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NBC Framed Zimmerman With Fake 911 Call

todayApril 2, 2012

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VIDEO: Paul Ryan-the GOP’s wunderkid-tells ABC News’ Stephanopoulas that Republican mandates on Insurance companies are different than Dumbocrat mandates on individuals

The 911 call made by community patrol member George Zimmerman was edited to make Zimmerman sound like what Al Sharpton fantasizes about: a KKK card carrying member on a quest to shoot black folks. This is why I continue telling the audience that the only cure for this is to ignore the “elitist liberal media” and get your news elsewhere!

Shriek! The tri-laterral commission is baaa-aaack as Mexico & Canada meet Obama for North American summit on “sustainable” initiatives, translation: CA & ME want in on the largest crime ring in the history of earth: The United States. Is this The End?

Satellite Wars: If you are keeping up with the struggle for ownership control of Sirius/XM then here is the latest update at the WSJ

Gee, here I was acting on the delusion that Aaron Burr shot Hamilton dead in 1804 only to learn in Yahoo News’ coverage of the ObamaCare case that Hamilton was alive and well during the 1819 McColluch vs Maryland case…silly me, reading source materials again!

Ron Paul is NOT quitting the GOP Primary race and wants “conservatives” to know that he is trying to “save the party…from themselves”

Why Ron Paul cannot win even though he draws huge crowds: The Generation WL does not have the energy or initiative to vote. Paul drew over 1500 here in my area yet our Parish cast barely a thousand votes for him

Mark Steyn: Since when has our liberty hung on the outcome of one dude in a black robe’s decision on ObamaCare?

McCArthy: What’s so free about a society that compels you to chose a health insurance policy and exactly who are the characters acting like doctors ?

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Written by: TheKingDude

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