ron Paul bests Obama AND Romney

WaPo Poll: Even DeceptiCONS from the rank & File are souring on Obama/Bush’s fruitless, un-winnable war in Afghanistan

The Ann Romney-Stay at home mom dustup is a fight over things that don’t matter when you are $16 TRILLION in the whole but that doesn’t matter when the 24/7 hacks run the world

In a “fundamental shift” Newt Gingrich thinks Da FoxNews Consortium has been “in the tank” for Guvenuh Ruhmneh all along!? (well yeah, but they gotta keep sheople tuned to Hannity/O’Reilley SOME way)

Drop Pocket Bumstead: Santorum bows out because his campaign was broke, why not do what the Feds you assisted for so long do and just run a deficit? Raise the ol’ Santorum Campaign debt ceiling?

Ilana Mercer: The NRO whacking of Derbyshire shows that “conservatives flagship publication” is just a “dime store New deal”

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