Nationalizing the Vagabond Recipient Class

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The Vagabond Recipient Class

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: Didnt I tell you people the other day Jason, hold on. Didnt I tell you people the other day that the people that were haranguing NBC probably dont know that it was a Bellamy guy who was an avowed socialist that came up with the pledge as an expression of nationalism, which the socialists believe, if you can start nationalizing patriotism, well, then you could nationalize education, and you could nationalize healthcare, and you could nationalize energy, and you could nationalize everything. So just keep that in mind when youre talking about the pledge. And I told you people, just two days ago we talked about this, that people were angry, not so much about the pledge, they were angry that under God was taken out because they dont like their God being messed with.

Well, just because NBC did it, that doesnt mean that you have to do it. So my answer to you on that would be, well, then you say the pledge as you want to say it. And as far as reining the government in, I mean, this doesnt require degrees in physics from MIT. The first thing you can do is stop taking government money. Do you take any? Do your kids take any?

Jason: No.

Mike: Well, then youve already achieved one thing. The second thing you can do is evangelize about republicanism, little r republicanism. All this focus and all this attention and all this obsession over Congress is misguided. Youve got to take care of business at home. Youve got to bring the government back to you. The only way you can do that is to start electing people in your mayors and your city councils and your state representatives that wont spend the money. Because, look, Congress can appropriate all they want. But the state legislatures have to spend all that money. Theyre the ones that for the most part are in charge of it. So if you really want to do something about it, well, then, you have to attack it on the local level. But again, this is a futile endeavor in my opinion. But you are free to engage in it, sir.

Jason: Thats what I was getting at, is as one man that works every day of his life and hears this on the radio all the time, and you get frustrated, and you try, what else can we do, you know, except for just elect the right people into office?

Mike: Well, you can lead by, again, you can lead by…

Jason: Were fighting against big government. And just like you say, mindless sheeple that are out here, you know, I hate it when you say that because thats not everybody. But, you know, were out here working our butts off in America, trying to make things right. But weve got the government just running all over us.

Mike: We have the government running all over you because the government is you. The government is you. The government has created a dependent class, whether its business, whether its welfare recipients, whether its law enforcement. They have created all these recipient classes of people. How else could you spend $3.7 trillion a year, or actually its probably more like 5 trillion. How else could you spend all that money? You know, you have to cede it to someone. You know, you just cant have 535 people spend $5 trillion. Youve got to divvy the spoils up here. So the government is you.

Jason: So how do I hide my money from them when Im working for somebody that takes it out of my paycheck every week?

Mike: Well, you cant.

Jason: Thats what I would love to do, if they stopped taking the taxes out of my check.

Mike: Well, go to them and tell them to stop. Theres no…

Jason: I cant hide it.

Mike: Yes, there is no law, theres no law that compels you to do withholding. You can do it, but you dont have to. You can always tell your employer, do not take me as a payrolled employee any longer. Do not treat me as one. I want to be treated as a contract employee. Give me a 1099. And then at the end of the year you can file your taxes, and then youre not having the withholding done. So thats one way that you can get out of it right there.

Jason: Okay.

Mike: All right? Well, I mean, look, youre calling radio shows, and it sounds like youre passionate about these things, so youve already licked half of it. You know, people ask this question, Well, Mike, what can we do? What can we do? Well, I would say that the first thing that you can do is, number one, if you are a recipient, if you are one of the parasites see my Church Doctrine from yesterday stop being a damn parasite. If you know a parasite, lets bring back the word vagabond. Lets bring back the word beggar. Lets bring back the word cheat. Lets bring back the word and the list can go on and on and on. We cant even demonize these people. You demonize them now, you vilify them, why, who are you to talk about the poor like that?

Well, first of all, they dont fit the classic mold of impoverished. I dont call someone thats running around on government assistance with two iPhones and a brand new Camry with 22s on it and rims on it that I cant afford, I dont call that person impoverished. Oh, and they go home, and they live in government-subsidized housing with 57-inch flat-panel televisions hooked to DirecTV. Does that sound impoverished to you? Their kids weigh 375 pounds. Does that sound impoverished to you? You can continue this futile endeavor of believing that all 50 of these states are always going to be locked in this one little union, this box, as we see it, and that were always going to have to tolerate the nitwits in California. You know, I wish the nitwits in California would just leave us alone. Just become your own you already are your own little republic. Just do it. Get it over with.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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