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National Security Stimulus No Better Than Green Energy Stimulus

Cover_Carriage_Tax_Argument_THUMBMandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of explanations for National Security Stimulus Programs plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “I shall leave nothing unattempted in my power, to effect a unanimity of sentiment with respect to amendments. I cannot persuade myself however, that the method adopted by the Convention of Massachusetts, is by any means eligible: to ratify, and then propose amendments, is to surrender our all, and then to ask our new masters, if they will be so gracious as to return to us some, or any part of our most important rights and privileges. Can this be the part of wisdom or good policy?” – Joshua Atherton, NH delegate to that state’s Ratifying Convention, 11 June, 1788

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Senator Patrick Leahy says that military aid to Egypt HAS been cut off by the Obama Administration. If true then this is the first indication that anyone in official Mordor is actually listening to the common sense concerns of some of the citizenry

Want to get the REAL STORY behind our intervention in Egypt? Scroll to the bottom of this page for the Muckety™ Interactive map detailing the collusion with DFENSE CONTRACTORS

The intrigue surrounding Senator Ted Cruz’s eligibility for the Presidency escalates with Cruz now releasing his birth certificate while Canadian legal experts contend he is a citizen of Canada with an American passport

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Where are the pro-gay rights protestors? The U.S. had advance knowledge of Britain’s intent to detain Glenn Greenwald’s “partner”. Now if Mr. Miranda had allegedely violated some obscure sodomy law and were detained the entire Left Universe would be in an uproar but Glenn Greenwald appears to be on his own in this most egregious display of selective outrage from “liberals”

John “Rambo” Kerry’s State Department purports to have an “office of religious engagement” which will, among other things “stabiliz[e] Afghanistan, brin[g] prosperity to Africa, or achiev[e] democracy in the Arab world” WITHOUT violating the Establishment clause of the 1st Amendment? Besides, how will Kerry choose WHICH religions get the “outreach” cash? BAD idea…

Imaginative Conservative: Maybe what is missing from today’s moribund and rudderless youth is the opportunity to see there is actually a real community to be found with conservative principles holding it together. Thankfully, a young person has the moxie to explain this

And to add a coda to Ms. Tankersly’s TIC essay, we learn the story of Millenials who have actually joined the monastery OR convent….voluntarily!

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Order Your Produce[r] T-shirt today!
The NCAA continues to smack itself upside its own black eye, bruised head with boneheaded inanities like this one that bans a former U.S. Marine from NCAA football because he played on an intramural team in the Marines

Whoaaaa Nellie!!! The NCAA reverses itself after public outrage and allows former Marine to join his MTSU college teammates

What to do on a slowwwwwww news day and you are The Politico? Well, step right up into the “Let’s find someone/something Rand Paul doesn’t approve of – and talk about how ‘delicate’ his opposition to it MIGHT be – Depot”

Fox TV production studios bails out on plan to produce the upcoming NBC miniseries about Slick Hilly Clinton

Economic revival requires the revival of the soul too-this will be difficult considering the hostility most are taught to harbor against the spiritual unless the spiritual comes from a Hollywood fiction factory

What happens when your faith and some healthy doses of practical world history find you on the receiving end of being called a bigot

If the parents of “gay children” wish to have their children seen by mental health professionals to see if their homosexuality is a temporary condition are told by Governor Christie they’ll have to go to another state as he signs a ban on “gay conversion therapy”-Big Brother is apparently sleeping with Little Brother in New Jersey

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